Melanin Friendly Games – ‘A Troll’s Fairy Tale’

Hey Hey!! Day 2 of my “mostly” month long shoutout to melanin friendly games!! It’s Black History Month, so for the remainder of the month, I want to write mini reviews spotlighting games that feature Black and Brown characters in prominent roles! As a Black woman and gamer, I am always on the lookout for games that feature characters that look like me and even more so, stories from creators of color. Because there is just something beautiful about creators of color telling their own stories!

And today’s Melanin Friendly Game pick has both! 

Y’all may know S-morishita for her delightful webcomic series Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!, but did you know she also released a game too?! S-morishita is a triple threat- Artist, Writer, and Game Developer! Back in 2013, she released the fantasy romance visual novel, A Troll’s Fairy Tale, for the one month Game Jam, NaNoRenO. The game follows a 24 year old troll, named Acacia, who despite not being a beautiful dainty princess, wants to have her own fairytale romance just like the ones she’s heard about in stories. But, can a troll really have her own happily ever after? Join Acacia on her quest for the perfect fairytale romance and find out!

Like most NaNoRenO games, A Troll’s Fairy Tale is a bit on the short side, taking about 2 hours to complete. But, boy does S-morishita make the most of her game’s runtime! There are two love interest— Damine, an arrogant Unicorn prince and Edavine, a fairy… aka Mr. Best Boi. But the real MVP of the game is the heroine, Acacia!! Not only is she a beautiful ebony goddess with absolutely stunning sun-kissed skin, but she’s a sassy, don’t take no sh*t from no one kind of gal! AND I LIVE FOR HEROINES LIKE THIS!!

A Troll's Fairy Tale 3

Otome heroines are notorious for being little more than self insert characters for the player, so there’s a lot to be desired in terms of personality. But, my girl Acacia is one of the most relatable otome heroines I have ever come across. She’s a bit rough around the edges and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but deep down she wants fall in love and have a super sweet rose colored romance… which is something I can totally relate to on a personal level! She’s got baggage just like the rest of us, but if there is one thing S-morishita does right, it’s creating wholesome quirky characters. Acacia’s personality is just as fiery as her hair, but there is an emotional vulnerability to her that I wish more games tapped into with their heroines. Especially women of color. I’ve noticed in media that Black women are usually portrayed as either loud and in your face or just… bitter and angry, and it is nice to see a character that breaks that mold. Though, Acacia knows how to throw them hands when her beaus get out of line…

All in all, A Troll’s Fairy Tale is a quirky and fun visual novel that manages to tell an entertaining story with characters you’ll absolutely love! It’s a delightful romance led by an equally charming Black female lead, that proves even a troll can have their happily ever after with the “prince charming” of their dreams!

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux

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