30 Day Haikyuu Challenge: Days 12 & 13- Favorite Manager & Favorite Non- Player Character

Alright, I got caught up with this really amazing fanfic and work has been kind of hectic, so i wasn’t able to write these posts during my free time like I originally planned. Ah, the perks of being an adult and a nerd… Anyway, since my answers for these two days are kind of short, I figured I’d just combine them like I did with days 10 and 11!

haikyuu challenge

This post is gonna have a lot of girl power, since both of my picks happen to be some pretty phenomenal women! I’m not going to drag this out much so, without any further ado, here are my Day 12 and Day 13 picks!!


Day 12 Favorite Manager- Yachi Hitoka


While I love Kiyoko, I have to say that Yachi is by far my favorite of the two Karasuno managers and it’s because she is just so relatable. Whereas Kiyoko is the epitome of beauty and grace, Yachi is the exact opposite, she’s a bit awkward and like most of the other first years prone to overreacting from time to time, but when it counts, she’s always there to cheer on the Karasuno team with a smile!

She’s not perfect like Kiyoko, she’s just a regular girl trying to find her way in the world and I guess I see a bit of myself in Yachi. I’m not always too confident in my abilities and I can be a bit clumsy sometimes, but that doesn’t stop me from giving things my best shot!

Day 13 Favorite Non-Player Character- Saeko Tanaka


I’m gonna keep this one short, but I have to say that I frickin love Tanaka’s older sister, she is such a cool badass character and if I had been so lucky to have had a sister (instead of the tree younger brothers I do have), I could only hope that she’d be as awesome as Saeko Tanaka!

She’s a bit rough around the edges like her brother, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a big ol’ softie underneath it all. Saeko is a bit of a live wire, but she cares deeply about her brother and the rest of the Karasuno team as seen by her rather impassioned cheering during their match against Shiratorizawa in season 3!

I dunno how this happened, but my picks both ended up being blonde bombshells XD ! Yachi and Saeko may seem like opposites, but both women are integral to the Karasuno team! But, enough of my yammering, I want to hear from you guys! Who is your favorite manager? Who is your favorite non-player character? Let me know in the comments section! As always, THANK YOU FOR READING!!  


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