30 Day Haikyuu Challenge: Days 10 & 11- Favorite Libero & Favorite Team Captain

Yesterday was my birthday, so I definitely missed writing the Day 10 prompt. Rather than write separate posts for Day 10 and Day 11, I decided to just combine them into one post! Don’t worry, this won’t be a super long post, like the previous challenge posts, this one will be pretty straightforward.

haikyuu challenge

Day 10 My Favorite Libero- Nishinoya Yu


What can I say, I really like Nishinoya! He is my second favorite character from Karasuno and as far as liberos go he is the best of the best, no wonder he’s known as Karasuno’s Guardian Deity! As the team’s libero, Noya serves as an integral part of his team’s defense, he has fast reflexes and unparalleled dexterity. He utilizes a lot of uncommon techniques when it comes to receiving, even going so far as to attempting receives other player deem impossible, such as the time he received a ball with his foot!! And of course, who could forget his signature move, ROLLING THUNDER!?


Off the court, Noya is a bit of a hothead often prone to some rather extreme mood swings, though generally he’s a pretty upbeat guy. Let’s see, if I had to pick my favorite thing about Noya, it would have to be his awesome practice shirts! Each of his practice shirts have some kind of slogan on them.

noya's shirt.jpg

Day 11 My Favorite Team Captain

Okay, so this was kind of rigged from the start, but my absolute favorite Team Captain is…. Kuroo Tetsuro! What can I say, he’s hot! There really is no deeper meaning behind this choice other than the fact that he is absolutely gorgeous just Google Kuroo Tetsurou and you’ll see the sheer amount of fan art dedicated to the guy… and it’s fantastic!


But, seriously, what’s not to love about the guy, he’s just perfect!! *sigh* I think I’ll go bury myself in some Kuroo x Tsukishima fanfics now….

Welp, those are my picks, I’ll try to keep up with the rest of the challenge (but no promises). But, enough from me, I want to hear from you guys! Who is your favorite Libero? Who is your favorite Team Captain? Let me know what you think in the comments section. As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!! 



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