Charade Maniacs Kyoya Akase Walkthrough

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Route Notes & Tips

  • Charade Maniacs has 9 routes (and a Truth End) to achieve. Each of the LIs are divided into one of three groups: Information Team, Cooking Team, and Cleaning Team.
    • Each group has 1 locked character route. I just cleared all the unlocked characters in each group to unlock the restricted LI routes.
  • Because of the nature of the story I highly recommend going in blind and playing with your gut. It’s more fun that way, but if you want a play through order and to know the locked routes beforehand, click the corresponding colored bar below to reveal
Recommended Play Order

Kyoya Akase > Keito Ebana > Mamoru Chigasaki > Ryoichi Futami > Tomose Banjo > Mizuki Iochi > Mei Dazai > Souta Gyobu > Takumi Haiji > Truth End

Locked Routes

The locked routes are Mei Dazai, Souta Gyobu, and Takumi Haiji

Kyoya Akase Best End


Rumors of an Urban Legend

Tomose Banjo CG Unlocked

Common CG Unlocked (Director)

No Choices

Common Route

Chapter 1 – The Day It All Began

Common CG Unlocked (Group)

Tomose Banjo CG Unlocked (Kiss)

No Choices

Chapter 2 – Life in Arcadia

1. Go to the library. (encounter Dazai)

2. Go to the park. (encounter Chigasaki)

3. Return to the lodging. (encounter Gyobu)

4. Go somewhere else.

5. Go to the street with shops. (encounter Akase)

6. Go to the school.

7. Go to the other park. (encounter Haiji)

Common Save

8. End the exploration.

9. Go to the park. (encounter Akase, Haiji, & Ebana)

10. Akase, you’re a dependable senior!

11. Go to the living room (encounter Tomose, Gyobu, & Futami)

12. Talk to Futami

Chapter 3 – Friendly Interactions

13. Go to the yard. (encounter Akase, Dazai, & Tomose)

14. This donut is so tasty!

15. Go to the living room. (encounter Ebana, Iochi, & Gyobu)

16. Iochi, what subjects were you best at?

Iochi CG Unlocked

Chapter 4 – Warning, Please Continue

17. Information team. (Akase, Dazai, & Chigasaki)

Haiji CG Unlocked

Chapter 5 – A World Full of Lies

18. Go to the park.

Chisagaki CG Unlocked

Common CG Unlocked (Group)

Common Route – Information Team

Chapter 6 – Destination

19. Find someone to go with you. (encounter Akase)

20. Go to the park (encounter Akase, Iochi, & Futami)

21. Go to the living room (encounter Chigasaki, Haiji, & Ebana)

Chapter 7 – who can you trust?

22. Exit the lodgings (encounter Akase)

Akase CG Unlocked

23. Go to the yard (encounter Chigasaki)

Chigasaki CG Unlocked

24. Go and wake him up. (Akase Affection Up)

Akase CG Unlocked

25. I’ll contact you again.

Chigasaki CG Unlocked

Common CG Unlocked (Fireworks)

26. Maybe I’ll do the rocket fireworks.

Kyoya Akaza’s Route

Chapter 8 – Never Give Up

Akase CG Unlocked

Akase CG Unlocked

27. Do you still contact them now?

28. Are they Sponsors? (Akase Affection Up)

29. You aren’t a Sponsor, right?

Akase CG Unlocked

Akase CG Unlocked

Akase CG Unlocked

30. Has his memory been erased?

31. He should remember. (Akase Affection Up)

Akase CG Unlocked

Akase CG Unlocked

Akase Best End – Never Give Up

Akase CG Unlocked

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