Megumi & Tsugumi Vol. 1 Manga Review

Megumi and Tsugumi is an omegaverse boys love manga by Mitsuru Si and published in English by Sublime Manga. A tough-guy omega who believes he can control his heats through sheer willpower meets his match when he faces off with an alpha unlike any he’s ever encountered before!

Tsugumi is a delinquent who hates all alphas for how they treat omegas like him, so when some alphas from an elite school attack another omega, Tsugumi beats ’em to a pulp! Megumi, the son of the elite school’s chairman, takes it upon himself to avenge his pummeled friends, but when the time comes, all he finds is a fired-up Tsugumi reeking of pheromones and insisting he can control his heat through sheer willpower! Faced with a different kind of battle, Megumi goes from attacker to savior, whisking Tsugumi to safety and leaving the cranky omega reconsidering everything he’s ever thought about alphas.

Manga Details

  • Genre: Omegaverse | Boys Love | Comedy
  • Author: Mitsuru Si
  • Publisher: Sublime Manga
  • Price: $12.99 USD
  • Length: 4 volumes (Ongoing)

Megumi and Tsugumi Vol 1 Manga Review

I love omegaverse media—ABO dynamics, heat cycles, pheromones, bond marking, mpreg, the whole nine, but I acknowledge that it can be a bit much for some people to get into. It’s not something that lends itself to mainstream audiences. Just explaining omega heat cycles can be a whole production (if you know, then you know). Omegaverse is pretty niche, even when compared with other niche genres.

So, I’ve been super excited to see more publishers dipping their toes into licensing omegaverse manga series in English. Just last year, Yen Press gave us a pretty tame omegaverse standalone, I’ve Become an Omega Today and Sublime hit us with Aya Sakyo’s Scattering His Virgin Bloom, which I liked, but couldn’t help but want more from. So, when Sublime announced they’d be releasing Megumi & Tsugumi I was cautiously optimistic, but literally EVERYONE I talked to raved about the series so I added it to my buy list.

Megumi & Tsugumi follows Tsugumi, a rough around the edges, pipe wielding omega delinquent who hates elitist alphas who look down on omegas (who are normally seen as weak and submissive). So, when he sees a group of alphas getting a bit handsy with another omega in heat, Tsugumi doles out some sweet, sweet justice. After kicking their asses, the alphas rope in their friend, Megumi, the son of an elite school’s chairman to get revenge on Tsugumi by challenging him to a brawl.

On the day of the big showdown, Tsugumi is ready to go, but also in the midst of a full blown heat and is giving off some serious pheromones. Megumi is horrified, despite Tsugumi’s insistence that he can control his heat through sheer willpower alone. Not wanting to give into his own alpha instincts, Megumi carries Tsugumi off to safety (which he is none to pleased about). Even though he’s not happy at being denied the chance to kick some alpha ass, Tsugumi is surprised to find that Megumi isn’t like the other “shitty alphas” he’s used to encountering. This stirs up some new feelings in the cranky omega, so it’s only natural he wants to punch the hell out of Megumi until he can figure out why this alpha has such a hold over him.

Megumi & Tsugumi is a super cute romance between an unconventional pair, with an omegaverse twist. It fully embraces and at times subverts the usual omegaverse staples, creating a much more progressive story. Tsumugi isn’t your typical meek omega, he’s a rough, pipe toting badass who literally holds back his omega instincts with sheer force of will. He’d sooner beat up an alpha than submit to them. Megumi, is a pretty progressive alpha, he respects everyone regardless of their gender and he especially can’t stand folks who look down on omegas. He even actively takes suppressants to minimize the risk of him accidentally give in to his alpha instincts and hurting an omega.

Both Megumi and Tsugumi have a hard time navigating their budding feelings for one another, which leads to some hilarious situations. Tsugumi spends the better part of the volume confused by his conflicting feelings for Megumi, so he keeps showing up to his school trying to beat him up (much to Megumi’s annoyance). And Megumi, who has never been interested in guys before gets a tingle in his dingle when he thinks of Tsugumi. I love their entire dynamic, it’s cringy and chaotic, and downright hilarious. They are constantly fumbling around trying to get a handle on their feelings and I like that both Tsugumi and Megumi have pretty strong support systems. Megumi has a great friend group that he turns to for advice and Tsugumi’s dads are the highlight of every scene they’re in!

Of course teens are gonna teen and midway through, they end up in a situation where they can’t ignore their instincts. The resulting sexual encounter has at best dubious consent, and while I’d usually hate to see it, compared to some of the more r*pey omegaverse stories I’ve read, this one actually acknowledges it’s issues. Also, I do want to mention that both Megumi and Tsugumi are 16 years old, and they do engage in sex. So, if that is not your jam, there’s the heads-up.

As far as the sex goes, Megumi & Tsugumi is uncensored, so no black bars, glowing lightsabers, or invisa-cock, you get an unobstructed view of all the peens. And aside from the first chaotic sexual encounter, Megumi is very careful to get consent from Tsugumi before touching him in a sexual way. Which is not always the norm with omegaverse stories. Also, I like that Megumi & Tsugumi includes depictions of safe sex practices (ie. condom use) and there is even a mention of birth control and morning after pills (because Tsugumi can get pregnant), which I really appreciated. Heck they even mention pheromone suppressants which I almost NEVER see in omegaverse stories!

Megumi & Tsugumi does a lot of things right, both as an omegaverse and as a boys’ love story and is sure to be a new fave for folks even if they aren’t into omegaverse. Y’all, Megumi & Tsugumi is top tier good shit! This manga is everything I wanted from an omegaverse adaptation and more. This series is damn near perfection!

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