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Hey  Blerdy Tribe!! There’s a brand new Kickstarter campaign for the complete edition of the psychological mystery indie otome game Heart Fragments from Starfield Gaming that needs our support! Follow Xani Green, a young woman whose world is turned upside-down when she discovers that strange supernatural powers. Currently Book One: Fantasy is available for $10.00 and includes Kay and Clive’s routes and offers 20 hours of gameplay. The KS campaign will help fun Books Two and Three and update art assets in Book One


In this mysterious otome game, play as a protagonist (name customizable but “Xani” by default) struggling to cope with the hand life has dealt you. Your mother’s death was a tragedy, and left you cynical and numb to the world. Now, though, greater challenges are piling up fast – and it all begins when you find out you are not entirely human.
The disappearance of a friend. A sudden attack that leaves you wounded. Mysterious characters entering and leaving your life. Growing bonds. Coming to terms with what exactly “humanity” is…

Please. Find a happy ending. Don’t let tragedy be the only option.

-Official Game Bio


Gameplay and Features 

  • 6 main routes & 40+ endings. All routes contain multiple branches and at least two good endings. Characters have both romantic and platonic ends (with the exception of Lana who is platonic only). And even the “bad endings” further the story and give clues into the overall mystery.  
  • 40 hours of gameplay. The common route and Book One, which are available now, contain 200,000 words. All future books will be similar in length. 
  • In-game phone for bonus content & CGs. Using the “StarxSocial” app, you can keep in touch with your friends and even get extra CGs. The phone also contains a comprehensive “notes to self” section that logs information you’ve learned, social media profiles for all of the characters, and a mysterious “Project NMCI” app containing memory flashbacks and the ominous reminder: “Don’t forget”.  
  • Partial voice acting. Many major scenes contain full voice acting and others are partially voiced. See our stretch goals to learn how you can make more voiced scenes possible! 
  • Group endings DLC. This will be included to all Kickstarter backers, and available for $2 to $5 after that. Includes the following ending combinations: Kay and Clive, Clive and Jasper, Shannon and Clive, Jasper & Shannon, Natalia & Jasper.
  • 100+ unique CGs & your choice between two art styles. If you’ve played the demo or Book One, you’ve likely noticed the difference in style between the sprite and CG artwork. Due to a number of complications, multiple artists had to be hired, causing the difference in style and many people have requested the art be made to match for a more consistent style. Along with the success of this Kickstarter, we will be offering a full “Style A” or “Style B” selection option for a more consistent experience. Prefer the style of the sprites? This option will let you see the CGs in the same style. Want sprites in the CG art style? There’ll be an option for that too! And best of all, this option can be changed at any time during the game from the options menu.
  • Mini-games that can be turned off from the settings menu. Not a fan of quick-time events? They can be turned off at any time. Failing some quick-time events leads to flavor text, so if you are a big completionist, you can turn them on temporarily & then reload after failing the game.

Meet the Characters of Heart Fragment

Heart Fragment is divided into three distinct books, each with their own pursuable characters (2 paths per route). Each path is specific to that book’s characters and provide insight into the game’s overarching mystery. There are a mix of romantic and platonic outcomes that will appeal to most players.

The Heroine – Xani Green

Romanceable Characters

Book 1: Fantasy

Book 2: Belief

Book 3: Despair

Book 3 Love Interests

Screenshots and Art Assets

Kickstarter Campaign Details

So, the Kickstarter campaign was launched October 27, 2021 and is set to run until November 27th 2021! The campaign goal is CA$12,000 ($9,692 USD) to help with the production costs of the game for Books 2 and Book 3!

Why Support the campaign?

  • Help bring the complete edition of the game to life, by helping the team create a truly memorable experience!
    • Get a digital copy of the game by pledging at the CA$10 level ($9 USD)
    • Digital Copy of the Heart Fragment OST
    • Digital Heart Fragment Artbook
    • Chibi Character Acrylic Charms
    • Custom Art Assets
  • If the campaign hits the CA$15,500 stretch goal the devs will add Epilogues for all of the Good Endings.
  • If the campaign hits the CA$25,000 stretch goal the MC’s appearance will be made customizable, including hairstyle, hair color, eye color, glasses, skin tone, facial features like freckles, and choice between 2 outfits.

More Info on the Team

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