30 Day Haikyuu Challenge- Day 7: Favorite Wing Spiker

We’ve finally reached the set of prompts that require a bit more thought. As much as I love Haikyuu, I have to admit that I am not very good at remembering which positions each character plays. I mean, yeah, I know the positions of all of Karasuno’s starting line up and the positions of the most prominent rival players (Kuroo is a middle blocker, Bokuto is a wing spiker, and Oikawa is a setter), but for everyone else I have to constantly reference the Haikyuu wiki page.

haikyuu challenge

So, these next few prompts (Day 7- Day 11) will require a bit more effort on my part, since I’ll have to dig deep. I guess I could just pick characters from Karasuno and save myself s a bit of work, but that wouldn’t be much fun… We’ll just see how this all pans out, as for today’s prompt, my favorite wing spiker is…


Yeah, it’s Ryunosuke Tanaka from Karasuno!! Now, this choice has less to do with his abilities on the court and more to do with Tanaka as a character, so don’t expect me to comment much on his playing.

So, what makes Tanaka my favorite wing spiker? Honestly, he’s just such a fun character. Despite his shaved head and intimidating appearance, Tanaka is really a big old softie, that could also kick your ass if the spirit moved him. He’s a bit of a hot-head and he can be a bit loud, especially when he and fellow 2nd year Nishinoya get together, but that’s all a part of his charm.

Though his gruff visage doesn’t win him any favors with the ladies… their loss! He’s especially fond of Karasuno’s manager Kiyoko, along with Nishinoya, he makes up one half of the Kiyoko Defense Squad, protecting the team’s manager from unwanted male attention. Though that doesn’t stop Tanaka from trying to woo her himself, often with mixed results.

Almost boys!

Sure he’s a bit scary and he’s a bit of a slacker, but at the end of the day, Tanaka is a character with a lot of heart. When the chips are down, Tanaka more than pulls his weight both on and off the court. He never gives up and I guess that’s what I like most about the guy. So, yeah, Tanaka is definitely my favorite wing spiker!!

That’s my pick for today’s prompt! What do you think of my choice? Who would you have picked? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like what you see, like this post or follow Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!



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  1. YASSS NAJA YASSSS I love Tanaka so much!! <3 <3 So far, I think we match..except favorite non-karasuno member…

    I can't wait to start this challenge! 😀

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