So I’ve Kinda Been Nominated for a Creative Blogger Award

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Shhhh, don’t tell my professor, but I’m procrastinating on part two of my coding project to write this post (mind you I was already procrastinating by participating in Wonder Trade Wednesday too, but that’s besides the point). First I want to thank Kurosama for nominating me for this award *cue cheesy acceptance speech* She has a really lovely blog, I especially enjoy the Dumpling Adventures posts, they are super fun to read! Definitely check them out!

So there are rules…


The rules 

1) Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. [CHECK]

2) Share 5 facts about yourself. [I’m not that interesting, but sure]

3) Nominate 15 – 20 bloggers and add their links [So…wow that’s a lot of people…]

4) Notify the bloggers you included. [m’kay]

5) Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do! [Double CHECK]


Facts About Me…

The last time I did one of these I was still relatively new at this whole blogging thing, so I dunno what I should say about myself that hasn’t been said before in my One Lovely Blog post and my Blogger Recognition post, but hey, I’ll give it a go anyway…

  1. I love megane men…I mean I really love megane men! When it comes to games and stuff I always, always, always, choose the glasses characters first. I mean come on there is just something sexy about a man in glasses, it really sets my heart a flutter! I’m partial to thick dark frames, but honestly any type will do. So when that anime Meganebu came out, I was in megane fangirl heaven! *swoon* Don’t even bother asking me what the show was about, I was only there for the glasses…megane men voltage
  2. I am super picky about picking up a new series be it a manga, anime, drama, tv show, book series etc. I hardly ever start anything that is ongoing, I’ve made exceptions, but those are few and far between…I tend to gravitate towards completed series, I guess it comes with being a part of the “Now Generation”.willy-wonka-i-want-it-now-veruca-salt
  3. I am a huge BL fan, especially manga and webcomics, (remember when I said I make exceptions for incomplete series) I have large number of titles in my backlog. I simply don’t have enough time to read them all (Fangirl Problems). As cliche as this sounds, I really do read for the plot…the hot sexy man on man romance of course.

  4.  I’m am the oldest and only girl in my family, I have three younger brothers. I love them all dearly, but they have been known to drive me a little crazy.
  5. Okay for my last fact…I’m kind of a klutz. I always manage to trip, fall, and/or slip no matter what type of surface I’m walking on. I even have a scar on my leg from when I fell off of a wall when I was little.


screw the rules i have green hair
So maybe I don’t have green hair…

So yeah, The Nominees. I don’t have the excuse of not knowing 20 bloggers this time around, but that won’t stop me from breaking the rules a little…So I’m going to nominate FIVE outstanding blogs this time around!

  1. Nozomi
  2. Kikiify and Pixiemask
  3. Cilla
  4. Leafy
  5. Pizza Maid

10 thoughts on “So I’ve Kinda Been Nominated for a Creative Blogger Award

  1. Oooh I like my megane boys too (especially ones who give off a cold and cool aura) :3!

    Ahh I hate reading incomplete manga too – I start getting flustered if I’m near up to date and always end up left in the middle of a super intense part and have to wait a week for the next chapter :'(

  2. Since you like megane boys and you are a BL fan, I’ll highly recommend you Diamond no Ace 😀 Its sports and baseball, but the character Miyuki Kazuya is sooooooo worthhhhhh all the trouble taken to familiarize yourself with baseball (for me anyway. xD)

    1. Thank you! I will definitely take a look at it! *a few minutes of google later* Okay I don’t usually like sports stuff…BUT for Miyuki, I think I can make an exception lol!

      1. Hahaha give it a try, maybe you’ll like it! I know a couple of fujoshi/BL lovers whose source of love for BL derives mainly from sports anime, because … its one of the best sources (too many pairings and shipworthy material!) :p

      2. lol I feel like they make sports anime suggestive on purpose lol! But I definitely will, I actually liked two sports manga…Ashita no Joe and Prince of Tennis, and I liked both well enough.

      3. Haha true that, to pander to the female fanbase I suppose! I haven’t actually tried both of those though since I only hopped in on the more modern bandwagon, but I did try watching two episodes of PoT, haha!

      4. Haha I probably would too if I had watched it earlier. Now I am more into realistic sports rather than the kinds that have names for moves and all kinds of supernatural stuff xD

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