Salty Hounds is now available for Early Access on Steam

After the long wait, Korean studio Topping Palatte has announced that their upcoming RPG-otome game, Salty Hounds is now available through early access on Steam. After an unsuccessful campaign in 2021, the team successfully crowdfunded Salty Hounds during their 2022 relaunch of the campaign.

While the game is still a work in progress, this early build provides a snapshot of the features gamers can expect in the next build of the game. The Steam page provides a roadmap that outlines key features planned for the upcoming 1.0 version.

Salty Hounds Synopsis

After a strange turn of events, you end up taking charge of
<Salty Hounds>, a struggling private security agency.

On your adventure in an industry dominated by the most hardcore men, you will have a chance to experience the romance and the thrill of falling in love with the handsome guys around you who all seem to have their own, interesting stories to tell.

Dive into the immersive world of Salty Hounds, and experience a dating sim RPG with an unparalleled level of depth and freedom!

Characters of Salty Hounds

In Salty Hounds is a unique dating sim that blends the storytelling of a traditional romance game with the interactive gameplay of an RPG. You control your story! You are the new manager of Salty Hounds, a bodyguard agency in need of new leadership. Explore the city at your own leisure, pursue a variety of different activities and grow your skills. Interact with five handsome bodyguards–follow their daily schedule, learn their preferences and even secrets. Go on dates, text and talk with them on the phone, and even give your special someone gifts.

  • Junho – VA. Lee Juchang
  • Yujin – VA. Jang Sungho
  • Seha – VA. Son Suho
  • Taemin – VA. Shim Gyuhyuk
  • Noru – VA. Ryu Seunggon

Salty Hounds Final Release Roadmap

The current build is still a work in progress and does not contain all of the features expected in the final version of the game. Also, Topping Palatte has responded to reports of bugs in the current early access build, and they encourage gamers to report all issues to them directly.

Topping Palette Steam Roadmap for Salty Hounds 1.0 version

Salty Hounds is a promising release and this early access build is the first step towards a final release. The early access version is available on PC via Steam as of Jun 27, 2023, but the team has promised a Nintendo Switch release in the future. So definitely keep your eyes on this project and developments from Topping Palette!

A passionate team of creators committed to introducing to the world a dating RPG with a dynamic and solid gameplay.

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