9 New Boys’ Love (BL) Titles from Tokyomangasha!

Unohana’s “Inu to Kaketsuki,” Volume 8 of Kei Ichikawa’s “Blue Sky Complex,” and seven new BL titles to be released under Manga Planet’s BL (futekiya) category!

Manga Planet is pleased to announce the license acquisition of the following BL titles* from Tokyomangasha:

Inu to Kaketsuki by Unohana

Volumes 1-3

Retired boxer Shouji Kazuya has long given up dreams of winning championship titles. He’s now a coach and all his hopes are pinned on his protege, the upcoming pugilist Gaku. But the relationship between the two is not simply that of coach and student… “It’s just that when I see the normally expressionless kid making a face like this, I can’t help but get excited.”

Blue Sky Complex by Kei Ichikawa

Volume 8

Narasaki only wanted a place where he could sit and read books in peace, but was blackmailed by his teacher into supervising a delinquent called Terashima while working at the school library.

As they spend their days in silent but close proximity, they begin to feel drawn to each other. And then…

New World Lovetopia by Bond Mitsuya

An earnest young man gets his dream a job at the Alien Zoo, where his favorite grandparent used to work. In a garden full of sexy fantasy creatures and his severe senior, can he balance temptation with his daily work?

Meppou Yatara to Yowaki ni Kiss by Koshino

Volume 1

Yokosuka, is a high school boy who for the first time gets the result of the alpha gender in his second gender test. Which was a big surprise since his parents are beta, so he was forced to attend the dating party for the marriage interview proposed by the city council. There he meets many cute omega girls but, will he be able to find a nice girlfriend…!? Motivated by this, Yokosuka decides to undergo the compatibility diagnosis and the kind of partner who was on the other side of the door with whom he obtained a maximum percentage of 92% was someone rather gruff with a look of unfriendliness that turned out to be… A

Tsuki wa Michikake Kemono no Koi by Guri Nojiro

Unable to fit in with the city, Itzuki, a lonely young man, moves into the countryside. However, the land is rumored to be haunted by youkai.
As he struggles to get used to life in the mountains, with the abundance of insects and the lack of reception, he is suddenly attacked by a youkai.
Cornered, out of the blue, a handsome young man with dog ears rescues him.
The man claims to be a komainu youkai, a guardian lion-dog protecting shrines, pressing Idzuki to become his master — !?
A sensitive love story between a youkai and a human!

Baka to Alpha no Kenkyuushitsu by Taira Taga

A world where the Alpha and Omega races are dwindling and knowledge of the Omegaverse is generally on the decline.

Yota, a high school student who was judged to be Omega, decided to create a club and study Bath in order to become an Alpha in order to be best friends with his childhood friend Shigeyuki, an Alpha.

Beta’s researcher joins in, and just as he’s happy that various research is progressing, something strange happens to Yota’s body!?

Henai Detection by Long Utsumi

Bio coming soon

Migi te ni Miemasu no ga, Ore no Kareshi de Gozaimasu by Long Utsumi

Miyata is a handsome tour guide in Kyoto working along side the disheveled bus driver Shougo-san. Miyata is bored by his job and also highly dislikes his collegue, but when he finds Shougo-san weeping after being dumped by his girlfriend he strikes a conversation and notices the beautiful face underneath the shaggy hair and glasses.
Follow the heartwarming pair as they both grow and learn to love each other.

Mayonaka no BL Henshuubu wa Yume wo Miru by Niku Ueda

Mashima, a new BL editor, suddenly finds himself in a BL world? In a dream? In order to escape, he ends up having xxx with his boss, Shiba…! Since returning to the real world, Mashima has been strangely conscious of Shiba, who is good at his job but a bit of a pain in the ass, and he is so nervous that nothing seems to be going right… On top of that, he even got drunk and stayed over at Shiba’s house!!

One day, Mashima is assigned to be in charge of a new male BL artist, Megusuri sensei, who comes to bring in his work. But it turns out that Megusuri sensei is a talented artist who “can’t draw by himself”!

*English titles and release dates will be announced later.

Manga Planet users can read the first chapter of these Tokyomangasha BL titles for free. Subscribers will have access to the full volumes, as well as a selection of other BL manga titles published by Shodensha Publishing Co., Home-sha Inc., Parsola Inc., Julian Publishing, Thirdline, Group Zero, MUGENUP Inc., swamp, KAIOHSHA, EIWA Publishing, Media Soft Ltd., futurecomics Co., Ltd., Tokyomangasha, DOGENZAKA SHOBO, TAIYOHTOSHO, TORICO, COMPASS Inc., Libre Inc., TOSUISHA Co.,Ltd., Shonengahosha, Shusuisha Inc.,  ShuCream Inc., and independent BL artists under the BL (futekiya) category.

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