Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore – What Happens After Happily Ever After?

After years of waiting, indie studio Dicesuki Games released the follow up to their popular visual novel, Cinderella Phenomenon. Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore serves as an epilogue to the first game, giving players a peek into the lives of Lucette and the rest of the Marchen crew two years after their happily ever after. But, what comes after Happily Ever After?

Real life doesn’t just end with ‘Happily Ever After’ and now that the Lucette has broken her curse and saved the kingdom of Angielle, the real work begins. Follow Lucette as she navigates the complexities of love and life—from learning to control her newly awakened powers to training to become the next Queen of Angielle, there is some much more in store for the former Ice Princess. 

♦ Game Details ♦

Contains spoilers for the first game Cinderella Phenomenon, so if you haven’t played the first game, you might want to do that before reading this review. 

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5 Games Like Taisho x Alice

Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs it’s time once again for another Games Like post—the blog series where you guys vote on the otome game and I go out and find five games that are similar to them. Last time I wrote a list of 5 Games Like Code Realize and this time around I ran a poll over on Twitter and 23 of you guys voted for Taisho x Alice!

Taisho x Alice is a game that has been localized in English not once, but twice. The first time was the infamously bad localization done by E2 Gaming, that not only had a laughably subpar translation, but absolutely terrible English voice acting. Thankfully, Primula decided to take matters into their own hands, with their parent company pencil handling the localization this time around. The OtomeArmada’s own Verdelish worked on the translation for Episode 1 and she definitely brings her own unique flair to the English version.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Taisho x Alice is a re-imagining of popular fairytales, but with a twist—each of the love interests are gender swapped versions of famous characters like Cinderella and Snow White! The game was originally released in Japan in 2015 for PC and was split into four episodes, each with two LIs. The first episode features Cinderella and Red Riding Hood’s stories; the second—Kaguya and Gretel; the third episode— Snow White and the Wizard; and the fourth and final episode focuses on Alice.

So far, only the first episode has been released, but there are plans to release the subsequent episodes in the near future. So while we’re waiting for the rest of the Taisho x Alice games to be released here in the West, here are five game titles that are sure to help fill the void! As always, I tried to go with games that have a similar vibe to TaiAli so don’t expect games that are play by play clones. Now, with that out of the way, let’s check out five games like Taisho x Alice!

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5 Otome Games Like Steam Prison

In an effort to give you guys more of an active role on the content on this blog, I’ll run polls for certain posts. A few weeks ago I gave you guys the chance to vote on the game for this week’s post. You guys got to choose from four games (Steam Prison, Bad Apple Wars, 7’scarlet, and OZMAFIA) and 33% of you guys picked Steam Prison


In the last post I wrote a list of 5 Otome Games Like London Detective Mysteria and this week I’m bringing you guys a list of 5 otome games like Steam Prison. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Steam Prison is a steampunk otome game developed by HuneX. This is the second English language otome localization from video game publisher, MangaGamer. Steam Prison follows Cyrus Tistella, a young woman from a well to do family, who is accused of murdering her parents. As a result she finds herself stripped of her titles and taken from her comfortable life in the affluent Heights and sent to the underground prison known only as the Depths, where the worst criminals are sent to atone for their crimes. With life as she knows it changed for ever, Cyrus must learn to navigate this new hostile environment, where every day is a struggle for survival. While Steam Prison is an otome, it does deal with some complex themes that add a bit of realism to the game’s fantasy setting. Delve into the complex relationship between those living in the Depths and those living in the Heights, as you interact with various characters and explore unique locales.

So, if you’re like me and you’re looking for games similar to Steam Prison, here are five game titles that are sure to hit the spot! I tried to go with games that have the same feel as Steam Prison and not so much a play by play clone of the game. So, they’re not exactly the same, but, they definitely capture the spirit of Steam Prison. 

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[Full Game Review] English Otome- Cinderella Phenomenon

Cinderella Phenomenon is a fantasy English language visual novel from indie game developers, Dicesuki. Like their previous game, Locked Heart, Cinderella Phenomenon borrows elements from common fairytales, but with a bit of a twist! Follow Lucette, a cold-hearted princess, who finds herself the victim of a witch’s curse. In order to break her curse Lucette must complete three good deeds, but that’s easier said than done for this selfish royal. This game is completely free and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steam!

