Amnesia Later x Crowd coming to Switch in the West this Fall!

It has finally happened people! Idea Factory International today announced at the NGPX showcase that the otome visual novel Amnesia™: Memoriesand its companion compilation Amnesia™: Later x Crowdwill launch on Nintendo Switch™ this fall. Amnesia: Memories takes players on a romantic adventure to find the truth behind your memory loss, with five romantic paths that branch off into 20+ endings. The companion compilation, Amnesia: Later x Crowd, brings two Amnesia games previously only released in Japan to Western audiences. Players can wishlist the Standard Edition or Limited Edition for both Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd at the IFI Online Store.

Amnesia Later x Crowds

Tentative Release: Fall 2022

About Amnesia: Later x Crowd

A companion to Amnesia: Memories, Later x Crowd features a multitude of different story scenarios, as well as new mini-games. Deepen your relationship with the main characters and sub-characters of Amnesia: Memories and see what sparks!

Amnesia: Later x Crowd Features:

  • Amnesia: Later – Beginning with the enchanting storyline in NEW WORLD, you can unlock four different story scenarios, ranging from a study of the many sides of Waka in WAKA’S WORLD to AFTER STORY, which takes place after the events of Amnesia: Memories. Depending on the routes unlocked in AFTER STORY, you may even hear wedding bells…
  • Amnesia: Crowd – Enjoy even more story scenarios, like the thrilling what-if story of SUSPENSE, where you must interact with your environment to escape danger in each route. Plus, play a variety of café mini-games in WORKING or card games in TRUMP, earning Orion Points to unlock events.
Amnesia Later Crowd LE

What’s in the Amnesia Later x Crowds Limited Edition

Got a case of Amnesia? Wishlist the Amnesia Limited Edition today to be notified when preorders go live! Choose between Amnesia: Memories, Amnesia: Later x Crowd, or save with the EXCLUSIVE Amnesia IFI Online Store Bundle which includes both games at a discounted price. The Limited Edition also includes:

• Collector’s Box with Embossed Sleeve
• Steel Game Case featuring two game cartridge slots
• Hardcover Art Book
• Official Soundtrack
• 15 Bromide Card Set
• Trading Card

To learn more about Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd, visit the Idea Factory International website, or follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Product Information

  • Title: Amnesia™: Memories, Amnesia™: Later x Crowd
  • Console: Nintendo Switch™
  • Release Date: Fall 2022
  • Release format:
  • Nintendo Switch – Physical, Digital
  • Developer: Idea Factory/Design Factory
  • Publisher: Idea Factory International
  • Genre: Otome Visual Novel
  • Player(s): 1
  • Voiceover option(s): Japanese
  • NSW Language Format (Subtitles) – English
  • Amnesia: Memories – ESRB/PEGI/USK/ACB: T/12/16/R18+
  • Amnesia: Later x Crowd – ESRB/PEGI/USK/ACB: TBA

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26 thoughts on “Amnesia Later x Crowd coming to Switch in the West this Fall!

  1. I have a slight problem with a game called dot kareshi that I purchased but it does not open even though I open it in Windows 7.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the game. I know the patch was created a few years ago, maybe it’s not jiving with an update on your computer? (Sorry, I am not very tech savvy)

    1. Kind of happy I waited so long and didn’t play it on PC or mobile! I want to have the cage experience ™️

    1. I just finished the game and I liked how casual it is with all the mini games and stories. I posted a review a few days ago with my full thoughts.

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