30 Day Haikyuu Challenge- Day 9: Favorite Setter

I missed posting this yesterday, I was out all day yesterday (got an early start on my birthday), so today will be another double header (expect Day 10 later on today)!

haikyuu challenge

Okay so for yesterday’s prompt, I was supposed to write about my favorite setter… There’s only one character that comes to mind…. and… it’s….


I seriously considered picking Kageyama, but then I saw a pic of Oikawa and that was a wrap on that Kageyama post… *clears throat* My favorite setter is with out a doubt, Aoba Josai’s captain, the Grand King, Tooru Oikawa!! He’s the guy women love and men *cough* Kageyama *cough* love to hate, though when you are as fabulous as Oikawa, you’re bound to attract a few haters.

oikawa spike.gif
…. well, damn!

Personality wise, Oikawa can be a bit childish at times, especially when Kageyama is concerned and he can be a bit smug about his skills as a player, much to the annoyance of his fellow teammates and his opponents. But, unlike most folks who just talk the talk, Oikawa is actually a talented setter, renowned for his wicked jump serves and natural athletic prowess. Oikawa doesn’t just blindly toss the volleyball around, each and every action is calculated to draw out the maximum potential from his teammates. He is an all around phenomenal player, who has worked his ass off to get to hone his volleyball skills and the results speak for themselves.

But the real reason I love Oikawa, the reason he is my favorite setter….. *drumroll*


Okay, I kid, the real reason Oikawa is one of my favorite characters in the series is without a doubt due to the fact that he…

megane oikawa.png

Oikawa is my favorite setter!! But, I wanna hear from you guys now! Who are your favorite setter? Let me know in the comments section! As always, if you like what you see, be sure to like this post or subscribe to Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Thank you for reading!!


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