[Pride Month 2019] 10 More LGBTQ Positive Visual Novels

Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs,  LGBT Pride Monththe annual celebration dedicated to the richly diverse LGBT community!! Last year I celebrated with a list of 10 LGBTQ positive visual novels, I highly recommend giving that list a read, there are some seriously great titles there that definitely warrant a look. Because it’s June once again, I wanted to compile another list with even more LGBTQ positive VNs!

Representation matters, so I did my best to come up with a list of games that gave a positive look at members of the LGBTQ community, whether that meant shedding light on an often overlooked group of people or offering a positive portrayal of members of the LGBTQ community. Like last year, I will include links to each of the games and I’ll even spotlight which aspects of the LGBTQ community is referenced. As always, this is not an end all list, there are plenty of great games out there, so if you have some suggestions definitely feel free to drop them down in the comments section!

So, without further ado, here are 10 More LGBTQ Positive Visual Novels that you should totally check out this Pride Month!

missed messages

Missed Messages – Angela He

Romance Options: Female

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux | Steam 

Kicking off this year’s list is a short visual novel from one of my favorite indie visual novel developers. Angela He is known for tackling some thought provoking topics and subject matter, her newest game, Missed Messages is no different. Originally created for Ludum Dare 44, Missed Messages is a short visual that tackles the importance of human connection in this tech heavy age.

Missed Messages tells a deep and enriching story about three women connected through a seemingly harmless exchange of memes. You are spending your afternoon working when you receives an Airdrop photo from a mysterious stranger “goth gf’s iPhone”. What follows is a back and forth online flirtation that leads to a IRL date. But, in the real world someone close to you is in desperate need of help… Will you pursue romance with a mysterious stranger or help out a friend in need? What are the consequences of choosing one over the other?

The game deals with self harm and suicide, which may be triggering to some people, but as always, Angela He tackles the topics candidly and with care. Every detail is purpose. every choice is important.

Last Day of Spring.png

Last Day of Spring – ncpk

Transgender Female

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux

This is the follow up to last year’s One Night Hot Spring the trans-positive visual novel about a Japanese transgender woman’s trip to a local hot spring. I absolutely loved ONHS so I was excited to see that ncpk had made a sequel and it was just as amazing as the first game. This time around, Erika is planning a spa trip for her trans friend, Haru (the protagonist of the first game), however it’s not as easy as she anticipated. Erika just wants every one to have a good time, but unexpected obstacles keep cropping up, meanwhile Haru is dealing with a few problems of her own.

Last Day of Spring offers a unique perspective, while Erika doesn’t specifically identify as someone from the LGBTQ community she is friends with someone that is and she takes great care to ensure that the spa day is enjoyable for everyone. LDOS has the same weight to it as One Night Hot Spring, each choice and interaction is important in determining how much Haru will enjoy the trip, which in turn effects her relationship with Erika. This is a perfect follow up to One Night Hot Spring that expands of the first game’s message of acceptance while also creating some keen insight into some of the issue transgender women in Japan face.

WTNC banner

When the Night Comes – Lunaris

Romance Options:Male, Female, NonBinary

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux

When the Night Comes is an episodic supernatural fantasy visual novel that follows a hunter that is sent to investigate a series of gruesome murders in the town of Lunaris. As you delve into the case you uncover secrets about the town and the people in it that could change the way you see the world forever. You also encounter a colorful cast of supernatural individuals that will help you on your journey, but the closer you get the truth the more dangerous things become for you and your allies. Will you manage to make it out alive or will become the next victim?

I have talked about this game a few times before, but I love romance games that have a diverse assortment of love interests outside of the usual ikemen reverse harem. When the Night Comes has a cast made of characters from a wide range of colors, backgrounds, gender identities, and sexuality. Not only can you choose your own gender pronouns, but there are male, female, and non-binary love interests. There is even the option for poly- romances with four of the love interests, which is something that most games rarely even touch offer. When the Night Comes is one of the most inclusive games on this list and it has an immersive mystery story that will keep you coming back for each new exciting chapter.

