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My Switch has become my go to gaming platform, it’s affordable, portable, and it’s the new hub for otome games now that the Vita is officially dead (though it’ll live on in my heart forever). But, what makes the Switch the stand out console for me is the variety of games in it’s ever growing library, which in the last few years has included a lot more indie games. From platformers to RPGs to visual novels, more and more indie titles are finding a home on the console.

There are a lot of games to sort through, which can be a bit daunting, so I wanted to spotlight a handful of indie games I think are worth picking up if you’re looking for something new to play on the Switch!


Price: $29.99

I’m not big on management games, but after watching a few streamers play through Spiritfarer I couldn’t help but give it a try and this is one of the most chill games I’ve played all year. Take on the roleof Stella, a ferrymaster to the deceased, a Spiritfarer. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft your way across mystical seas. I never thought a game about death could be so… cozy!

Akash: Path of the Five

Price: $19.99

I will never stop singing the praises of Truant Pixel’s fantasy visual novel, Akash: Path of the Five, it is one of the best indie otome games and I’m so happy to see it on the Nintendo Switch. In the game, you play as the first elemental girl born in your village has seen in over 200 years, all eyes are on your fast-approaching coming of age ceremony. All is not as it seems, however, as tensions between Akash and a nearby human settlement threaten to erupt into an all-out war. Amidst all of this you will need to foster relationships with other characters who could help you weather the upcoming conflicts. 

Night in the Woods

Price: $19.99
Night in the Woods Game Review – Growing Up is Scary AF

Night in the Wood’s biggest strength is it’s ability to create imperfect characters who we can easily see a bit of ourselves in, their stories are our stories so their journey resonates with us.

Sometimes you play a game that hits a bit too close to home and Night in the Woods is definitely one of those titles. Follow college dropout Mae Borowski, after she return to their hometown of Possum Springs seeking to reconnect with her old life and reconnect with the friends she left behind. But, all isn’t the same, her friends have grown up and moved on and strange things are happening in the woods at night. Explore the town and get to the bottom of everything going on in town, and maybe help Mae do a bit of growing up of her own own.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Price: $19.99
Melanin Friendly Games – Boyfriend Dungeon

Plunder the dunj as you fend off dangerous monsters and take your weapons on romantic dates. Woo your weapons in this flirty, playful, and welcoming world…

If you’re a fan of Touken Ranbu and the Persona series then you’ll love Kitfox Games’s indie dungeon crawler/dating sim hybrid, Boyfriend Dungeon. Plunder the dunj as you fend off dangerous monsters and take your weapons on romantic dates. Woo your weapons in this flirty, playful, and welcoming world filled with mastery in the procedurally generated dungeon. Boyfriend Dungeon has some great rep and offers a wide range of potential partners that’ll appeal to most players!


Price: $24.99
Haven Game Review
Haven – First Impressions

The game follows a pair of lovers who gave up everything to escape to a lost planet to avoid being separated. Fight for your love and freedom in this gorgeous RPG adventure and discover if love really can conquer all.

I’m not all that great at non-visual novels, I’m pretty bad with anything with controls more complex than a fighting game, so I usually steer clear of most RPGs. But, with it’s gorgeous art and compelling love story, Haven is the perfect RPG for an otome fan like me. The game follows a pair of lovers who gave up everything to escape to a lost planet to avoid being separated. Play alone or with a significant other/friend and explore the rich futuristic world. Get an intimate look at the relationship between Yu and Kay as they navigate the ups and downs of being a couple while also carving out a new life in a strange new world.

MazM: Phantom of the Opera

Price: $14.99

I used to play this game on my phone during my morning commutes to and from the office and I was blown away by how good this is! MazM: Phantom of the Opera is an adventure game adaptation of the acclaimed gothic horror novel, immersing players into the world of the story as they investigate the secrets hidden behind the gilded walls of a Parisian opera house and the truth behind the elusive Phantom haunting its halls. Take on the roles of key characters in the opera house, solve puzzles, search for clues, and experience events from the story first hand, all set to a dynamic opera soundtrack.

When The Past Was Around

Price: $24.99
When The Past Was Around is a Beautifully Bittersweet Point-and-Click Adventure

Emotive and poignantly beautiful, Mojiken Studio’s point and click adventure, When The Past Was Around is a game that stays with you long after you’ve reached it’s conclusion.

When The Past Was Around is a beautiful, emotional point-and-click adventure game about love, moving on, letting go, and the joy and pain of everything in between. Follow Eda through a surreal world disjointed rooms solving puzzles, as you piece together her fragmented memories and uncover the truth behind her relationship with her enigmatic lover, The Owl. With it’s gorgeous hand-drawn art style and casual gameplay, When The Past Was Around is a bittersweet tale that stays with you long after you finish playing.

What are some of your fave Switch indie games?

As always this isn’t a complete list of all the indie games you can find–just the ones I’ve had the most fun with! So, I want to turn things over to you all; What are some of your favorite indie games on the Nintendo Switch?

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  1. Akash legit got me back into otome games when I stumbled upon it on the switch earlier this year after 4-5 years on a break. It’s such a good game <3 Will definitely check out some of your other recs also!

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