Y’all I Got a Gaming Chair: E-WinRacing Champion Gaming Chair Review

I have always wanted a gaming chair, but my financial situation was never really accommodating. Gaming chairs can run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of four figures and when you’re making a choice between rent and groceries, a gaming chair is a luxury that most folks would normally pass on–myself included.

So, when EwinRacing contacted me about testing out one of their gaming chairs, it seemed too good to be true. I will admit that I was a smidge suspicious about the offer, since I am but a tiny fish in the big ocean that is the internet–but, I figured what’s the worse that could happen?

And… you guys, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CHAIR!! I had heard all the hype about how wonderful gaming chairs were and I was skeptical until I sat my butt in one and it is heavenly! So, today I’d like to share my gaming chair journey with you all and hopefully entice you to get one for yourself.

Special thanks to EwinRacing for providing me with the Champion Series Gaming Chair to review.

Who is EwinRacing?

I imagine some of you are unfamiliar with EwinRacing–I mean, I had no clue who they were until they showed up in my blog’s email inbox, so a bit of an introduction is in order. EwinRacing is an Ohio based gaming chair company that originally got their start as an OEM office chair manufacturer. In 2016 they shifted their focus to gaming chairs and I gotta say, they have quite the variety of chairs to choose from and they have a nifty Chair Selection Guide to help you pick the chair that is perfect for YOU.

Champion Gaming Chair

EwinRacing sent me their CHAMPION series gaming chair in magenta–they say it’s purple, but lets agree to disagree. It appears to be their mid range option offering slightly more features than their KNIGHT and CALLING series chairs while still keeping pace with their more expensive HERO and FLASH series chairs. The CHAMPION chair will usually run you about $349 (which is roughly what I paid for my Nintendo Switch + tax), which is not bad for a gaming chair. It comes in white, blue, red, green, and pink.

E-win Racing Champion Gaming Chair (Purple)

I will fully admit that I don’t know much about gaming chairs, so the specs don’t really mean all that much to me as a casual consumer. But, I’ll include them anyway for those of you that are a bit more savvy:

Chair Type: Gaming/Office Chair
Foam Type: Cold Cure Foam
Frame Color: Black
Frame Construction: Metal
Adjustable Armrests: 4D
Mechanism Type: Multi-functional Tilt
Upholstery: Prime PU Leather
Gas Lift Class: 4
Chair/Seat Back Style: High-back
Adjustable Back Angle: 85-155 Degrees
Base Type: 5-star Wide Aluminum Base
Caster Size & Material: 2.5″ Caster/PU

What’s in the Box & Assembly

The box was pretty huge and heavy, I couldn’t have lifted this on my own, let alone gotten it to my 5th floor apartment without some help–special thanks to the front desk concierge and his dolly for getting it out of the lobby–he’s the real MVP.

Everything was pretty secure in the box

But, once I got that bad boy upstairs the real work began–the chair comes disassembled which can be a bit daunting at first, but I recently moved, so I’ve been assembling furniture off and on for the past few months… But, if you haven’t been struggling with cheap Swedish furniture like me, EwinRacing makes the process fairly fool proof by providing you with everything you’ll need to assemble the chair on your own (Allen wrenches are my life now). They even provide protective gloves, which we a big help for someone who’s accident prone like yours truely.

All the bit and pieces ready to be assembled

The assembly process took me about 30 minutes–mostly because I was fielding calls from my 9-5 gig while I worked on the chair–and for the most part the instructions were easy to follow. Though I will admit that they could have done with a bit more details, like which screws go where–I figured it out in the end, but there was a moment of panic when I realized I had a few extra screws…but, I’ve had the chair a week and I have yet to die, so I think I did okay.

Thoughts on the Champion Chair

So of course, once I had the chair assembled I had to try it out and y’all this is a pretty comfy chair! I have been working from home since March and I was not prepared–I never had a need for a home office, so I have been largely working from my couch. I recently acquired a desk (the same day as I got the chair) and it has really been a game changer for me.

The design is nice, black faux leather with “purple” accents. Now, this isn’t so much a problem, more an observation… But, I think there is a bit of a disconnect between what I think “purple” looks like and what EwinRacing considers “purple”, because to me the accents on this chair are most definitely pink or at the very least, magenta. It’s funny, because the image of the chair on the outside of the box depicted the accents in a much darker tone than the color of the accents on the actual chair. The other colors definitely match with their images you see on the site, so I think this is just an issue with the purple option and not a reflection of the brand as a whole.

The Champion series gaming chair comes with two pillows–a small one at the top of the chair for head/neck support and a larger one at the base for lumbar support. You can adjust them to suit your needs or take them off it that’s not your jam.

The shape of the chair is built to conform to your shape, so you’re comfortable whether you use it for work or hours of gaming. There is a high degree of customization, some of which you’d find in most standard office chairs, like height adjustments and tilt. But, EwinRacing adds just a bit more to push them over the edge–the Champion chair has a 155 degree tilt, which is both comfortable (and slightly terrifying), but perfect for a nap or while playing the Switch in handheld mode. I tried this out when I first got the chair and I promptly fell asleep in the middle of my work shift, it’s that comfortable.

Not gonna lie, a foot rest is a must when you’re leaning this far back

The arm rests feature 4D adjustments, which just means you can move them up/down, backwards/forwards, and side to side to suit your gaming style. I like to keep mine high so my arms don’t get tired, since I tend to lean back when I play the Switch in handheld mode. Adjustments are easy to make and the features are pretty intuitive, so no worries there!

So, is the CHAMPION series Gaming Chair worth it?

Absolutely, as someone that was strictly a couch gamer, I can honestly say that I get the hype–gaming chairs are TOTALLY worth the investment. My gripes about the color aside, with it’s sleek design, comfortable seating, and reasonable price EwinRacing’s Champion Chair is a clear winner.

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