Yearning a gay story.png

Yearning: A Gay Story – bobc games (Bob Conway)

Romance Options: Male

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux

Yearning: A Gay Story is a coming- out focused slice-of-life visual novel, where you play as a young gay man embarking on his freshmen year of college. Interact with an extensive cast of unique characters as you navigate the ups and downs of college life, from homework to friendships… and maybe a little romance too…

Most BL media is create by women and tends to sexualize same sex relationships, but there are few games that center around someone coming out about their sexuality. Yearning: A Gay Story offers a unique perspective that is often left out of mainstream video games involving gay characters. It’s a fun and honest look at one man’s experiences coming out in college, complete with all the fears and uncertainties involved in the process. While romance is a part of the story, it isn’t the end all for the game, rather it focuses on romance as an extension of the friendships you foster with the other characters.

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns.png

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns – Ebi-Hime

Romance Options: Female

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux | Steam

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns is a short yuri kinetic novel that was originally created in 2015 for Yuri Jam The game follows a 14 year old girl with an affinity for the macabre, spending most of her time in the local graveyard. There she meets a strange girl who insists on telling her the story of Emmeline Burns, a girl who died tragically back in 1851.

Ebi-Hime is known for her immersive narratives an penchant for bittersweet yuri romances and The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns carries all of her signature hallmarks. One part coming of age story, one part historical drama, few developers are dedicated to providing wholesome yuri stories that don’t rely on hypersexualized characters and narratives. Emmeline Burns is a story that takes a unique look at homosexuality in a time when participating in such relationships was not socially acceptable. This is a game that will stay with you long after you reach its conclusion and when you’re done definitely check out her other amazing visual novels, you won’t be disappointed.

Scrambled Syd City.jpg

Scrambled: Syd City – Team Rumblebee

Romance Options: Female

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux

Scrambled: Syd City is short GxG superhero visual novel that was developed for Yuri Jam 2018. This game is a mix between Samurai Flamenco, My Hero Academia, and Kick-Ass and it’s absolutely hilarious! The game follows C-lister superhero Syd as she takes down petty criminals in the crime riddled Saffron City. Soon she finds herself caught up in a bigger case when she teams up with one of two heroes. Should she side with the flashy magician, Enchantress or the disgraced veteran hero, Frequency? Crime busting, romance, and action await in this third offering from Team Rumblebee.

Not only is this game a lot of fun, it’s just as tongue and cheek as Loan Wolf and I love it! Scrambled: Syd City is a departure from usual rose colored yuri romance games, giving us something outside the box: superheroes. Witty dialogue and interesting characters are what make this game one of my favorites on this list. But, what really sets Scrambled apart from the rest is the fact that you can romance an older female love interest, which is something that is hard to come by in the young maiden heavy yuri genre. Not only that, the budding romance between Syd and Frequency isn’t handled any differently than Syd’s relationship with with the much younger Enchantress. For a game that was created over a relatively short development time, Scrambled: Syd City is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. 

Todo Today.png

//TODO: today – Boys Laugh +

Romance Options: Male, Female, & NonBinary

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux

//TODO:Today is a short slice-of-life visual novel  that was developed over the course of a month for the 2017 NaNoRenO game jam. Step into the shoes of Teal, a college dropout and aspiring artist who is just trying to get their life together. Unfortunately following your dreams is never as easy as it sounds, and Teal finds themselves working a crappy job just to make ends meet. Things only get more complicated when an AI appears offering to take care of all Teal’s needs. On top of that, you have to contend with an almost too good to be true coworker and the ever looming threat of eviction…

Boys Laugh+ is an indie game developer that typically focuses on BL/yaoi visual novels, however, //TODO: Today gives players the chance to choose their own gender pronouns (he/she/they) and romance options. But, what really makes this game stand out is the fact that you can alter the gender/pronouns for the love interests as well!! This is huge, most game have static love interests, so by making the genders of the LIs customizable, Boys Laugh+ has created something truly inclusive.

