Announcing A New Collaboration Project – Otome Fans React!!

Hey Hey Guys and Gals, I just wanted to write up a short announcement post about an upcoming project that I am super excited about and I’m finally ready to talk about it officially. I mentioned in my 2020 resolution post that I had two upcoming projects in the works and while the Otome Debates posts are still in the brainstorming phase. However, I’ve been working on another “super secret” project and after talking with my fellow collaborators, we’re ready for the big reveal!! You may even remember seeing my super vague tweet a little while ago, saying that I was working with five individuals— Tomey from Otome Sweetheart, Hazel from Archi-Anime, Voca from Otome Heaven, and Ruby and Pseudofaux from the Otomates Podcast on an “exciting project”…

Secrets Below

Well, these lovely ladies all agreed to participate in a brand new post series called Otome Fans React! I had a crazy idea and lowkey brilliant idea to have actual otome game fans come together to watch and review anime adaptations of otome games. That way we can bring all of our collective otome fan knowledge and experience into our reviews, since most of the reviews I’ve read about otome game anime adaptations are created by people who have never played the games these adaptations are based on. Don’t get me wrong, most anime adaptations of otome games are pretty hit or miss, but when you are familiar with otome games, it does give you a better perspective of certain aspects of these series… and I wanted to get together a group of actual otome fans to review these adaptations. We each bring something unique to the table—Pseu and Ruby both play a lot of mobage, Hazel is relatively new to the fandom, Voca has done some fan translation work, and Tomey has played a wide range of indie and mainstream titles—but despite our differences, we all really love of otome games.

These will be ongoing monthly collaboration reviews that give otome fans the chance to share their thoughts on otome game anime adaptations. Each month we will select an otome game anime adaptation to watch and review. Each participant will submit a short review about the anime series and each one will be compiled into one post here on Blerdy Otome with links to each contributor so you guys can check out their other great content.

Ideally I’d like to expand it to include a different roster of folks each month, so if you’re an otome fan that would like to participate just let me know! I really just wanted to do something fun, that creates a sense of community among the otome games fandom that kind of branches out of the usual otome game reviews everyone else does.

Diabolik Lovers.png

So, for the very first Otome Fans React post, we will be covering season 1 of Diabolik Lovers in all it’s trashy glory!! We’ve been talking amongst ourselves as we watch and trust me, we have some strong feelings about this series!! We’re shooting to have the first post ready by the end of the month if everyone’s schedules permit, but we’ll all keep you posted! And definitely be on the look out for this new post series!!


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12 thoughts on “Announcing A New Collaboration Project – Otome Fans React!!

  1. +1 to Irina’s comment.

    I’d be interested in participating somewhere down the track – maybe not now though, because I’m still working on quite a bit. I mostly play indie Ren’py games and mobile games – I only go for free or pay-if-you-want stuff – and the first otome game I tried (I think) was Halloween Otome back in 2015.

    1. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for the next round or whenever you’re available!

      I love indie games, there’s just so much versatility there! Halloween Otome is hilarious! The creator also did one with the best friend from the first came called Valentines Day.

      1. I’ve tried Valentine’s Day Otome and part of the Christmas Otome demo, but I can’t relate to their protags as much as I did Emma. (I thought I’d like Maia but I don’t really like the teacher-student romance option…even more so than the stepbrother romance option in Cinderella Phenomenon.)

      2. Emma was the ultimate MC, the perfect amount of sassy and fun. Teacher/student relationships are messy. Some can be fun, while others can be cringey.

        Awww you didn’t like Rod’s route?

      3. I would like Rod’s route more if he and the protag weren’t related. I know they’re not related by blood, but it still vaguely squicks me out.

        In much the same way, the teacher Maia’s being paired with looks nice but knowing there’s a line that should be drawn somewhere means I can’t 100% support it. (I much prefer romances where characters are about the same age, maybe 5 years either way at most if they have stated ages.)

      4. Oh, I can completely understand that! I have a bit of a love hate relationship with brocon in otome. I kind of gave Rod and Lucette a pass since they weren’t blood related and I got the sense that they didn’t grow up together as “siblings” but I get how even brocon adjacent can be a bit off putting

        Yeah, age gap romance can be tricky and with teacher/student relationships there’s that power imbalance going on too.

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