Be My Princess | Joshua Lieben Review: The Stubborn Prince That Stole My Heart

Be My Princess is one of my all time favorite Voltage games, I have played each of the routes in this game numerous times over the years and they never get old. So, because I’m a bit of a nostalgia kick and because today, Jan. 31st is the birthday of my favorite prince, I figured he’d be the best character to kick off my nostalgia fueled Voltage reviews… I wish, I could say this was going to be a proper review like the others I’ve written in the past, but I absolutely adore this man, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to contain my fangirling this time around… sorry, not sorry 😛

Be My Princess Joshua

If you read my Top 10 Voltage Guys list, you’ll know that Prince Joshua Lieben from Be My Princess is one of my first Voltage guys and my third favorite guy overall, but at the end of the day, Josh is the number one prince in my heart!! He’s an awkward and stubborn mess and even after all these years I still find myself falling for him all over again!

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Thoughts on the Route: Falling for a stubborn prince…

Be My Princess Joshua

Joshua Lieben is the Crown Prince of Dres Van, a kingdom where rules, well rule (okay I know that was lame)! The people of Dres Van have some very deep seated principles and customs that dictate how they live their lives and that’s for both royals and commoners. Royals don’t get to just do whatever they want without consequence, they are held to the same standards, if not more so, since they are expected to be a shining example for their people to follow… So, it stands to reason that Joshua, being the Crown Prince of Dres Van, would be the biggest square in the land!

Rules and regulations are his life, and for the first few chapters or so the MC can’t take two steps without the guy shouting rules at her… or just shouting in general. *ahem* I’m gonna put my nostalgia goggles down for a second, so bear with me. *coughs* You see, Joshua is a grade A jerk and one of the most unpleasant people to be around. He’s a stubborn prick, who believes that even breathing the same air as a commoner is an insult to his delicate sensibilities. But, Josh isn’t just a jerk to commoners, oh, no, he’s an ass to everyone, including the Princely Posse, which he treats as a necessary (but, detestable) obligation.

Be My Princess Joshua

Joshua doesn’t really associate with anyone (his bro 4 Lyfe and butler Jan, not withstanding) unless he absolutely has to, and even then he only does the bare minimum. But, you can’t really blame the guy for being that way given his strict upbringing. You see, in Dres Van, royals are taken from their parents at a young age so that they can be trained to be proper monarchs. The training is strict and highly specialized and focuses solely on the skills that will make an individual a good leader, everything else is kind of thrown to the wayside. So while Joshua is a capable leader, he’s miserable at everything else and a touch, well more than a touch, naive about the ways of the world. But, he’s much too stubborn to admit that fact, so he tends to get a bit defensive when the others point out his mistakes.

He’s awkward, unsociable, and a pain to be around at times, but deep down, Joshua is an adorably naive tsundere, who show’s his affection in small every day gestures. And I guess that’s why I like him so much as a character, he isn’t some suave Casanova with droves of women at his feet, Joshua is a adorkable stick in the mud that just wants to be happy, just like everyone else.

Sure he can be a bit heavy handed at times (abducting the MC from her home so she can make him rice balls), and yeah some of his compliments sound a lot like insults, but his heart is in the right place. He bears the weight of his entire kingdom on his shoulders and he’s been taught from a young age that sacrifice is just part of his responsibilities as a prince, so he’s just doing the best that he can. But, when he meets and falls in love with the MC all of his training and logic fly out the window and Joshua starts acting more like a man and less like a prince.

Josh 6.PNG

Do I Recommend Joshua’s Route?

The above gifs are an accurate depiction of my reactions while playing this route…

Okay, is this the best Voltage route in the world? No. The conflict was unnecessary and the resolution was abrupt, and even I can admit that the writing isn’t always the best… BUT, even after all these years, I still abso-frickin-lutely loved playing this route! Sure it’s a bit dated when compared with the newer releases, but the quality of the characters are second to none! Joshua’s growth over the course of the story isn’t something that happens overnight, he gradually opens his heart to others and by doing so he becomes a much better prince and the MC is priceless!

The conflict, while cliché, is compelling if not a smidge overly dramatic towards the end, I kind of preferred the Gree/Party version of events more than the paid app, but that’s neither here nor there. Gosh, I feel like I’m leaving a lot of stuff out, but this review is far too long as it is…so, I’ll leave you all with one more thing…

With Joshua, you have to take the bitter with the sweet, but once you see past his bristles he’s imperfectly wonderful. So, yes I highly recommend giving this socially awkward, rice ball loving, cat fearing prince a chance. 

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10 thoughts on “Be My Princess | Joshua Lieben Review: The Stubborn Prince That Stole My Heart

  1. Another Voltage game to play!! I’m not complaining, these games are incredibly fun and you keep recommending the best routes to play! (kippei, Kyohei, sousuke). They are all so swoon worthy! I know I have to play this route as my next voltage game! 😀 – confessions of a voltage addict lol.

    1. LOL Josh is my boy!! I definitely recommend you play his route… and you know I’ll be pushing him to you on Line until you play it 😛

      At this point we’re both Voltage addicts… there should be an online support group XD

      1. LOL we ARE the online support group…for each other at least T-T

        My backlog has been growing since our beautiful friendship has begun!! And I regret nothing and not sorry ’bout it! <3 <3

  2. I love all the Be My Princess boys!!! It’s so hard to choose, but I think Joshua and Wilfred are my favorites. Have you played Be My Princess 2?? Josh’s grandson Sieg is also one of my favorites!!

    1. Same! Each of the guys in this game are oh so wonderful… even Keith 😛

      OMG Yes! I didn’t like it as much as BMP, but Sieg was adorable!! He was so much like Joshua, but still his own character, if that makes sense. Plus I love that he fell in love with the MC at first sight!!!

  3. He’s been on my list for a while, thanks to you 🙂 but alas, I’m broke rofl. I agree. If a character makes you fall in love with them again, that’s a good sign. And while BMP isn’t the “best” of mobage, it sure had a lot of things going for it! And haha it’s nice that we can appreciate things that aren’t great but are just to have fun and relax with. When I get money, this is going to be the first game after Alice I play ^^

    1. OMG Yes!! I love Joshua, he is my favorite prince, stubborn but awkward and don’t get me started on his face when he blushes!!!

      Yes, gurl, yes!! This game will always have a special place in my heart!!

  4. I’m new to BMPP but I have found myself spending an insane amount of money just to get the avatars and story gachas. I love the game but it really seems ridiculous that a gem is about $1 and to get all the story gachas you literally have to spend hundreds of dollars 😦

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