30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 30: An anime I wish never ended and just continued its story

The day is finally here! I did it! I managed to actually finish the 30 Day Anime Challenge in thirty consecutive days!! As much fun as this challenge was, I’m kind of glad that it’s finally over so I can finally relax! So, today’s post is about an anime that I wish would never end…

neverending story.gif

My pick for today’s prompt is an anime series that I’ve written about before during one of my Fangirl Moment posts… Since there are only two anime related FM posts, it should be obvious which one I picked. So my pick for an anime you wish never ended and just continued its story is…

ginko mushishi

Of course I went with Mushishi, it’s one of my favorite anime series and an all around great show! Okay, so contrary to what ya’ll might believe I did not pick this anime because how gorgeous Ginko is… not that I wouldn’t mind spending more time with the hottest Mushi Master to ever grace the small screen *fans self* I actually picked Mushishi for practical reasons…

I’m not really gonna go into too much detail about the plot and whatnot…if you want that check out my earlier post on the series… But, the main reason I picked show is because it’s really easy to watch. mushi.jpgUnlike most popular series, this show isn’t bogged down by an over arching plot. The only constants in the series are the Mushi and Ginko, nothing complex or especially daunting. The show follows the same basic premise: Mushi/humans cause problems and Ginko shows up to fix the problem, but is done in such a way that you don’t realize it. The show’s stars are the mushi which exist in just about everything from the flora and fauna to the spiritual realm. While the show does a great job of showing the many ways they interact with the environment, I can’t help but feel like there are so many more stories to tell! There is just so much more that I want to know about mushi, their lore/history that I want to know more about! Not to mention the lore surrounding the “Ginko” mushi and the Tokoyami, sure the show hinted at Ginko’s eventual fate by showing us what happened to his mentor…but, I want to see it for myself!

There are just so many avenues an episodic show like Mushishi can explore that more structured series could only dream of exploiting. Plus, I love how relaxing the show is…in fact, I’m going to go watch Mushishi right now!!! If you haven’t already seen this amazing series, I highly suggest giving it a watch!!

Well that’s it, that’s my last post of the challenge! What did you think of my final choice? What would you have picked? Also, what did you think of the challenge as a whole? Let me know in the comments section! As always, THANK YOU for reading!!!

27 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 30: An anime I wish never ended and just continued its story

  1. This is a masterpiece. Excellent storytelling. I learned a lot just watching this series. I don’t read the manga so I’m not sure if the anime adapted the rest of it or if the anime followed the manga faithfully. But if not, then there’s still a chance that there will be another anime season. We’ll see. Crossing my fingers.

    1. I love Mushishi!

      I read the manga and saw both seasons of the anime… I’m pretty sure they covered everything from the manga… but one could always dream lol

      1. Aw! Now you’ve dashed my hopes. But still we don’t know. Perhaps an animation studio will decide to continue it with an original story. We’ll see.

      2. Yes! I really like Ginko. I find him kinda hot, even if he’s not that physically attractive compared to the bishies we’re used to.

      3. Exactly! It’s a really good series. At least we know that Ginko is attractive not because of his looks but because of his character.

  2. I’ve heard of Mushishi! I’m very intrigued by it especially since you think so highly of it. For this final challenge, I will pick an anime that didn’t properly finish, but could have with its source material: Rurouni Kenshin. This show is one of my favorites despite the final arc (Enishi) not being covered. There was a long string of bad filler that apparently got Kenshin cancelled, which is a shame, because it would have been a great arc to adapt. At least they covered the backstory part in the OVA. With Kenshin coming back with new anime movie and live action adaptations, I have hope that it will finally adapt that final arc!

    I loved the challenge! Great job completing them all! It encouraged me to think about all of these categories and how they apply to the anime I’ve seen. It was fun!

    1. You must give it a watch!! Mushishi is one of the best!

      Oh man, I love Rurouni Kenshin! It was such a shame what happened to the anime, but I enjoyed the manga! Hopefully they pull an inuyasha, and they continue the series… but, I hope they don’t wait too long though

      Aww thank you, I really appreciated your comments that you shared throughout the challenge! I realized just how much we have in common lol! I’m so glad you had fun!! XD

  3. Donten ni Warau :3
    I wished they made a new season.
    I’d say Ao no Exorcist too but they announced a new season already 😀

  4. Congrats on completing the challenge. Posting for thirty days straight takes a lot of effort. If an anime ends well I am okay with leaving it at that. The ones I want to continue are the ones that are left unfinished.

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