At long last, I finally finished playing through Dicesuki’s newest visual novel Cinderella Phenomenon! It took me about two weeks, but I cleared all of the endings, its been awhile since I last cleared a game and now I remember why… it takes forever! But, this game was worth it!! I loved Locked Heart, but, Cinderella Phenomenon is on a whole different level!

Disclaimer: As always while the thoughts and opinions presented in this review are my own, the images and screenshots were created by Dicesuki Games. If you are interested in playing this game, download it from the Cinderella Phenomenon page or from Steam!! 

Story|Gameplay & Features|Art|Characters|Final Thoughts



Four years after the end of the Great War and the loss of her mother, Crown Princess Lucette of Angielle is still struggling to come with her new life and step-family. Cold-hearted and bitter, Lucette fails to recognize the suffering of those around her as she is consumed by grief and resentment. But Lucette’s life is once again turned upside down when she is given the Fairytale Curse.

Join Lucette as she goes from riches to rags, and journeys to regain her life and break her curse.

Official Description

Fairytales have been done over and over again since the dawn of time, there are so many adaptions and re-imaginings of the classic tales out there that it’s hard to imagine anyone coming up with anything original. However, I was impressed with the way the writers handled such an over done premise. Rather than rehashing the same stories, Dicesuki re-purposed the fairytales for an original concept, the Fairytale Curses. This allowed the team a bit more freedom with the existing narratives, while still retaining the original message of the individual stories. For example, Lucette is given the Cinderella Curse, but her curse is an inversion of the original tale (ie. riches to rags as opposed to rags to riches), its a subtle change, but it makes the world of difference.

However, I had one teeny, tiny complaint, in the game they establish that the fairytales were all created by Grimm… but, at least two of the Fairytale Curses are based on stories from authors other than Grimm… so, chalked it up to artistic license and gave it a pass…

While the majority of the individual routes focuses on Lucette and her chosen love interest breaking their Fairytale Curses, the overarching narrative of the game deals with the balance of magic and the conflict between the witches and fairies that led to the Great War. Again, this is really where the writing shines, rather than relying solely on the source material the writers crafted their own lore surrounding magic in the kingdom of Angielle. It helped lay a stable foundation for the characters and their motivations throughout the game. Each of the routes deals with this aspect of the story in varying degrees; the earlier routes (Rod, Karma, Rumpel) merely hint at the larger conflict, while the later routes (Fritz & Waltz) focus on it in greater detail. The writers did a fantastic job building up this aspect of the plot throughout each of the individual routes, granted that is if you follow the recommended play order: Rod→ Karma→ Rumpel→ Fritz→ Waltz.

Story|Gameplay & Features|Art|Characters|Final Thoughts


Gameplay & Features

Choose one of five potential love interests to assist Lucette on her journey while also helping them break their own curses. However, at the start of the game both Fritz and Waltz’s routes are locked, and only unlock after the players complete at least two of the three available routes. Each route consists of 10 chapters, the first two chapters comprise the common route, while the subsequent chapters make up the main story. There are a total of ten endings, two per character route (one Bad End & one Good End).

Periodically, players will be required to make choices that determine the course of the story. Correct choices improve the relationship between Lucette and her chosen love interest and ensure that the player will achieve the Good End, while incorrect answers will lead to players obtaining the Bad Ends. There is a Right Choice Indicator that will let players know when they have made the correct choice, when the player makes the correct choice, a colored crystal will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen. The crystals are color coded for each of the love interests (Rod=Indigo, Karma=Red, Rumpel=Purple, Fritz=Blue, Waltz=Green).

