Cozy and Chaotic Witchy Game, Witchy Life Story is coming to console in October

Indie developer Sundew Studios announced earlier this week that their cozy witchy life sim is coming to Nintendo Switch and XBOX on October 19th! First released on PC in 2022, this hilarious, cozy game will now be available for gamers on console!

Don’t get kicked out of training in this witchy narrative sim! Grow ingredients and craft spells to help the village of Flora prepare for the harvest festival (or not). Make some friends, and get a date (or not). Figure out your life (or not). Growing up is hard, OK?

Story of Witchy Life Story

Witchy Life Story is a humorous witchy life narrative sim where you tend your garden, craft spells, (maybe) befriend the local villagers, and (maybe) help sort out their lives and (maybe) yours too!

You’re the youngest member of the illustrious, magical von Teasel family, but you’re not exactly their pride and joy. In fact, your grandmother has given you one last chance to prove yourself — or no more witch training for you!

And so you arrive in the small village of Flora, along with your crow familiar, Ramsey. You have two weeks to help the locals prepare their harvest festival for success, and prove your worth to — well, everyone.

Features to expect in Witchy Life Story

Players can fully customize their witch protag, with the in-game character designer. Choose from options like skin tone, body type, pronouns, and more–so if you wanna be a badass thick ebony witchy goddess, you can!

Assist the residents of Flora as they prepare for the upcoming festival by brewing up rituals and potions, which you concoct from the flowers and herbs you grow in your garden.

As you help the residents of Flora you can also build relationships! Whether you’re hoping to keep things platonic or looking to make a love connection, have fun interacting with the quirky and endearing villagers… and maybe snag a date to the harvest festival~

Snag Witchy Life Story on Switch and XBOX

There is a lot to love about Witchy Life Story, so don’t miss out as it makes it’s way to Switch and XBOX on October 19th!

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