[News] Info about Voltage Inc.’s new Love 365: Find Your Story App & My Thoughts…

I’m a bit late with this post, seeing as the app officially launched yesterday (forgive me, I have to get back into the swing of things), but better late than never…


So, Voltage Inc. is following in the footsteps of their Voltage USA branch, by launching another mobile portal app, Love 365: Find Your Story, this time exclusively for their localized titles (ie. Love Letter From Thief X, Code of Love: Era of Samurai, and more). This new app will be the exclusive hub for all of your favorite Voltage Inc titles and the place where the company will release all new stories and apps. Let me repeat that for the folks chatting in the back, all current and future Voltage Inc. titles and stories will be released through the new app, though at this time only a handful of titles have been moved to the new app: Love Letter From Thief XAfter School Affairs, and Era of Samurai: Code of Love.

But don’t worry, this switch is not nearly as awful as the infamous Lovestruck debacale that happened earlier this year. I’m going to do a run down of the Love 365: Find Your Story app and sharing my thoughts on the transition, so let’s get this show on the road!!

What is Love 365: Find Your Story?

No doubt as a show of good faith, Voltage actually took the time to ease us into this change (I know, shocker) and as a whole, the new Love 365 app seems like a much better system for reading all your favorite Voltage stories. Rather than fumbling around with all the individual apps, fans can use this single portal app to read all of their stories, and unlike Lovestruck, this new app is pay to play, so you can continue to purchase and read stories at your leisure, without relying on hearts and tickets. Also, you can choose to still read all of your previously purchased stories in their original apps, even after transferring them to the new app, just know that Voltage will be exclusively updating all of their apps through Love 365, though the transition will be done gradually over the course of the next few months…

So far,  Love Letter From Thief XAfter School Affairs, and Era of Samurai: Code of Love have made the jump. But there are plans to move Kissed By the Baddest Bidder Enchanted in the Moonlight, and Our Two Bedroom Story to the new app in December.

But, the biggest perk of the app is that Voltage will release all new games through Love 365, as of right now there are two brand new titles available: a historical fantasy set in the Taisho era, Rose in the Embers and a rom-com like story, When Destiny Comes Knocking.

Buying Stories

Remember the coin system that was implemented in Era of Samurai and some of the newer apps? Well, it’s here in Love 365 as well! It’s similar to the system in place for Sweet Cafewith it players can purchase coins to use to purchase stories within the game. Coins just offer a more streamlined buying option, allowing players to purchase stories without having to go through the respective app store login processes.

The going rate on coins varies with the smallest package of 100 coins going for 0.99¢ USD and the largest package 1000 coins going for $9.99 USD., so it’s a little under a penny per coin… The costs of individual stories also varies (see breakdown below):

  • Main Stories: 400 coins
  • Epilogues: 200 Coins
  • Special Stories: 300 coins

From time to time Voltage will offer free coins to users, either as part of a promotion or for completing some action within the app. However, gift coins do expire, so be sure to spend them before their expiration date.

*Currently players will receive 100 coins each time for downloading the app and an additional 100 coins for transferring app data to love 365*

What if I already Purchased stories from the Paid Apps?

Have no fear, if you have previously purchased stories in the individual apps, you will still have access to them in their respective apps, however, there will be no new updates to these apps, so Voltage strongly suggests that you transfer them to Love 365. *Campaign stories will not transfer over to the new app at this time, Voltage is still working on that.* 

But, Poke, how do I transfer my stories from the old apps to the new Love 365 app? Well, lovely readers it’s actually simple…. remember those lovely transfer IDs? FORGET ABOUT THEM, they’re useless! Yeah, that bit kind of sucks, but eh, no skin off my back… But, seriously these are the steps for transferring your stories from the standalone apps to the reader app:

Step 1: Open the standalone app and open the NEWS page. From there tap the How to Transfer Data to Love 365″ banner!

Step 2: This open a new window that will prompt you to request a “Token ID” (not to be mistaken with “Transfer IDs”). Click the button that says  “Issue Token ID”, this will open a new window with your Token ID number (they are long and case sensitive, so please pay attention).

*You have one hour to enter your token ID into the Love 365 app, but don’t worry if you lose it or forget to do so in the given time limit, Voltage Inc. will reissue you another one.

