F#@k, Marry, Kill Otome Edition – Lost in Secular Love

Couldn’t think of a game on my own so I turned to twitter and as always, you guys came through! Thanks to everyone who participated, I really loved seeing your picks!

There was a nice mix of suggestions—some of the games I had played, some I hadn’t, but I decided to go with Meg’s (@PearlyShelves) choice—Lost in Secular Love. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the game, Lost in Secular Love is a chinese otome game developed by Yetu Games. In the game you play as Qiye, the daughter of a noble family that has fallen on hard times. Not wanting you to suffer, your mother sends you to a local temple in hopes of marrying one of the monks there, Zhi Kong. 

Lost in Secular Love

I’m going to be honest I haven’t played this game so I know absolutely nothing aside from the fact that all of the love interests are monks… and there is just something kind of ironic about having an otome game that revolves around romancing monks… Trust me, this game is on my list, but this post is based solely on other reviews and character bios—it’s kinda more fun that way, doncha think?

Hui Hai

Fuck – Hui Hai

It’s no secret that I love megane characters—they are my main weakness, so I took notice of Hui Hai right away. He’s described as being pretty popular with the ladies despite not being very experienced with them. There is something kind of alluring about educating an inexperienced guy in the ways of love. Beside, there’s the whole forbidden romance with a monk to add a bit of spice to the relationship… Honestly, I almost picked him for the marry section, but there was a character that juuuust beat him out for that one…

Zi Qing.png

Marry – Zi Qing

Everything I have seen about this game lists Zi Qung as the best route in the game. Unlike the other two love interests, he is a monk-in-training and a childhood friend of the MC, Qiye. I figure because of their existing relationship they have a bit more of a stable foundation to build a marriage off of… that and he seems to be the most approachable of the LIs. Granted I hear they bicker a lot, but what marriage without a few arguments? Also he’s the main person responsible for the upkeep of the temple and as a bit of a messy person myself, I appreciate a partner who knows how to keep things neat and tidy.

Zhi Kong.jpg

Kill – Zhi Kong

I don’t like yandere characters at the best of times and despite his dashing good looks, Zhi Kong is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t really like characters who hid their true selves behind a smile, they’re the ones that are liable to lock you in a cage for your “protection” and I just don’t find that appealing. Though apparently he has a fondness for cute animals and things… but that feels like it could easily become oppressive. 

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome! Which characters in Lost in Secular Love would you f#@k, marry, or kill?

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