30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 6: Anime I Want To See But I Haven’t Yet

I am terrible at keeping up with anime series, so my watch list is almost as long as my gaming backlog. I usually go long stretches of time without watching anything and then suddenly I get the urge to watch one or two series in a single sitting. After which I go back to blissfully ignoring that anime even existed in the first place.

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So instead of picking one anime I decided to make this into a  list of the top 5 anime series that I haven’t watched but plan on watching eventually

Number 5- The Perfect Insider

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When I saw this series last year, I immediately added it to my must watch list, it just looked really interesting… I mean come on mysteries and life or death games just seemed to be right up my alley. But one thing lead to another and this series just kind of fell to the wayside… Hopefully I’ll be able to get to this series sometime this summer…only time will tell…

Number 4- Steins Gate


Okay, so I am actually very ashamed to admit that I have yet to actually watch Steins Gate. A friend suggested this anime to me forever ago and I’ve been putting it off since. The premise seems interesting and the characters look really unique… Sorry, I’ll go crawl into a ditch now…

Number 3- Super Lovers

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It’s a BL series that isn’t a OVA… *shrugs* There is no deep, life changing reason for me wanting to watch this series: it looks interesting, it’s a BL, and the reviews look pretty good. The only reason I’ve yet to watch this show was because it was ongoing, but it has since ended… So maybe I’ll be more inclined to watch it in the near future…

Number 2- Joker Game

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When I saw the promotional material for this show, it reminded me of Baccano so I quickly added it to my Crunchyroll queue. But one thing lead to another and I forgot about it completely.

Number 1- Bungou Stray Dogs

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I swear, if I hear one more person talk about this show…. People won’t shut up about this show, whether they love it or hate it, the fact remains that everyone is talking about this show! FOMO was strong with this series, but I am very hesitant to pick up ongoing series… so I patiently waited for the final episode to appear on Crunchyroll before I even thought about watching this show… Now that it is finished, you can bet I’m going to watch it!

So there you have it my top 5 anime that I haven’t seen yet, but one day hope to! What do you think of my picks? Is there an anime that you want to see but just haven’t had the time for? Let me know in the comments section and as always THANK YOU for reading!!

41 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 6: Anime I Want To See But I Haven’t Yet

  1. Oh my goodness, Steins;Gate is one of my 3 favorite anime! I highly recommend it! On that note, I’ve always wanted to see Robotics;Notes, which is in that same line of sci-fi semicolon titles.

    I keep being told to watch Madoka Magica too, so I might have to see that someday.

    1. Ha ha ha well then I need to get on it then and actually watch Steins Gate!

      I’ve not heard of Robotics;Notes, but I did hear about Madoka

    2. Robotics;Notes is fantastic!! It may not be as dark as Steins;Gate, but it’s got that same thriller vibe and a true set of characters. Madoka Magica is also a must-watch for all anime fans…I could go on, but you have probably been told that many times @_@ haha!

      1. There are so many shows out there, you want to watch one but then you see another interesting one and you may forget, I do it all the time.

    1. Now that season 2 was announced and now that Sakamoto is over, I think it is high time I watch BSD!

      But Rokka is on my list too, just further down lol 😛

  2. Now stay in that ditch, pull out your computer, and boot up that first episode of Steins;Gate RIGHT NOW! It’s a masterpiece, a spectacle amongst time travel shows. Not to mention the characters are all so incredibly fascinating. Good pick though! At least you’re holding off on a classic for later. I also need to get on the Perfect Insider. 😛

  3. Don’t get your hopes up with The Perfect Insider. It was pretty much a let down and most of the characters are just impossibly unrealistic. The bad way.

  4. There’s heaps of anime I haven’t seen yet but really want to watch. The problem is that list just keeps getting longer and new anime come out all the time. Probably the anime I should have watched (given other anime I’ve watched and loved) but just never got into and never watched beyond two episodes is Naruto. Now I think that one has passed me by and I wonder what I missed.

    1. I have the exact same problem, my watch list is impossibly long right now lol.

      As for Naruto…not much, some ninja battles, some deaths, and a little romance lol

      1. Yeah, but there’s so much fan made stuff out there that sails straight over my head because I just haven’t seen it. Although, by the same token, there’s so much fan made stuff out there it kind of feels like I have seen it.

  5. My anime to watch list is as long as my watched, so that’s saying something 😂
    I’m the same with ignoring anime after binge watching some shows. I also prefer watching once people actually stop talking about them xD;
    I need to watch Steins Gate and so many more (^_^;) ORZ
    If one day I can conquer my to watch list, it’ll be when I die, ditto for my backlog 😂

      1. Eh, I try to get better too, but tbh, I end up losing motivation to watch xD;
        But I’ll fluctuate between manga/reading, and anime, it’s just I pend more for reading haha~

  6. Super Lovers, BSD and Joker Game are on my list too. But it’s bc they’re new animes and I didn’t have the time to watch them yet
    Omg, you HAVE to watch Steins;Gate, is AWESOMEEEEEE!!!
    I addicted my friend in this anime XDD this one and Tiger and Bunny haha

    Anime I Want To See But I Haven’t Yet: D. Gray Man XD

    1. Okay, I really need to watch Steins;Gate now lol everyone has been mentioning it!

      I saw a bit of D Gray-man, but none of Tiger and Bunny, but I’ve heard good things about it.

      1. Yeah that’s what people say about it. I am thinking about getting it. I heard the game will also be coming to Android and iPhones.

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