Step 3: Launch the Love 365 app. From the title page tap the “Transfer from Old App” button on the lower right hand corner of the screen (not to be confused with the “Transfer Data” button). In the new window, enter your token ID and press “Transfer Data”!

Step 4: When the Confirmation page opens up, check to make sure that all of your stories are listed for transfer before pressing “Transfer” If everything is there, tap Transfer and BAM all of your stories from the old app should be available in the new app!

*You can only transfer data once!*

To see these steps with the corresponding pictures for reference, see the Voltage Inc. official Facebook page, HERE!

Will I be able to play Transferred Stories for free?

All transferred stories will be available without needing to repurchase them in Love 365! However, all of the other stories not purchased and transferred from the previous apps will need to be purchased using the coin system. See images below

However, the following cannot be transferred to the new app *ahem*:

  • Hearts and Coins from the Individual apps
  • Stories gained through Campaigns or purchased with hearts

What’s New

There are a handful of new features added to Love 365: Find Your Story that will make your gaming experience slightly different than in the past, but no worries, nothing too life altering.

Monthly Access Pass

Alright, so this is probably the biggest change, players can subscribe to the special Love 365 Monthly Access Pass program. What that means, is that for a monthly fee of $8.99 USD, players will gain unlimited access to any three stories of their choosing per month. This is a bit of a bargain as most main stories will set you back about $3.99 USD each ( roughly $11.97 USD for three), so you save $2.98 USD… It’s not a big discount, but it’s about the cost of a Special story, so do with that what you will. In addition to the discounted stories, players will also gain access to the special VIP Room, full of special goodies and whatnot for members.


  • The Access Pass is good for a full month from the date you purchase it, so if you purchase on 11/1, your access pass is good until 12/1.
  • Stories acquired during the Access Pass period are available for life with no limit, even if you choose to end your subscription, you will still have access to those stories.
  • Unsubscribing is easy, but must be done through the subscriptions page of either Google Play or the App Store and not through the app itself. If you don’t wish to be charged for an additional month, you must unsubscribe at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription! *Note: You cannot end your current subscription midway through your subscription and deleting the app and/or losing/damaging your phone will not terminate the subscription.

VIP Room

Just like the VIP Room in Kissed By the Baddest Bidder members will have access to exclusive images and stories from all of the apps. However, this service is currently still under construction.

Free Titles/Stories

From time to time Voltage will unlock all of the chapters of a particular story for limited time only, absolutely free! These stories can be accessed through the Free Titles tab! The following stories are available for free now:


  • Hijikata’s Main Story from Era of Samurai (until 1/8 JST)
  • Rikiya’s Main Story from After School Affairs (until 1/8 JST)
  • Yuki’s Main Story from Love Letter From Thief X (until 1/8 JST)
  • In Demand Route from When Destiny Comes Knocking (until 11/27 JST)

final thoughts

Okay, so I’m way more optimistic about Love 365: Find Your Story than I was during the launch of the Lovestruck app. First, Voltage actually seemed to take the time to set this one up and ease the fandom into the transition (probably because the app was launched a few months ago for their Japanese players and was already established). Just everything about this change was handled better!

The new app retains the pay to play aspects of the original standalone apps with the added streamlining of a combined reader interface. The overall design of the app is clean and easy to maneuver with few bugs or glaring inconsistencies, unlike the initial launch of the Lovestruck app….

I like the idea of the Monthly Access Pass, but anyone that can do basic math or has access to a calculator can tell that it isn’t really all that much of a bargain, though who knows Voltage might sweeten the deal with the VIP Room once it’s up and running.

So, we’ll see how this goes, for all I know the whole thing could blow up in our faces, but for now I have no real complaints. Good job Voltage!

