30 Day Anime Challenge-Day 26: Best Anime Fight

It’s Day 26 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, we are so close to the end that I can almost taste it! So today I’m supposed to talk about my favorite anime fight… Well, I’ve seen a lot of anime fights over the years so picking one as the best is not an easy choice.


So the idea for this post’s choice came from fellow blogger, Katrina Sade’s Day 23 Anime Challenge post! After reading her Roy Mustang post, I knew exactly which fight scene I was going to write about for this post… My pick for the best anime fight scene is…

*I am not finished with Full Metal Alchemist (I’m somewhere around volume 16 or so), so please keep major spoilers to yourself!*

The Roy Mustang v. Envy fight from Full Metal Alchemist! This is kind of a response to my Day 12 post about my choice for the saddest anime scene. Once again we are delving back into the fallout that occurred after Maes Hughes’s death… When Hughes died he left a sizable hole in the lives of those he left behind, outside of his wife and daughter, no character was more effected by his passing than Roy Mustang. We’ve seen Mustang in action before, but never with this much unrestrained power and rage, the result is one of the coolest fight scenes I have ever seen!!

This isn’t so much a fight, as it is a one-sided rage induced beat down! When Envy admitted to murdering Hughes, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, just look at his face, Mustang becomes completely unhinged. All bets are off during this fight, we get to see the full extent of the Flame Alchemist’s power as he dishes out some sweet justice. This fight taught me one thing, never piss off Roy Mustang!

So that’s my pick for the best anime fight… What do you think of my choice? What would you have chosen as the best anime fight? Let me know in the comments section! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

15 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge-Day 26: Best Anime Fight

  1. I came in here thinking of that scene. You did not disappoint. 🙂

    Though I have to say, no matter what anyone thinks of the Naruto anime at this point, one of my favorite fight scenes in any anime is always going to be Naruto vs. Sasuke from Part 1. They pulled out amazing animation and choreography for it. It’s also a very quiet, purely action-filled fight, unlike most battles in Naruto. I can’t believe they made it look so good. It did the manga justice and more. I hope that the finale will be just as good, but I don’t know anymore at this point because of the way the anime is being treated nowadays. I’m hoping though!

    1. Lol, really? Woohoo, just as planned!

      I agree, that fight was awesome! I didn’t think any fight would beat that fight in the show until I read through the final showdown in the manga! Now that was a great fight!

  2. I haven’t seen the anime yet (manga only), but from what I remember it was really fun to read!

    I would say the Mami vs Homura fight from Madoka movie 3 was my favorite. So creative, such tension! Something that only could have been created in an anime!!!! [continues to fangirl]

  3. I’ve read all of the manga, tho not of the anime, but yes that fight was amazing. Roy showed just how much power one single enraged human can have (^ω^)

    I can’t choose, there’s so many great ones. One of the iconic ones were when in Evangelion a certain Eva goes berserk and it was fucking glorious. But there’s too many to choose from. I loved all the fights in Escaflowne too, and so many others aaaah.
    I’ll just go with not picking one ╮(─▽─)╭

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