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UPDATE 3/22/22: Indie studio, Topping Palette has relaunched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming open-world bodyguard dating RPG, Salty Hounds. The team launched their first crowd funding campaign back in 2021, however, they canceled the KS early to take more time to rework the game and concept. In Salty Hound, enjoy a life full of romance in an open-world metropolis. Manage a security agency and romance its handsome bodyguards!

Game Details

  • Dating Sim | Open World RPG | Romance
  • Available on  Steam, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS
  • Price: TBA
  • Campaign Period: March 22, 2022 to April 23, 2022


City 02—a booming metropolis in which mega-corporations and powerful gangs coexist. With invisible power struggle and violent conflicts going on underneath its beautiful skyline, City 02 has become a breading ground for private security contractors (PSCs). 

You hurry back home on the news of your father falling ill, and learn that his PSC, Salty Hounds is on the verge of bankruptcy after being pushed out of competition. Now, you must step in and run the company in his place. 

But, Yun Noru, the young Chief Security Officer, gets on your nerves from day one, and you have no idea why your childhood friend is being such a jerk. 

And that’s not even your biggest concern! For Jung Seha, the head of a rival company, is openly attempting to snatch away all the talents at Salty Hounds. 

The only friendly faces are Cha Yujin, the fierce state attorney, and Lee Taemin, the veteran bodyguard.  

Can you shape your own fate in a world full of dangers, thrills, and romance? 

Key Features

  •  Enjoy a dynamic daily life in a living and breathing open-world modern city, drawn in beautiful pixel art of the highest quality. This city has got plenty of places to explore and multiple opportunities, including mini-games, to have fun.
  • Meet love interests roaming around the city on their own schedule.
  • Gain their trust as you manage <Salty Hounds> through its struggles by upgrading the company facilities, managing the conditions of your employees, assisting them on their missions and improving yourself in various skills.
  •  The dating part is the cherry on top. Find out what your partner likes, plan your day ahead and execute a perfect date in a dynamic game that tests your social skills. High-Intensity romance awaits you at the end of every perfect date, so do your best – and have fun doing it!
  • As the game is played in semi-real time, you must always pay attention to not only your remaining stamina, but also time. Shops and other places will open and close at certain times, and each and every activity takes its time.
  •  Receive phone calls from the love interests! ♥ 
  •  Call your love interest whenever you want!  Disturb his sleep and see if he makes it through the following day!
  • Receive text messages and answer them in different ways. 💖 
  • They will message you to talk about work, love and the things you have experienced together, such as your recent date. 


The Love Interests

In Salty Hounds there are five pursuable love interests. Get to know them by spending time with them at work and by going out on dates around town. The game does feature voice acting from a notable cast of Korean VAs:

  • Junho – VA. Lee Juchang
  • Yujin – VA. Jang Sungho
  • Seha – VA. Son Suho
  • Taemin – VA. Shim Gyuhyuk
  • Noru – VA. Ryu Seunggon

Screenshots & Art

Kickstarter Campaign Details 

So, the Kickstarter campaign launched on March 22, 2022 and is set to run until April 23, 2022! The campaign goal is $11,002 to help with the production costs of the game!

Why Support the campaign?

  • By supporting the campaign supporters will receive a digital copy of the PC version of the game along with nice digital goodies like:
    • Beta Access to Salty Hounds
    • Digital Artbook and/or Digital Fanbook
    • Special Phone Call DLC 
  • If the campaign exceeds it’s goal, the team will add additional features, like:
    • Extra in-game events
    • Side stories and events with the LIs
    • and more…

More Info on Topping Palette

A passionate team of creators committed to introducing to the world a dating RPG with dynamism and solid gameplay.

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  1. Ooh didn’t notice this had korean VAs 😅 it’s not like I go out of my way to specifically play games with Korean, Japanese and Chinese ( both mandarin and Cantonese) voice acting or anything. I definitely do not have an obsession 😬🤣

  2. Wait i just saw that you can call you love interests 🤩 not to harp on and on about obey me and compare every other game to it 😅, but yeah the phone calls and texts are part of what I like about obey me, but hated that we can’t initiate calls or texts. Thank you for finding this, cause I would definitely have missed out on this gem

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