Lover Pretend

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Chiyuki is a college student with dreams: One, to become a scriptwriter like her late mother, and two, to find her father, whom she’s never met.

Living alone with no romantic experience whatsoever, Chiyuki struggles with writing stories about love. But one day, on the hunt for clues for the identity of her father, Chiyuki learns that he may have been involved in the production of a romantic drama based on a script her mother wrote before she was born.

In a stroke of luck, Chiyuki lands a job as an assistant for an upcoming film working with the sons of the former staff from her mother’s soap opera. But things take an even more surprising turn when she becomes the main love interest!

Will she be able to find her father and pretend to be in love, despite not knowing anything about love herself?

Lover Pretend otome game key art

Developer: Otomate

ESRB Rating: Teen (T)

Genre: Slice-of-life

Languages: Japanese | English

Publisher: Aksys Games

Release Date: Dec 1, 2022 (EN)

Price: $49.99

Length: 30 – 40 hours

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