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Hey hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs, here we are with another Kickstarter support post! For those of you new, here, Let’s Show Our Support posts highlight current crowdfunding campaigns for indie games (usually VNs and OELVNs). I give you guys the basic rundown of the game and the perks of supporting the game’s campaign, as well as links to all the relevant game related pages and sites.

This time around, I’m covering an upcoming fantasy romance visual novel, Silver:Line! I played through the demo this weekend and I am hooked!! It has such an interesting premise and the art is gorgeous and don’t get me started on the characters!! Code V Productions is really giving it their all with Silver:Line and if the demo is any indication, you won’t want to miss out on supporting this amazing upcoming title now!

About The Game

Silver:Line is an upcoming partially voiced fantasy romance visual novel that offers a absolutely stunning world building, unique characters, and story that will have you hooked!! Unlike most visual novels where you are the main hero or heroine in the overarching story, Silver:Line puts the player in more of a supporting role. It’s the other characters/love interests that take center stage in this richly inventive visual novel.

Recruited as an imperial scholar serving the crown of Lucarene, you lead a peaceful life at the castle, responsible for researching, tracking, and recording everything there is to know about the royal city. Living a life you once thought you could only ever dream of, you wouldn’t change anything for the world. But as fate would have it, you’re thrown into a turmoil of events where you’re pinned as a scapegoat and forced to flee the country, running for your very life. You set off on a journey, featuring a colourful cast and new horizons.

Official Synopsis

Game Features

Silver:Line will be a commercial release, supporting the Kickstarter at the S$35($26 USD) level will get you a copy of the game upon its release.  The game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Hours of Immersive Gameplay

Silver:Line offers over 10 hours of immersive gameplay! Your choices throughout will determine the course of the story and the path each of the characters follow as you delve into the unique histories of each of the main characters. Silver:Line offers an interesting twist on the usual player-centric narrative that you seriously won’t want to miss out on!

Choose Your Gender

Unlike other visual novels and games where your gender is decided from the start, Silver:Line gives players the chance to choose between a male or female protagonist. Regardless of which protagonist you choose, all of the available love interests will be open to you (both male and female).

Choose between a male or female protagonist

Male and Female Love Interests

Silver:Line has both male and female love interests to purse! Choose from three male and three female love interests, each with their own unique storylines and outcomes. The player becomes a supporting character in the narratives of whichever love interest you choose!


Gorgeous Visuals and Live2D Animation

In an effort to bring the world of the game to life, all of the character sprites in Silver:Line are animated using Live2D. So rather than looking at static images each of the characters have minimal movements from blinking eyes and hair movement to shifting poses.

In addition to that, the vibrant and colorful artwork brings the fantasy setting and characters are absolutely stunning to look at!! From vibrant cities and towns to lush forests, the world of the game is filled with various locales. The character designs are each unique to the fantasy setting from knights with armor to half human characters and even a shinobi!

Partial English Voice Acting 

Further immerse yourself in the world of the game with partial English voice acting for all of the main cast and side characters. Currently the demo of Silver:Line is fully voiced and the devs would plan to have the final product fully voiced as well if the KS campaign reaches the S$35,500 stretch goal!!

Pledging Perks

Code V Productions has set their campaign at a S$23,00 funding goal ($16,998 USD) and they still have a ways to go before they meet it (the campaign will run until July 29th 2019). There are a number of perks for supporting the Kickstarter campaign and a wide range of pledge tiers for just about every price range! Below are some of the perks you can expect if you decide to lend your support!

  • Name in the Credits
  • Digital Icon Pack 
  • Digital OST
  • A Digital Copy of Silver:Line or A Physical Copy of the game (higher tiers) 
  • Official Silver:Line Art Book 
  • Beta Access to Silver:Line
  • Enamel Pins, Keychains
  • Wall Scrolls and Omanjuus
  • …and more!

Where to Find Code V Productions

If you still aren’t convinced to support this game, I highly recommend checking out the demo, which covers about 2 hours of gameplay. Like the final release, the demo is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Steam!

Download the game demo from the itch.io page: HERE

I urge you to PLEASE check out the Kickstarter campaign, HERE, and lend your support. There is still time left for the campaign and every little bit helps! The various price tiers come with some nice goodies so definitely check them out!

You can also contact Code V Productions on Social Media through the following channels:

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter page on social media and spread the word! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

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