There are a handful of nifty extras that help make the game a bit more user friendly, especially for folks looking to complete multiple playthroughs of the game: BackAuto PlaySkip, and Fast Forward. The first two are self explanatory, so I won’t go into too much detail about those, however, the biggest lifesavers for multiple playthroughs are the Skip and the Fast Forward features. The Skip feature just lets you skip through the text, but the Fast Forward feature cuts out the middle man and lets you skip between choices. However, the only downside is that it stops after each choice so you have to keep clicking it over and over again…

Last but certainly not least are the Extras!! There are three main extras in Cinderella Phenomenon: the Gallery (view all CGs and in-game images), the Music Room (listen to all of the musical tracks), and the Achievement Page (see all of your unlocked endings).

Story|Gameplay & Features|Art|Characters|Final Thoughts



In the short time between the release of Locked Heart and the release of Cinderella Phenomenon, Dicesuki made a few stylistic improvements, nothing drastic, but, it was enough.

The GUI was clean and easy to use and fit well with the whole fairytale theme, especially the stained glass motif used on the title page and the Achievement page. I noticed with Locked Heart that Dicesuki likes to use evolving title screens and they continued that trend with this game. After completing the Good Ends of each route an image of the love interest will replace their respective crystal.

There are two distinct styles used in the game: a sketchy minimalist style and the much more traditional detailed style. The sketchy style is primarily used during the Prologue and Lucette’s Dream sequences and adds a distinct storybook feel to those parts of the game. This is a game about fairytales, so this was a wonderful stylistic choice, a really fun throwback to the original concept. The art in the rest of the game is reminiscent of other visual novels, with detailed backgrounds, CGs, and character sprites. First, I have to say, the backgrounds in this game are stunning, not only are they clean and beautifully rendered, but, each one is full of such rich detail! There are a lot of little details that people tend to overlook, like in the background of Lucette’s room, there are a ton of dolls and I peeped a few Disney Princesses on one of the shelves. It’s stuff like that, that really puts a game over the edge, and trust me that’s just one of the things that I noticed, there were also a few Locked Heart Easter Eggs too, but I’ll leave those for you guys to find!! The CGs were also really pretty to look at, though I will admit there were a few with some wonky angles, to the point that the characters in them looked a bit…off. But, overall, they were great.

The character sprites were gorgeous, not only did all of the main and supporting cast have their own sprites within the game, but there were even sprites for NPCs. Not many developers are willing to go through the trouble of creating sprites for NPCs, let alone multiple variations. Of course, the main character sprites were a step above the rest, each of their sprites had multiple facial expressions and additional poses. There was also this really cool tonal shift thing that they did with the sprites to show the differences in lighting during the different times of the day. At night the sprites and backgrounds used a muted color palette, they also did something similar with flashbacks, in that both the backgrounds and sprites were rendered in black and white.

Story|Gameplay & Features|Art|Characters|Final Thoughts



Alright, I plan on writing individual route reviews, so apart from sharing my thoughts on Lucette, I’m going to keep this section as spoiler free as possible. I have a lot to say about the individual routes, but that would require a lot of major plot reveals, especially in the later routes.

2016-09-04 (8)

Lucette Riella Britton is the crown Princess of Angielle and the only blood heir of the current King. She has lived a rather sheltered life in the palace, isolated from the rest of the world by her closest confidant, her mother, the former Queen of Angielle. Through her mother’s influence, Lucette developed a rather acidic personality, she’s downright cruel to everyone she meets, including her father and her new step-family. I’m going to be completely honest here, I absolutely hated Lucette when I first started the game. And before you all say anything, I knew going in that she was going to have a change of heart at some point in the story, but dear God, she had no redeeming qualities in those first few chapters. She is a cold-hearted bitch, and mind you I don’t throw that word around lightly. The way she treats her family and the rest of the other characters, is just horrible. So when she was given the Cinderella Curse and stripped of her title, I really didn’t feel all that bad for her, she kind of deserved it… However, there is so much more to Lucette than meets the eye, she is a much more complex character than I gave her credit for. Now, while I’m not making excuses for her behavior, I understand that it’s not completely her fault… so give her a chance, she get’s better. Though, the point where she has her change of heart varies depending on which route you’re on, some sooner than others.

