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Hey hey Blerdy Tribe! Mangagamer is at Anime NYC and they’ve made some new localization announcements, of course that includes the usual eroge titles, Uchikano – Living with My Sister and The Pillars of Raillore. But, the highlight for me is the announcement that ADELTA’s kaiju filled BL set in the 1970’s, UUUltraC would be making its English language debut! Mangagamer localized, ADELTA’s psychadelic BL murder mystery, Hashihime of the Old Book Town in 2019 and I am so excited to see another of their titles getting localized! It’s still early, but lets take a look at what we can expect from the upcoming release!

Game Details

  • Developer: ADELTA
  • Publisher: Mangagamer (EN)
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Language: Japanese audio with English text
  • Genre: BL | Action | 18+ | Uncensored
  • Release Date: 2020 (JP) | March 24, 2022 (EN)
  • Official (EN) Site:
  • Official (JP) Site:

The Story

A golden era of artists, actors, and heroes is shaken to its core when kaiju straight out of black & white cinema attack Japan! One couple falls victim to the attacks and must face the reality of the kaiju’s infectious nature turning others into more kaiju and join the fight for acceptance. One couple must deal with the strain and stress of fighting the kaiju and defending the people as the superhero team, Icarus Rangers. And one couple must struggle with their complex relationships with both sides of the kaiju versus hero battles.

With kaiju, heroes, robots, and more abound, you won’t want to miss this homage to classic tokusatsu and its deep exploration of identity and one’s place in the world!


Each route in the game focuses on a particular protagonist character and love interest: the first route follows Shoutarou and Akira, the second route follows Shirou and Suzuki, and the third route follows Juurou and Yomi.

The Protagonists

UUUltraC Kogome Shotarou

Kagome Shotarou

VA: Sano Yuuri

He is an ordinary citizen and a champion for justice. He’s level-headed, strong, and will listen to all sides of a story. It doesn’t show on his face, but there’s always a lot on his mind. It’s his dream to become an action hero actor that children can look up to.

Under the weight of his mysterious boyfriend, his family’s infamous legacy, and his former best friend that has joined an evil organization, he fears nothing will become of his life, despite his role as a main character. His sense of justice is turned upside down in chapter one when he’s soaked in kaiju blood.

UUUltraC Choutsugai Shirou

Choutsugai Shirou

VA: Kaburagi Makoto

His family was attacked by a kaiju, and so he resents both superheroes and kaiju alike. He’s an elite photographer, and a graduate from Tokyo University’s law school, holding the qualifications to become a lawyer. But don’t be fooled… He loves profitable gossip because he can use it to blackmail people.

The only person he’s ever loved was a beautiful young girl he met when he was little, named ”Belle.” He’s a bigot, but constantly attracts shady beauties and perverted kaiju, landing him in immoral and adult situations. He’s the main character of chapter two. There, you can dive into a world filled with bizarre mystery alongside Choutsugai.

UUUltraC Sayashi Juurou

Sayashi Juurou

VA: Kanzaki Tomoya

He’s a famous actor, often referred to as a national treasure. He took over the role of the TV superhero Sun Mask Icarus from his father. He was easily able to brush off that heavy responsibility, stealing the hearts of the nation with his acting skills. He’s the object of everyone’s affections, and they all see him as the picture of steadfast righteousness. However, his true motives seem to lie elsewhere.

He’s the main character in chapter three, ”Team of Superheroes.” Being an actor is just a front. He’s actually the leader of the ”Icarus Rangers,” but… who is this protector of the people really trying to protect? Can your heart handle Juurou Sayashi’s loneliness?

The Romanceable Characters

UUUltraC Kozuka Akira

Kozuka Akira

VA: Kasagi Kento

There’s always a pay envelope inside his haramaki. He’s head over heels for Shoutarou, to the extent that he had the pattern from Shoutarou’s pajamas tattooed on his left arm, as a sort of promise to never cheat. He’s a little scary. Plus, he’s always disappearing whenever the hero siren goes off.

He may seem like an honest and friendly young man, but he’s actually full of mystery. And wait, what?! He’s involved in a kidnapping in chapter one?! He works as a manga artist and his dream is to be a homeowner. He’s full of secrets, but his love for Shoutarou is the real deal.

UUUltraC Isshiki Suzu

Isshiki Suzu

VA: Yagami Daisuke

A non-binary man, and a reserved kaiju. There’s an endless desire exuding from his eyes. He seems to know Choutsugai from his time as a child actor… yes, this is ”Belle”. Having mistaken him for a girl when he was a child, Choutsugai has been saving himself for her all this time.

He crossed paths with Choutsugai again during a mysterious case and was able to get close to him, but…
He’s pulling the strings from the shadows as the fake white Icarus, but his motives are unknown. He’s 6’4” in heels?! That’s just obscene!

UUUltraC Hibarino Yomi

Hibarino Yomi

VA: Bitou Hideyoshi

He’s a mysterious young man that’s polite even toward plants. He sticks close to his childhood friend, Juurou Sayashi, and gently alleviates the stress the latter builds up from show business and superhero activities. He’s a member of the Icarus Rangers, but he can’t transform into Icarus and mainly contributes at their command center.

…Well, even though he sounds dependable, he has an easy-going personality and will take any chance he gets to nap. That was how his prisoner ended up escaping. Unbelievable… In regards to his strange uniform, ”Once I’m attached to something, I have a hard time letting it go.” How profound.

Art from the Game

UUUltraC Opening Theme

Theme song “uprise !!!”

  • Composition / Singing Kawanayui
  • Arrangement yksb
  • Mix Seven Magazines
  • Written by Rinko Kurosawa

Hashihime of the Old Book Town is an acid trip of a game and from what I’ve seen from folks who’ve played UUUltraC in Japanese, we can expect a pretty wild ride from the latest ADELTA localization–and I am here for it! As bizarre as Hashihime is, there is something kind of fun about it too, especially some of the more psychological aspects of the story.

UUUltraC has the potential to be just as trippy, especially since it takes place in the Showa era, which was the golden age of Kaiju and Tokusatsu media! I love Tokusatsu media, and anyone that has ever seen anything from the genre know that they go hard with the campy, over the top shenanigan’s–which is something the anime series, Samurai Flamenco captured perfectly! I kinda feel like UUUltraC is going to be a darker and edgier version of SamFlam…with actual sex. Which is going to be delivered completely uncensored! Though, if memory serves while Hashihime did have sexual content it wasn’t the main focus of the game and most of the sexy times happened towards the end of the routes and I feel like UUUltraC is probably going to stick with that format (but if they don’t I welcome more smut). But either way, I am excited for another BL release and I’ll be keeping a close eye on the UUUltraC localization!

What are your thoughts on this latest BL localization announcement? Are you excited for UUUltraC?

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