LongStory game.jpg

LongStory – Bloom Digital Media

Romance Options: Male, Female & NonBinary

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux | Google Play | App Store | Switch

LongStory is an episodic dating simulator that takes you back in time to relive your middles school years and all the awkwardness that entails. It’s your first day at Weasel Middle School and you soon discover that the previous owner of your locker disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Investigate the circumstances surrounding their disappearance or navigate your new school life, the choice is yours!

LongStory is truly a “LGBTQ+ friendly dating sim”, craft your own life story by choosing your gender pronouns, pursuing friendships and romances with a diverse cast of characters. Where your story takes you is completely up to you, so have fun with it. Whether you choose romance or just to live out your middle school fantasies, LongStory is an immersive and entertaining gaming experience!

Star Crossed.png

Star Crossed – RainbowJellie

Romance Options: Male

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux 

Star Crossed is an ongoing urban fantasy visual novel that was developed for the 2018 Yaoi Jam. Step into college student, Dango after he encounters mysterious space men sent to protect the Earth from destruction. Each of the romanceable love interests are based off of star constellations. So far there are two love interests available: the arrogant Captain of the Spiral Knights, Leo and the motorcycle emo bad boy, Scorpius.

This game is kind of like the BL version of Voltage Inc. Star Crossed Myth, and as cliche as it can be at times but it’s a fun game with an interesting premise. The characters are pretty relatable, and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from some of the heavier BL titles, and enjoy something lighthearted.

1001 days game.png

One Thousand and One Days – Asif G. 

Romance Options: Male, Female, & NonBinary

Get the Game: Windows, Mac, Linux 

One Thousand and One Days is an ongoing episodic LGBT+ visual novel based on Persian and Islamic mythology and lore. In the game you play as the Dreamer a person haunted by prophetic dreams that may hold the truth to several ancient secrets. Your gifts could spell untold wealth and success for you… but, at what cost? Navigate the dangerous world of court intrigue where you’re just a hair’s breath away from danger.

One Thousand and One Days features an all POC cast and a story that was influenced by Middle Eastern, Mongolian, and North African cultures. Choose your gender pronouns and romance male, female, and non-binary love interests and there are also two poly-romance routes to pursue for even more variety. Much like When the Night Comes,  this is an extremely inclusive visual novel experience that is only made more fun by its dynamic and versatile cast of characters, there is quite literally something for everything in this richly diverse game.

Rainbow Banner.jpg

Dive into Some LGBTQ Positive Visual Novels

Throughout the month of June we’re celebrating the LGBTQ community and whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ community or an ally, this is the time to share their stories! Each of these games touches on a different aspect of the LGBTQ community, and while this is far from a comprehensive list, it is a great starting point for folks looking for a bit more representation from their video games.

There have been so many more LGBTQ friendly visual novels coming out each year, so if you know of a game that didn’t make the list, please feel free to share it down in the comments so that other readers can check it out!

Also, if you’re looking for more LGBTQ+ games check out last year’s list: 10 LGBTQ Positive Visual Novels!

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7 thoughts on “[Pride Month 2019] 10 More LGBTQ Positive Visual Novels

  1. Love your list! There are so many games in both of them I need to check out ASAP.

    One of my fav LGBTQ games is Hustle Cat. It’s a really cute and inclusive dating sim (I think) game 🌈

  2. I just downloaded missed messages Poke-san. I’m going to start playing it soon.
    Have you played Butterfly Soup?
    It’s an indie game, pretty cute, I think targeted at a slightly younger audience though..

    1. Missed Messages is such an amazing game (I recommend all the developers games too)!

      Yes, I’ve played Butterfly Soup, it was on last year’s list. But, I loved that game, it wasn’t as heavy as some of the other games I’ve played but it did deal with the obstacles the characters tackle when coming to terms with their sexuality.

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