The Hero That Stole My Heart: Six Reasons Bakugo Katsuki is My Favorite Hero!

I’m not really a big fan of shounen anime, years of Naruto and Bleach kind of burned me out on the genre as a whole. But, recently I’ve found myself falling in love with shounen anime again and it’s thanks in part to My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia for you elitists out there)! I don’t know what it is about the series, but from the very first episode, this anime made me feel things. It brought back all the excitement and fun I had when I was new to the anime fandom, back when I was enamored with the shinobi in Naruto and the mamodos and bookkeepers of Zatch Bell!

My Hero Academia almost single-handedly restored my love of anime and it is for that reason I was moved to write about the series here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. But, rather than talking about the series as a whole, I’d like to shine a spotlight on my absolute favorite character: Bakugo Katsuki!

katsuki 2.png
Look at that smile! Doesn’t it just melt your heart?!

Katsuki is a character that has been very misunderstood, sure he’s a bit rough around the edges, but this hero-in-training stole my heart from the moment he was introduced! Who cares about Deku or Todoroki?! The only character I stand behind is Bakugo Katsuki, he is hands down my favorite character in the series!

Reason 1: He’s proud of his abilities

Katsuki 7.png

Some might see Bakugo’s confidence as a flaw, but I see it as proof that he is exactly the type of hero the world needs! When villains attack, you don’t want a meek hero that hesitates. No, you want someone that is confident in their abilities, someone that knows their strengths and isn’t afraid to barge in guns blazing (literally)!

Reason 2: He doesn’t shy away from telling the hard truths

Katsuki 4.png

When everyone else was wearing kiddie gloves around quirkless fanboy Izuku, only Bakugo was willing to give the poor kid a healthy dose of tough love! He doesn’t sugar coat things or hold back his punches, he tells it like it is. When Deku voices his desire to join the Hero program at UA High, Bakugo pulls him aside and tells him that perhaps he might want to pursue another path! Now, that’s a true friend!

Reason 3: He’s honest

Katsuki 8.png

Much like his explosive quirk, Bakugo Katsuki is brimming with a fiery passion, which some might confuse for a short fuse. Sure, he is prone to wide mood swings, and bouts of aggression, but who isn’t? He’s human. His passion is in fact one of his most admirable qualities! Far too often we hide our true selves in order to fit in, but Bakugo doesn’t do that, he’s honest about who he is, never pretending to be something he’s not!

Reason 4: He’s Kind to those less fortunate than he is

Katsuki 3.png

From a young age, Bakugo has been pegged as the next great hero, a once in a generation talent. Armed with his dashing good looks and unique quirk, it was apparent that young Bakugo was on the fast track for success. You’d think that someone like Bakugo would surround himself with the best of the best, and yet our boy does the unthinkable, befriending quirkless hero worshiper, Izuku Midoriya. Where others would have shunned the boy, Bakugo in his infinite benevolence takes the young Izuku under his wing and treats him like a friend, even bestowing upon him the nickname of Deku.

Reason 5: He never gives up

Katsuki 5.png


When the chips are down and all hope seems lost, Bakugo Katsuki never gives up! When he is captured by the Sludge villain early on in the series, he doesn’t go down without a fight. He does his damnedest to fight off the villain and if it weren’t for Deku getting in his way he probably would have single-handedly taken down a villain that gave even the Pro Heroes trouble!

Later on in the series when the members of the Hero class are attacked by the League of Villains, he fights valiantly alongside his classmates without so much as batting an eyelash! He doesn’t run away or back down, he fights like his life depends on it!

Reason 6: He has clear goals for himself

Katsuki 6.png

Bakugo has had a singular goal: to be the best! Everything he has done over the course of his life has been leading towards one day achieving that goal. While the rest of his classmates are content with just being heroes, Bakugo has his sights set on the summit! He’s not content with being mediocre or average, no, this hero-in-training is shooting for the stars!!

final thoughts

I LOVE BAKUGO KATSUKI!! I love him so much that it hurts! He’s the kind of character that you can’t help but be passionate about. His indomitable spirit and colorful personality is something we all should aspire towards! Sure he’s a bit rough around the edges, and yeah some of his actions can be a bit… difficult to comprehend… but, when you look beyond that, Bakugo Katsuki is a compassionate, selfless character, who is sure to steal your heart!

Right, so anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely hate this character, in fact I loathe him so much I usually just refer to him as That Asshole or Explody McBoom Boom, or my favorite Jerkface McGee. He is a horrible character that left the worst first impression on me and it’s only gotten progressively worse as the series has gone on… and yes, I am aware that he gets better, but, after he told my boy Deku to jump out a window and pray that in his next life he was given a decent quirk, I’d already written him off as a piece of shit… So, yeah… I love” Bakugo Katsuki… Happy April 1st!!

7 thoughts on “The Hero That Stole My Heart: Six Reasons Bakugo Katsuki is My Favorite Hero!

  1. I like Bakugo too, but mostly because he is openly insecure. For a guy that blows stuff away, the fact that he can’t manage his emotions makes him endearing. Legit strong though, and his extra layers just make him easy to love. xD

  2. Lol. Great post. I actually like Bakugo. Midoriya is my favorite character in the series, but it’s great to see a character as confident and strong just like him. Great insight!

  3. Fuck that even tho you trolled your points are the reason why I like him. And I think deku is a wimp ngl, bakugos personality is iconic and when he told deku to take a swan dive we had the same humour 😩

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