Bite-Sized Reviews- Liar! Office Deception

For those of you that don’t know, this is more or less season 2 of the free to play mobile otoge, Liar: Uncover the Truth, featuring a brand new MC and a whole new cast of liars to bust! People have been requesting this game for awhile but, I just have not had the time to commit to a free to play mobile game…and I probably never will…


Right, so it’s the same basic set up as the first game, except this time around the drama is turned up to eleven. Now, players have to contend with lazy coworkers, office spies, and lying lovers, yeah the whole thing kinda reads like a soap opera. The MC in this one is definitely an improvement on MC-chan from Uncover the Truth, don’t get me wrong she is just as savage, but in a much more approachable, I don’t hate her guts sort of way. Unlike the previous MC that was single because of her impossibly high standards, this MC is a workaholic that’s so preoccupied with work that she never really had time to focus on a relationship. The Liars are interesting, ranging from lovable idiots to damn I’d hit that to you can go fuck yourself. There’s also the added bonus of a female companionship which was a nice change from the sausage fest that was Uncover the Truth.

The female liars were a bit hit or miss with me, some were genuinely well developed while the others were little more than one dimensional cliches. While I commend Voltage for giving us female options, I’m a bit disappointed that you can’t actually romance any of them. Don’t get me wrong friendship is fine and dandy, but it would have been an interesting change from the usual BxG format if players could date the female liars as well. Aside from that Office Deception is a solid follow-up to Uncover the Truth. The new cast is interesting, and there are just enough changes to the premise to make the game seem relatively fresh. Will I finish the game? Probably not, I’m pretty jaded towards free to play mobile games, but, if you liked the first season, I definitely recommend giving the sequel a try…

Liar! Office Deception


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  1. Ooooooh. I looked at both this and your previous review. This looks pretty interesting to me, and you know I’m a fan of those Cing mystery games! It also gives me a big Ace Attorney vibe – like a combo of courtroom mystery and standard VN. I like, I like.

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