Musical Expression Inspires Jack Jeanne Creator Sui Ishida

When developer Broccoli first pitched the idea for the upcoming visual novel and rhythm game Jack Jeanne, noted mangaka Sui Ishida was intrigued by the concept and took on the challenge of making it his own. A story about students in a highly competitive musical theater school might seem a dissonant setting for a video game from Ishida-san, creator of the popular dark fantasy franchise Tokyo Ghoul, but a passion for musical expression sparked his interest in the project.

Known for mentioning bands and music he enjoys on social media, and occasionally placing references in his work, Ishida-san found great inspiration in the song ‘Light Dance’ by Akira Kosemura, imagining how the main character Kisa would dance to it. With the help of Broccoli, Ishida-san was able to convince the modern classical composer to join the project, an experience he has called “very precious.”

While creating the characters and writing the script for Jack Jeanne, Ishida-san felt strongly that the lyrics and music needed to be rooted in how the characters were feeling. After reviewing the songs written by others, he felt they were not capturing the emotions in quite the right way and decided to write the lyrics for the entire game himself.

Jack Jeanne is expected to launch on June 15th, 2023 for Nintendo Switch™ and is available in three Limited Editions in addition to the Standard Edition. The game has been rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB.

About Jack Jeanne

Kisa is about to give up on her dream of becoming an actor when she is given a surprising opportunity to attend the prestigious, all-male Univeil Drama School where her brother was once a star pupil. She is granted admission with two conditions: be chosen as the lead in the final performance and hide her identity as a girl! Competition at the school is fierce and the rivalries are real! Will Kisa be able to forge powerful bonds with her male classmates while competing against them? Will she be cast in the lead role in the final performance at the end of the year all while keeping her secret?

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