2017-04-04 (19).png

Rod is the brother of Emelaigne and Lucette’s younger step-brother. He has the Mermaid Curse, which is based on The Little Mermaid story by Hans Christian Anderson. Due to the conditions of his curse he is mute, so he uses an enchanted stuffed bunny named Sebby to communicate with other people. Rod is a bit blunt, now, he’s not rude like Lucette, not by any stretch of the imagination, but he can come off a bit distant. He’s not one for extreme emotional outbursts, but that doesn’t mean he is emotionless. Rod is very subtle with his feelings, so don’t expect any grand romantic gestures. But, he is such a sweetheart one of my favorite routes in the game!! Note: Rod is Lucette’s step-brother, so I know a few of you might be a little weirded out the romantic aspect of this route. However, they are not blood related, so it’s not incest, also the route addresses the whole sibling thing and I appreciated how well it was handled.

2017-04-04 (45).png

Karma is one of the residents of the Marchen Tavern. He has the Beauty Curse, because of his curse he cross-dresses as a woman. Karma’s curse gave me some serious Ikki vibes, but thankfully he doesn’t act like Ikki! Karma is a very outgoing and friendly person, however, he does not appreciate it when men hit on him while he is in his Miss Karma garb, but can you blame them, he’s gorgeous!! Unlike the other cursed bachelors, Karma is very secretive about his curse. In fact he doesn’t really reveal much of anything about his life prior to being cursed, so he’s a bit of an enigma. This route had one of the saddest Bad End of all the potential love interests… I cried.

2017-04-05 (11).png

Rumpel is found injured outside of the Marchen at the start of the game.  He has the Rumpelstiltskin Curse and because of his curse he has a severe case of amnesia, the poor guy doesn’t even remember his own name. However, that doesn’t stop him from hitting on ever woman he sees. I am not a huge fan of flirty characters at the best of times, but Rumpel was especially grating. Every word out of this man’s mouth made me want to punch him in the face, but my megane bias kept me from outright hating him. But, this was my least favorite route in the entire game, his personality was just a huge turn off.

2017-04-04 (32).png

Fritz is Lucette’s personal knight. Like just about every knight since the dawn of time, Fritz is earnest, brave, and extremely loyal to Lucette. No matter how mean she is to him, Fritz will just smile. He is the poster boy for the nice guy archetype. When Lucette is cursed, he is the only person to remember her and he spends a good bit of time looking for her. Of course, this means that Fritz is either cursed, a Witch, or a Fairy, since normal people are affected by the conditions of the Fairytale Curses… I’m not going to spoil it for you guys, but just know, Fritz’s route is locked for a reason. His route has some major spoilers, like game altering spoilers, so I highly recommend that you play this route towards the end, but before Waltz!

2017-04-04 (48).png

Waltz is a street magician that Lucette meets while out with Emelaigne in town. He is also one of the residents of the Marchen Tavern. Waltz suffers from the Neverland Curse, which gives him the appearance of a child. He is generally good-natured, but he dislikes it when people treat him like a child because of the way he looks.  Waltz is one of the sweetest guys in the game, but, even this adorable ray of sunshine is hiding some dark secrets. This is one of the darker routes in the game, so be prepared for a whole lot of feels, in both of his ends. Though, I will admit that this is hands down my absolute favorite route in the whole game and I am so glad that I played it last, it was so worth the wait!!

Story|Gameplay & Features|Art|Characters|Final Thoughts

final thoughts

I loved this game so much!! I know I said this in my demo review last year, but for a free game, Dicesuki’s Cinderella Phenomenon puts a lot of commercial releases to shame! The story is engaging, and while fairytale otome games are a dime a dozen, Dicesuki managed to make the premise seem fresh. It’s the subtle stylistic differences that make Cinderella Phenomenon stand out from other fairytale themed otome games on the market.

I was impressed with the overall quality of this game as it is a reflection of how far the Dicesuki team has come since their first game and I am excited to see what other gems they have waiting for us in the future!

Have you played any other Dicesuki games? Have you played Cinderella Phenomenon? What did you think about the game? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like what you see, LIKE this post or FOLLOW Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!

