My 10 Favorite Megane Otome Guys

Megane (noun):

is the Japanese word for eyeglasses. Typically used to describe an attractive character with glasses.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s no secret that I love megane men. I go out of my way to celebrate the beauty of these bespectacled hotties at least once a week if not more. There is just something about a hot guy in glasses that really makes my fangirl heart flutter… and there are so many meganes to love:

Sweet and shy megane that are quick to bush….A studious megane senpai to study with… A sharply dressed sophisticated megane with a playful smirk… Then there’s the stoic and cool megane who always keeps his head in stressful situations… and of course who could forget that sinister glasses glare…


My love of megane has been tested in the past, but still I remain firm about my love of bespectacled men! But, I came to the startling realization that the last time I dedicated a post to megane characters was back in 2017! That just won’t do! So, I decided now was the time to write a list of my 10 favorite megane otome guys, because who doesn’t need some hot megane bishies in their lives?

Kent – Amnesia 

After being underwhelmed by Shin and Ikki’s routes, Kent was like a breath of fresh air. His route didn’t really have all that much drama, so I really got to spend time getting to know Kent as a character and he is such dork. I usually fall pretty hard for the adorkable nerd character and Kent was no exception, he’s very blunt and extremely analytical, but he means well and it was kind of cute watching him fumble his way through his courtship with the MC. He takes everything at face value, like when the MC tells him couples send each other “good morning” and “good night” texts, he literally sends her texts with good morning and good night in them.

When she suggests they take walk home together, he literally just walks… no conversation, no hand holding, my dude just walks beside her in silence. I know this sounds like it would be a bad thing but, it’s really quite cute since Kent has no idea what a proper boyfriend is supposed to do, since he’s usually more concerned with his studies, so the fact that he makes the effort for the MC says a lot. But, he also has a sweet side too like when he buys the MC a half month anniversary cake or when he runs to the train station an hour away to avoid missing out on a date…

Toa – 7’scarlet

Okay, so this one might come as surprise to most folks, since 7’scarlet has two megane character and of the two, Sosuke would normally be my number one pick. He’s an intellectual megane with dark hair and he’s a med student, on paper it should have been no contest. But, there was just something about cat loving cinnamon roll Toa that I could not ignore… I really fell hard for Toa, like Kent he’s a bit of a dork, but he’s so sweet and well meaning you can’t help but want to protect him… he’s such a soft boi.

But then, you play his True End and it breaks your heart into little tiny pieces and you wind up loving him even more… Toa really deserves so much more than he got! It also doesn’t hurt that my boy can sing too!!


One of the few good things to come out of my OZMAFIA adventure… Of course I played through Axel’s route first and I will forever be greatful to his route. OZMAFIA has some questionable characters and routes, and Fuka leaves much to be desired in an otome heroine, but Axel did not disappoint. He’s the caporegime of the OZ famiglia, lower ranked than Carmia and Kyrie, but he takes his role very seriously. He’s loyal to a fault, but he lacks the initiative to act on his own, more comfortable following orders than giving them.

He can be a bit brusque with others, and he tends to hole himself away in his room for days, but he has a secret love of sweets that is just too adorable! Oh, and even though he has to carry a gun for protection, he’s a terrible shot so he usually just resorts to swinging it around like a club.  Axel can be super stubborn, but super sweet too… He’s kind of awkward when it comes to showing his feelings, but when he does fall for someone he goes all in.

Astrum – Period Cube 

So, like most otome games Period Cube has a suggested play order, however when I saw that one of the love interests was a hot megane, I said f**k play order and dove headfirst into Astrum’s route. The majority of Period Cube takes place inside the virtual game world of Arcadia, so most of the love interests and characters have the appearances of their in game avatars (ie. Hiroya has wolf ears, Astrum has angel wings etc.) So technically, Astrum aka Toru Asou only wears his glasses when he’s in the real world, because his game avatar doesn’t need them. But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still wearing them, even if you can’t see them

Astrum is usually the smartest person in the room, and he knows it, so he can come off as a bit condescending and arrogant. He is a high ranking player in Arcadia and the leader of the Angel faction, adored by his many many guild mates and feared by his enemies. However, in the real world he’s kind of a nobody, he’s number 2 in his year at university, but his antisocial attitude doesn’t do him any favors and he is often overlooked by his peers. It’s really like night and day, he’s confident and chivalrous in the game, but in the real world he’s awkward and he has the cutest stutter when he’s nervous.  I’m starting to notice a pattern with these picks…

707 – Mystic Messenger 

707 is the only reason I even started playing Mystic Messenger in the first place. It’s no secret that I don’t like free to play mobile games, but from the moment I saw 707 in Cheritz’s promos for MM I knew I had to make an exception! Of course if I’d known just how much sleep I would lose over this guy, I might have reconsidered… So, Seven… how often do you see a red headed megane character? Almost never! Seven is definitely one of the more eyecatching characters in the game, with his bright hair and ridiculous glasses, and on top of that he’s a complete meme lord too! He had me laughing out loud in just about every chat from teasing the other members of the RFA to tormenting Elizabeth III to just being an all around troll…

However, his own route is anything but sunshine and roses. I have never played through a more frustrating route; show him affection and he ghosts you… try to get close to him and he ghosts you… give him a gift AND HE GHOSTS YOU!! But, that only made me want him more and it was totally worth it (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). He’s a complicated guy that hides his pain behind jokes and it makes you want to just give him a big ol’ hug and tell him he’s perfect… and don’t get me started on how he falls in love at first sight with the MC in every single route and stands aside while she romances the other characters…

Tatsuya Mystic Destinies

Tatsuya Yukimura – Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons

The drama with Aeon Dream Studios aside, I really loved Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons, it’s a well made game with a well thought out supernatural fantasy world which is steeped in references to existing lore and mythology. But, what really makes this game so awesome are the characters, Mystic Destinies is one of those games where I love all the love interests, but Tatsuya Yukimura definitely stood out the most for me in the beginning… because blue hair.

