Blerdy Otome 5th Anniversary – Fave Posts from 2015

Can you believe I’ve been blogging for five years?! I’ve come a long way since my Nice Job Breaking It Hero days and while I’m always looking towards the future, every now and again I like to take a look back and reflect on my past. So this year I’m going to share some of my favorite posts from every year I’ve been blogging!!

Kicking things off with 2015! I was just getting my start back then and I didn’t really have a “style” so to speak, so I just kinda wrote whatever popped into my head… with some interesting results.


So I kinda sorta like yaoi…and by “like” I mean LOVE!

One of my first blog posts and of course it’s about boys love! While I have no shame in hiding my love of BL now, back then I was still very much on the DL about it and the only place I could really talk about it was online and with a very small group of IRL friends. So this post was my attempt to connect with more BL fans. I give a very basic explanation of what BL is and some of the tropes I like and dislike (heavy on the dislike lol).

I’ve grown considerably as a blogger, so maybe one day I’ll go back and revamp this post, but for now here is my cringey post celebrating my love of boys love stuff.

johto bigger

Hit me right in the Childhood: An Ode to Pokemon

It is no secret that I love Pokemon, it has been one of the few mainstays in my life—from getting Pokemon Crystal at the age of 11 to buying Pokemon Sword as a grown adult. This was such an emotional post for me because the Pokemon franchise was such a huge part of my childhood that I hope to one day share with my own kiddos (when I have them).

I think I wrote this a little before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were released and I remember it being a huge deal because you could essentially transfer your Pokemon from the original Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games back to the Hoenn region. And I kid you not, I teared up when I transferred my Swampert from Ruby into Omega Ruby—as cheesy as it sounds it was like he was finally going home…


Mini Review: Scandal in the Spotlight

I used to be a fiend for all things Voltage Inc. they were some of the first otome games I ever played and while I’ve kind of fallen off the Voltage bandwagon, I still have fond memories of these games (and a ton of unplayed titles on the Love 365 app). One of my first Voltage reviews was for Scandal in the Spotlight and not gonna lie I was not expecting to fall in love with this game the way that I did… but how could I resist the allure of hot Pop Idols?!


So this sort of became a rant about Howl’s Moving Castle

This was my attempt to be “knowledgeable” about something. I had just read Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones and I was floored by how different the book was from the Miyazaki film. So I took to my blog and let the world know exactly how I felt! This post is somewhere between a rant and a lost in adaptation essay  and I kinda like how snarky I was back then.

Alice in the Heart

First Thoughts: Alice in the Heart-Wonderful Wonder World

I was young once and I threw my money at every single otome game I could get my naive little hands on and… more times than not it bit me in the ass. The official localization of Alice in the Heart was one of those early translation attempts where QuinRose handled everything in house… and it went about as well you’d think—Google Translate level Engrish. I’m still salty about wasting my money on this localization, but I hear the new fan translation for Anniversary no Kuni no Alice is really good, so there is hope! But for now relive my pain with this review!

From Friends to Lovers: DRAMAtical Murder Koujaku’s Review

Did you know that wrote reviews about every Dramatical Murder route? Well, now you do! The first game I ever covered on this site was Dramatical Murder and my first route was Koujaku’s… and it was pretty meh for me. But, this was the first time I committed myself to completing an entire game and while it took me over a year to actually finish it I am super proud of these reviews!

Well, these were my favorite posts from 2015 and even though they aren’t as polished as some of my more recent content I’m really fond of these posts! If you’re in the mood for more classic Blerdy Otome stuff… check out the Past Exploits dropdown at the bottom of the page. I’ll also be sharing my fave posts from every year I’ve been blogging every Saturday throughout the month of August, so keep an eye out for those!!

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13 thoughts on “Blerdy Otome 5th Anniversary – Fave Posts from 2015

  1. Congrats on the five years! That is pretty amazing! Let’s hope you get to make content for many more years and play Otome games well beyond your writing years! Thanks for being a part of the amazing community here!

  2. Five years huh? That is one heck of an achievement alright! Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I’m pretty sure that number will double to ten years for sure! Have fun the next five years. I will be sure to stick around and read your posts😊

  3. Congratulations on five years! I think sharing your favourite posts from each year is also a fantastic way to reflect on what you’ve done, how you’ve grown, and how your own writing style has developed ☺️

  4. Congratulations on five years! That’s amazing that you’ve been working on this for so long!

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