F#@k, Marry, Kill Otome Edition – Star Crossed Myth

Here I am once again using all of my years of otome related experience to ask the hard hitting questions others are afraid to ask! This is quality stuff right here, carefully crafted after not one, but two glasses of really good red wine and an afternoon of playing OZMAFIA.

This is the post that no one asked for, but I felt compelled to write down. I could have easily used this time to tackle my neglected backlog or catching up on game requests, but I felt that a Fuck, Marry, Kill post was exactly what the world needed right now. For those of you that didn’t play this game as a kid, the basic premise is this:

One person poses three names of people known to someone else (either people known in their personal lives or of celebrities). The other person then has to decide which of the three they would kiss (or fuck, in more mature versions of the game… like this one), which one they would marry, and which one they would kill.

-Da Rulez

I’m cutting the middle man and just using the love interest lineup from otome games to answer three sacred, age old questions— Which otome guy would I fuck? Which otome guy would I marry? Which otome guy would I kill? The first game on the chopping block is Star Crossed Myth… because I’ve played all the routes.

Leon Star Crossed Myth.jpg

Fuck – Leon

Not gonna lie, Leon is not my favorite love interest in Star Crossed Myth, he’s kind of at the bottom of the barrel since I don’t really like oresama guys. Leon is everything I hate in my otome guys—arrogant, selfish, demanding, dismissive—and yet even I can admit there is something sexy about a confident man… While I wouldn’t want a long lasting relationship with someone like Leon, I’d totally be down for a one night stand or a friends with bennies arrangement.

Dui Star Crossed Myth.JPG

Marry – Dui

I love Zyglavis and Scorpio to bits and pieces, but I would never want to marry characters like them, instead, I’d probably go for someone like Dui. He is the perfect gentleman—sweet, compassionate, and supportive—true husbando material right here. Sure, he has a split personality, and you’d think his destruction loving Shadow Dui side would be a deal breaker, but it gives what would have been a largely unremarkable character depth… and I figure marriage is about taking the good with the not so good.

Teorus Star Crossed Myth.jpg

Kill – Teorus

Teorus is the only character from the entire game that DON’T like at all. He’s childish and kind of fickle and just much more work than it’s worth. His princely personality and free love stance just didn’t do it for me—granted I’m not really a fan of flirty characters even at the best of times…

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome! Which characters in Star Crossed Myth would you f#@k, marry, or kill?

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