Tatsuya can be a bit hit or miss for some people since he’s what I like to call a super tsun, one minute he’s nice the next he’s cold af, wash rinse repeat…. but he’s an ice dragon, so it kind of makes sense. What I don’t see a lot of people talking about is how alike he and Tsubasa (the MC) are, they’re both level headed and smart and just a bit cautious with new people…. oh, and they’re both ridiculously stubborn! He’s single-minded about a lot of things and has a hard time accepting opinions that differ from his own, but he is fiercely loyal and he has a strong since of duty and compassion for his family. I loved seeing him with his family, because it showed a much softer side to his personality. Plus watching him blush because of his mom’s antics is always worth it!  But, my favorite scene with him is when he and Tsubasa are walking and it starts raining and Tatsuya uses his magic to turn the rain into snow… talk about romantic!

Reiji Diabolik Lovers

Reiji Sakamaki – Diabolik Lovers 

Reiji was number one on the Sinister Specs post I wrote a few years ago, and I stand by that choice. If you’re looking for a bastard boyfriend, the Diabolik Lovers franchise has them in spades, but for me, Reiji really stood out the most. Suave, sophisticated, with an air of refinement about him, this Sakamaki bro is epitome of grace and poise… but with just a little bite. He’s technically the second Sakamaki brother, but he is the one that manages the house and takes care of the family. He doesn’t accept anything less than perfection and holds himself to the same high standards he holds everyone else to.

Like the rest of the Sakamaki, he has some sadistic tendencies and he enjoys disciplining the MC and using her to test out his various poisons… but he always gives her the antidote. I know he sounds bad and he kind of is, but I don’t know there is something kind of hot about a gentlemanly vampire that demands absolute obedience… but can also throw down in the kitchen…  or maybe it’s just me. And come on, no one wants to talk about his gorgeous smile?

Sanan Keisuke – Hakuoki

Okay, so I know there is a lot of hate for Sanan floating around the otome community, but I actually like Sanan as a character… Yeah he makes some questionable decisions, and sure he creates an army of rogue Furies… but, he’s not a bad guy, just misunderstood and hurting… I mean he gets hurt so bad that he’ll never hold a sword again and then he is forced to step down from active duty. Anyone would go a little crazy if everything they’d ever worked for was suddenly taken from them. Sanan just needed a hug.

I had my eye on Sanan back during my first playthrough of Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossoms, but he wasn’t made a love interest until Kyoto Winds. So of course I had to snap up a copy for science… and I loved it! Seriously, Sanan needs more love!

Shuu Iwamine – Hatoful Boyfriend

This is another “questionable” pick since one, Shuu is a bird and two, he’s probably one of the worst characters in the game. But, I dunno, I kinda like sadistic characters… Shuu fits that sadistic doctor trope to a T, he’s aloof and antisocial often found holed up in his office performing his various experiments. There’s even a “rumor” that he kills students and has them served up as food in the cafeteria… which isn’t helped by the fact that he likes to sneak up on people from behind and threatens to use students in his “experiments”.

He’s really twisted, but his love for Ryuuji Kawara is kind of sweet, though the way he shows his affections to the MC are a bit… ummm terrifying… But, he brings her meat, which she loves and his devotion towards those he loves is eternal!

Tsukumo Rose in the Embers

Tsukumo Kobayakawa – Rose in the Embers 

And of course I couldn’t write a megane post without including at least one Voltage megane character, and there are so many to choose from. I tend to choose the megane routes first (when available) since they’re usually the kuudere character so it’s a win win either way. Recently, I had the chance to play through some of the routes in one of their newer games Rose in the Embers and out of all the love interests Tsukumo really stood out to me the most… and it’s not because he wears glasses. He doesn’t have as much of a presence as the other guys, since he isn’t some uber rich aristocrat nor is he a decorated military man. Rather, he’s an author of scary stories and myths and legends.

Honestly, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Tsukumo’s route. He’s intelligent and a bit snarky, but caring and very sensitive about how he is perceived by others. He’s described as being an enigmatic writer, and it’s true that does hide a lot behind his poker face, but it’s totally worth learning his secrets. Tsukumo is one of my new favorite Voltage characters!! I’m not gonna spoil his route, but with Tsukumo you really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Glasses Really Do Make the Man

Meganebu 1

Megane characters are my go to bias, there is just something really attractive about a guy in glasses and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But, I also like that megane characters aren’t always just defined by their choice of eye wear… there are so many wonderful types of megane to love; from the sadistic megane like Reiji and Shuu to the nerdy types like Kent and Tatsuya. So, if you haven’t already show some megane characters some love, you won’t regret it!

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  1. I didn’t played a lot of Otome in fact I only played two and from those two, one I dropped and the other I still have to finish it.

    The one I dropped is Mystic Message and yes 707 is a cutie megane

    And the one still have to finish is Code Realize and Van own my soul.

    1. Ahhh can’t blame you for Mystic Messenger, that game is kind of intense… LOTS of sleepless nights with that one.

      Everyone loves Code Realize, but I am still stuck on Impey’s route… it keeps putting me to sleep…

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