Y’all I Got a Gaming Chair: E-WinRacing Champion Gaming Chair Review

I have always wanted a gaming chair, but my financial situation was never really accommodating. Gaming chairs can run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of four figures and when you’re making a choice between rent and groceries, a gaming chair is a luxury that most folks would normally pass on–myself included.

So, when EwinRacing contacted me about testing out one of their gaming chairs, it seemed too good to be true. I will admit that I was a smidge suspicious about the offer, since I am but a tiny fish in the big ocean that is the internet–but, I figured what’s the worse that could happen?

And… you guys, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CHAIR!! I had heard all the hype about how wonderful gaming chairs were and I was skeptical until I sat my butt in one and it is heavenly! So, today I’d like to share my gaming chair journey with you all and hopefully entice you to get one for yourself.

Special thanks to EwinRacing for providing me with the Champion Series Gaming Chair to review.

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