Story|Gameplay & Features|Art|Characters|Final Thoughts

Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #14

Hello all you wonderful Heroes and Travelers, it’s Thrifty Thursday and that means another Thrifty Gaming, the weekly post series where I spotlight three otome games/visual novels for gamers on a budget. Whatever your financial situation, I’m here to bring you affordable games that won’t break the bank!! All of the games on this list are $10 or less (does not include limited time offers and sale items), so no more weepy wallets!


This week’s post will include links to the games and a brief synopsis, but let me stress that these are not reviews, but recommendations… so your mileage may vary! Now that that’s out of the way lets get on to this week’s list!!

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[New Release] Cinderella Phenomenon is HERE!!

I have been waiting for this game for months since the Kickstarter campaign wrapped up last September and the day is finally here!! Today marks the official release of Dicesuki Games’s second visual novel, Cinderella Phenomenon! The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and  can be downloaded for free from, HERE!

*Disclaimer: While the writing is mine, the images used in this post are not, they belong to Dicesuki Games!*

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A Year in Games: My Favorite Games of 2016

First, I’m baaaaack! Well, sort of… this is one of the two year end posts I told you all I’d be writing, I’m just posting it a day early since I’ll be on a plane back to DC on the 30th…

A little while ago, my dear friend Leafy asked me if I planned on doing a top games list for 2016 and at the time I gave her what I thought was a pretty solid, Nah… I’m terrible with lists and schedules so I go out of my way to avoid them when I can. But, as we got closer to the end of the year I found myself thinking about all the games I’d played throughout the year; the good, the bad, and the meh titles and before I knew it this post kind of wrote itself! So here I am, a few days before the start of a new year running through my favorite games of 2016…

Now, I will say this in advanced, not all of these games were released in 2016, most were, but there are a few titles that were released prior to this year… Also, I am not including the Voltage games I played (save Liar), because I plan on doing a separate list for that. Finally, before ya’ll start grabbing your torches and pitchforks because your favorite game isn’t on the list, or you don’t agree with my picks, remember this is my list, if you have suggestions feel free to tell me about them in the comments section (I am always open to game suggestions)! *claps hands* Let’s get this show on the road!!

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Cinderella Phenomenon-Demo Review

Check out the full game review: [Full Game Review] English Otome- Cinderella Phenomenon

Cinderella Phenomenon is an upcoming English otome game that follows a young cold-hearted princess, Lucette, who suddenly finds herself the unwitting victim of a terrible curse. Magic and fairytales collide in this impressively entertaining riches to rags story from Dicesuki, the developers behind the free otome game Locked Heart. Follow Lucette as she learns an important lesson in humanity while attempting to break her curse… and maybe find love along the way.

Prior to the events of the game, there were two crystals that maintained the balance in the world: the Crystallum Lucis and Crystallum Tenebrarum. Each crystal possessed great power, so they were each entrusted to equally powerful magical beings in order to contain their power. The Fairies were given the Crystallum Lucis, which drew its power from positive emotions; while the Witches were given the Crystallum Tenebrarum, which drew its power from negative emotions. Over time people began to associate witches with dark magic and began persecuting them. In retaliation the High Witch created the Fairytale Curse.  Setting in motion a series of events that would have far reaching effects on not only our sullen princess, but all of humanity.

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[Funded] Let’s Show Our Support for Cinderella Phenomenon an English Otome

Edit (10/4): The Kickstarter for this game was successful at meeting its funding goal and two of the stretch goals. The final funding amount was £4,147 with 187 backers! The game now has a tentative release date of January-March 2017!  

I am on a roll with these Kickstarter campaigns!! This time I’m covering the upcoming free English otome from Dicesuki Games, Cinderella Phenomenon!! Earlier this year Dicesuki released their first ever otome game Locked Heart and now they’re back with their sophomore title.

So like me you may be wondering why a FREE game has a Kickstarter in the first place, it’s free. Well, the developers explain that by funding this project not only will you guys be helping this game become a reality, but you will be helping them raise funds for future projects!

*Disclaimer: The images in this post belong to Dicesuki Games. 

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