Why I’ve Been So Quiet…

First, I want to say that I’m going try to keep this postΒ short, sweet, and to the point, because let’s be honest, if you really cared about why I’ve been kind of quiet on social media or on this blog in general, you’d have tried to reach out to me by now. I’m not accusing anyone of anything, I know how hectic life can be and heck I’ll admit that I’m terrible at keeping up with social media stuff in the first place, so I get it. This post is so you guys know that I’m not ignoring you because I necessarily want to… just, shit happens!


March has been an especially miserable month for me, I had a lot of great things planned for the blog this month, but every time I got ready to sit down and do them life decided to throw a wrench in my plans. Earlier this month, I split with my BF and while it was for the best, it’s tough… I’m still kind of bummed about the whole thing and honestly, it’s going to take awhile before I’ll be back to my old self.

Then a little while ago, my job let me know that they wouldn’t be able to extend my contract like they promised due to funding issues. My contract with them is up at the end of the month and the news has kind of put me in a serious bind… not to mention I was already pretty low because of the break up. So for the past few weeks I have been applying to various jobs, but I haven’t seen much headway there. So, I honestly don’t have time to monitor my social media channels and even less time for blogging.

All of the posts that came out this week were literally written an hour or two before I posted them and that was just about all I could manage, since I find it extremely hard to write when I have a lot on my mind. I just can’t get in the mood for it, so this week was kind of an impromptu hiatus…

I’m still trying to handle my stuff here in the real world, but I promise I will be back on my online grind starting on Sunday. I have a friend that recently started blogging and she’s been asking me to have blogging dates with her for the longest and we were finally able to get our schedules to sync up. So I’ll be working on some things I’ve been neglecting this weekend.

So, yeah, that’s why I’ve been quiet and that’s why I haven’t been my usual bubbly self. I want to say thank you to everyone both online and in person, I’m not going to name you guys ya’ll know who you are, for lending an ear to my woes and for just being so awesome and understanding. I’m not the type to talk about my problems that much, so for you all to take the time to listen to me talk about my issues and to offer encouragement… it really means a lot to me!

Ah, I almost forgot, I have a very special announcement for you guys…. it’s really really super special awesome!! But, I will hold off on announcing it until next week, since it will technically have an impact on how things here atΒ Nice Job Breaking It, HeroΒ are going to run from now on… but, don’t worry it’s a good thing, I promise!

Again, thank you all for being so understanding about everything while I get my stuff together… it’s been a long month and I really hope you guys are fairing better than I am right now!

castiel hug

52 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been So Quiet…

    1. OMG Hazel, you have been a such a great friend through all of this!! Thank you for being so frickin’ awesome!! πŸ˜€ And for the pep talks lol I needed those!

      1. Aww *hugs* always naja! I’m here whenever you need a friend πŸ˜€ you’re just as awesome if not more you say I am! I’m so glad we met!!

    1. AWWWWW *Hugs back* THANK YOU!!

      LOL I need reminding how awesome I am sometimes πŸ˜› But seriously this means a lot, especially since I know you’re busy with the KS campaign right now, so seeing this definitely made me smile! πŸ˜€

  1. *hugs* I’m here if you need anything. I’m sorry things have been miserable lately. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and hopefully it will get better soon for you. Hang in there! You’re gonna make it!

    P.S. You don’t know how excited I am for your super special announcement!

    1. *hugs back* Awww Panda!! You have been a great friend, so your kind words really, really mean a lot to me!

      I’m trying to make a few moves to help alleviate some of my stress, but I’m kind of in survival mode LOL

      ha ha ha I mentioned in another comment, but the announcement means more work for me, but it’s a fantastic “thing” so I’m excited!!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your IRL issues. I’ve lost a job before and it’s the worst feeling ever! Job hunting is such a pain too. Good luck with everything and I know you’ll be back up to full strength in no time. Don’t let fate push you around. πŸ™‚

    I’m looking forward to your special announcement.

    1. Yeah, I was really relying on this position, and it takes forever for anything to pan out with jobs in my field so I wish I’d had more time to prepare.

      Awww thank you so much for this sweet comment!! πŸ˜€

  3. Wow! I really hope everything starts to pick up for you. I know it will for sure. It may seem hard now and there are sometimes difficult things that are thrown at us but stay strong and fight through it. The only way is up. Trust me I know. I’ve been there. Hugs πŸ€—

    1. I’m a fighter lol so I’m trying to take everything in stride, but it’s a lot at once, so I really appreciate this outpouring of support from you guys! πŸ˜€


  4. Really sorry to hear how badly March treated you, I do hope April will be kinder. I’m with you when you mention that writing isn’t easy when the mood isn’t right, same here. It’s difficult to be all chirpy and bubbly when your heart just isn’t in it. Still, you kept on doing a good job!

