Megumi & Tsugumi Vol. 1 Manga Review

Megumi and Tsugumi is an omegaverse boys love manga by Mitsuru Si and published in English by Sublime Manga. A tough-guy omega who believes he can control his heats through sheer willpower meets his match when he faces off with an alpha unlike any he’s ever encountered before!

Tsugumi is a delinquent who hates all alphas for how they treat omegas like him, so when some alphas from an elite school attack another omega, Tsugumi beats ’em to a pulp! Megumi, the son of the elite school’s chairman, takes it upon himself to avenge his pummeled friends, but when the time comes, all he finds is a fired-up Tsugumi reeking of pheromones and insisting he can control his heat through sheer willpower! Faced with a different kind of battle, Megumi goes from attacker to savior, whisking Tsugumi to safety and leaving the cranky omega reconsidering everything he’s ever thought about alphas.

Manga Details

  • Genre: Omegaverse | Boys Love | Comedy
  • Author: Mitsuru Si
  • Publisher: Sublime Manga
  • Price: $12.99 USD
  • Length: 4 volumes (Ongoing)
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