Meet the Heroine of Cupid Parasite and LIs, Gill Lovecraft and Shelby Snail!

Love is more than just bows and arrows! We’re excited to announce that the official website for the divine romantic comedy otome, Cupid Parasite™, has been updated with character profiles!

Get to know the cast of one of the most anticipated otome game of the year ahead of the big English language release! Today we’re getting to know the heroine, Lynette Mirror and TWO of the love interests, Gill Lovecraft and Shelby Snail!

Character Profiles

Lynette Mirror

*Can be renamed!

The Cupid Corporation’s top bridal advisor, and the literal goddess of love—Cupid.

At first, she carried out her matchmaking duties in Celestia by firing off her arrows at potential couples, but that changes once she has a quarrel with her dad, Mars. With the help of her aunt, Minerva, she descends into the Human Realm to prove to her father her astuteness in the ways of mankind and of love. She is naturally energetic and upbeat.

Recently she has become a fan of using the small electrical current that flows between the horns of Chii, a divine beast that followed her from Celestia, as a makeshift muscle massager.

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Case 01: Gill Lovecraft – The Lovelorn Parasite

VA: Ryohei Kimura

A freelance editor who works for various magazines, book publishers, and news sites around Los York. He joined Cupid Corp in an attempt to get over a two-year-long broken heart. But he struggles to stop himself from comparing every new girl to his one lost love. Thus, he became part of the company’s most troublesome group of members—the Parasite 5.

In fact, the girl who broke his heart is none other than our heroine, who was a year behind him at college. He did everything he could to support this naïve young girl (whom he hasn’t realized is a runaway from Celestia) and fell in love with her along the way. She never realized his feelings for her, and eventually he gave up and decided to move out of their co-ed living space.

Now that their paths have crossed once more, this time with her serving as his marriage advisor, the love he thought was frozen has begun to thaw.

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Case 02: Shelby Snail – The Prestige Parasite


Founder and president of the Cupid Corporation. Despite his widely known reputation as a devoted husband, he’s actually single.

Realizing that his lie would not hold up forever, he decided to use his own company’s matchmaking services anonymously by employing his own secretary as his stand-in. He also recently learned that one of his best employees, our heroine, is eager to earn herself a promotion.

He is constantly seeking to improve his status. His goal is to attain an SS-rank in every facet of his life, which leads him to live a regimented, work-oriented lifestyle. He sees romantic feelings as irrational and unnecessary.

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Those are just three of the colorful cast of characters you’ll meet in the Cupid Parasite! Keep an eye out for more exclusive details leading up to the official release–Cupid Parasite launches physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch™ on November 2 in North America and November 5 in Europe!

But, if you’ve got your eye on the big prize, the Limited Edition will be available for preorder on October 4 at the IFI Online Stores and fans can head over to the North American store to wishlist today! The European store page will be live at time of preorder.

The Limited Edition will also be available for Canadian fans through Video Games Plus on October 4 for $129.99 CAD with FREE Canada shipping!

The Limited Edition includes:

  • Nintendo Switch Game (with reversible cover sleeve)
  • Steel Game Case
  • “The Parasite’s Guide to Los York” Hardcover Artbook
  • Keychain Set
  • Collector’s Box
  • Radio Los York Presents: Pillow Talk (2-disc Audio Drama + OP/ED themes)
  • Exclusive Trading Card

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