    1. Yeah, March has been a pain so far and I am ready for it to be over…

      I am just starting to get back into the writing mood, so I’mm trying to get things out while I can. Thanks for being so awesome and for leaving such a thoughtful comment, it really means a lot to me! πŸ˜€

  5. That is a double bummer, dude πŸ™ I don’t even know what to say. I detest platitudes myself, so I don’t use them with others. I’m so behind in checking my blog subs that I’ll admit I didn’t notice how quiet you were (I think I just replied to something else you posted today). I’m hoping a job pans out for you soon. Honestly, just looking for a job is like having a job in and of itself, and breakups suck even if they are good in the long run. That doesn’t really mean jack at the moment. I know how hard it is to write when you’re distracted from real world/adult stuff, but we’re all here for you, and I hope the announcement you have for next week does more for your mood/well-being than it does for us πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah girl, I like it when people keep it real with me, and I try to do the same. LOL I usually check my reader at the end of the week, I rely on the email notifications or ppl telling me about their new posts.

      I am just like can the universe cut me a break for five minutes. I have a friend that helped me out with my resume and cover letter so we’ll see how that works out in the end.

      As for the break up, it was a long time coming, but much needed for both of us right now. But, the brain and the heart don’t always line up…

      I really appreciate all the love and support, it really helps right now, so thank you!! πŸ˜€

      LOL the announcement is positive, but it means more work for me in the long run, but it’s totally worth it!

      1. I need to get into the habit of checking my reader. I used to but I had to give up because there just wasn’t enough time. I get notifications for the blogs I really want to stay on top of, but I know there are ones I’m following that I’m missing out on. I feel bad, but I don’t yet have a time machine hehe.

        Doesn’t shit always seem to happen all at once? It can’t just take turns. Nooooo, you have to get hit with the whole pile of bricks when just one is enough to knock you down.

        Good. I’m a good proofreader, but I’ve been out of the resume game for a while. My husband just landed a new job so I can always borrow/steal the template from him, and of course the all mighty google if I needed to look.

        Yep. You might logically know it’s the best move, but that doesn’t do jack all for your emotions. You get used to situations regardless of how good/bad they are for you, and then when that situation changes, it throws you for a loop no matter how prepared you were for it. Love and support are what friends are for!

      2. Yes it does, it’s like watching snow pile up during a blizzard! LMAO, you just described everything perfectly, one brick is more than enough!

        Yeah resume writing is an art and I finally think I got mine looking presentable again!

        Yeah the head and the heart need to get with the program and start acting like a team. But, ultimately I don’t regret the decision, maybe it can work out again in the future, maybe it won’t, but for now I’m just gonna do me, cus I need to come first!

      3. That’s what I’d concentrate on: the resume and yourself. I’m kind of a selfish bitch, so I have no problem telling people they need to look after their own needs first. Actually, I heard a great phrase. Selfishness is when you put your wants in front of someone else’s needs, but it’s not when you put your needs in front of someone else’s wants. I don’t know at what point we decided that it was okay to neglect ourselves, cause that is nonsense. I think eventually the heart catches up to the head. It just takes it a while, because it’s the emotional side, and they’re not really ruled by logic, and they try to get the head to see their “point of view,” and THAT’S where you can get trouble. I think I’m too old and grumpy for platitudes like “Follow your heart” to do anything besides make me laugh :p

      4. LOL You don’t know how much I needed this comment!! Girl, I have been kicking my own butt into gear despite some minor and not so minor setbacks… I refuse to let this crap beat me!!

        I’ve just been telling my heart to shove it whenever it starts carrying on about nonsense πŸ˜›

      5. I try to have a ton of contingency plans! That way if one thing doesn’t work, I can move onto the next. I also never underestimate the power of a good nap. It’s great for “hitting the reset button,” because I get overwhelmed like it’s my job lol.

        Ughhh, it’s like a kid who wants to eat an entire box of chocolate. It might taste really good right then and there, but you will regret it later.

      6. YES!!! I usually have a plan for emergencies, but this one literally came out of left field so I’m scrambling!

        Naps are one of life’s joys!

  6. I can understand your position because I find it impossible to write anything when not in the right frame of mind. When it rains it pours. Keep strong through this tough period and I am sure you will pull through.

    1. Yeah, I tried to write, but the words just weren’t coming together like I wanted… so I just had to leave them alone for a bit

      It’s been ridiculous! Everything has been happening back to back to back, I need a break! I’m just trying to push through as best I can! Thanks for the kind words and support!! πŸ˜€

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about all the horrible things happening πŸ™ Not sure if this helps but growing up my Mum always said things come in threes, once three bad things happen, 3 incredibly good things will happen. So I reckon your 3 good things are right around the corner πŸ™‚ all the best!

    1. Aww thanks Twin! Yeah, I’m just handling things as they come up while trying to plan for the next step.

      I’ve heard that before and I agree I’m definitely due for some good news! *hugs*

  8. *HUGS* I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. πŸ™ I agree with everyone here and it’s so impressive that you’ve blogged a lot since this post. To me, that is a lot. Great job and effort on continuing those game reviews. πŸ™‚ I am proud of you, and I hope that things clear up. We are all supporting you. Fighting!!! Best of luck, girl. πŸ™‚ <3

    1. Aww thank you dearie!! *biggest hug*

      Yeah, I get that a lot, but I had a ton of things planned that I just couldn’t make happen this month *sigh* but my main focus is getting everything IRL settled.

      YOU ARE SUCH A SWEETIE!! *sending lots and lots of love*

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