MAMIYA: DoomsDay Dreams to be released on Steam November 21

Publisher Fruitbat Factory announced last week that they will be releasing Kenkou Land’s dark mystery visual novel, MAMIYA: DoomsDay Dreams on Steam on November 21, 2023! This will serve as the final chapter of 2021’s MAMIYA – A Shared Illusion of the World’s End, bringing the dramatic tale to a close. MAMIYA follows a group of young men struggling against existential dread before the end of the world.


Tokyo, during the year in which the world was prophesied to end.
As we clung to reality, too spineless to throw our lives away together, we met Mamiya.

At a friend’s funeral, the entire crowd was weeping and mourning, while we thought to ourselves that the death of a single person had no meaningful impact on the world at large.
We slept, woke up, and went through the same daily grind as ever. At least, that’s how it was supposed to be.

Then Mamiya appeared…

Before we even knew it, the mysterious child named Mamiya had wormed their way into our daily lives. They slowly, but surely, became something of an emotional support. They’d brought us down a new path.

A path that would surely lead us to our deaths…

DoomsDay Dreams will be released as a DLC within the MAMIYA: Complete Collection bundle, which will include previously released FallDown and DownFall, as well as the final chapter. As part of the release, both FallDown and DownFall will see improvements to the GUI, as well as updated scenarios. To showcase these changes, Fruitbat released an updated demo that features the entirety of FallDown and a sneak peek at DoomsDay Dreams.

MAMIYA – Complete Collection Features

  • An apocalyptic adventure intertwined with themes of trauma
  • A meticulously crafted mystery scenario that rewards the observant
  • Over 20 distinct endings of destruction and growth
  • 180 stunning illustrations
  • An immersive experience created through a fusion of music and storytelling

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