Welp, that’s all I have to say on that, for now I’m cautiously optimistic about the new app, but I want to hear from you guys!! Are you excited for the app? Pissed off? Or just ambivalent? Also, if you have any more information to share on the recent Love 365 app please feel free to drop a line on this post! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!! If you like what you see, like this post or follow Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

20 thoughts on “[News] Info about Voltage Inc.’s new Love 365: Find Your Story App & My Thoughts…

  1. So convenient! I bought all of my stories on my iPhone so I kept it when I changed to a Samsung phone so that I could re-read stories if I felt like it (I have likely spent over $100 on stories). This app has been a great chance to transfer all those purchases onto my Samsung rather than needing to keep my iPhone forever. Currently the only app I have stories from is Love Letter but the process was super easy, although the code was very long! Also I’m looking forward to reading the free story offers that I’m interested and might consider getting the vip pass thing in the near future. I really appreciate this move to one app, hopefully it’ll reduce a bit of the space my otome apps take up.

  2. My only issue is the images were easier to save on the old apps. I cannot for the life of me find the album or a way to save the images without screenshotting 😂😭

  3. After a few weeks downloading Love 365 and purchasing stories, I got a news saying that I gotta update it—which is weird. When I clicked the notification, it took me to my App Store, but didn’t say “update.” What should I do?

  4. I’m 0verall pleased with this new app. It’s functional and reasonably good looking. However, I’d like to be able to transfer all my data at once! My favourite story (and guy) is Namba from Her Love in the Force and I’d love to be able to transfer it without worrying that I’ll miss the opportunity to do so (and get coins. I’ve spent a lot so i’d like to get something back :3 ).

    My second favourite is Koichi Natsukawa (in your arms tonight) so at least I’ve been able to transfer that one!

  5. If you have purchased coins/won coins from their spin game (like 5 or 10 coins), but also redeemed gift coins from transferring apps, then:

    When you buy stories, how do we know if the app buys it using the gift coins first before the former coins? The former coins don’t have an expiry date, but the gift coins do, so I’m a bit worried about that ;;;

  6. A question.. Actually this is more of an inquiry. Can the transfer of data from more than one stand alone app be transferred to the love 365 app?
    (if I transfer data from one app can u also transfer data from the other apps as well?)

  7. Subject: Re: [Love 365] Transfer data information updated!
    Why does the Love 365 app take so long to transfer the stories? I have
    multiple games from Voltage and have started to transfer them-but the
    latest one I am trying to transfer-My Last First Kiss showed the stories
    and is still showing the spinning circle like it is trying to transfer and
    has been doing so for at least 20 minutes. Scandal in the Spotlight has
    even more stories to transfer with all the different POV’S and different
    sub-stories… Will it take even longer? Should I try to do it overnight
    to ensure all of the stories get transferred over? my phone is now frozen
    and I can’t do anything else while it is frozen like this. We should be
    made aware if stories are gonna take this long to transfer over. It is
    very irritating to have to do this, especially since now it my phone is
    asking my ‘Would you like to quit the app?’–not in the middle of the
    transfer if that is indeed what it is doing. Please advise me on how I
    should proceed with the process taking this long. I am usually a patient
    person-but I want to be aware if this is the case. ‘Kissed by the Baddest
    bidder’ didn’t take nearly this long.

    Rhonda Logue

  8. I am not finding where to get my token ID on the old apps to transfer to Love 365. I downloaded the old apps just recently without realizing they were all in Love 365. Still waiting to hear back from Voltage….

  9. To be very honest, I wasn’t quite fond of the idea at first until I found out that all standalone apps will be removed by the end of the year, after all of them have been successfully moved – which was only very recently. I loved the individual top pages of the standalone apps, but it really can’t be helped if they’re having trouble keeping up with this many apps at once. It didn’t take all too long to get used to Love 365 and I eventually grew to like it at some point. In fact, I probably would love all sorts of otome game creators to create a similar app with their games since phone storage surely is tiring to handle.

  10. It’s been a while since I didn’t play Voltage games (about 1 year), and few days ago decided to play again, because I have bought a lot of stories through the Google play before. And then I found information that all separate stories (Be my princess 1, 2, Pirates in love, Dreamy days in Tokyo etc.) were transfered to the new app Love 365, and in order not to loose all purchased games I need to transfer the data to the new app. But it’s requires Token ID (what is it?), and I can’t get it because transfer campaign has already ended! So what can I do in this situation? Can I keep all my purchased stories in the new app or I loose all of them just because I didn’t saw the news, and must to buy again??(

      1. I tried to find e-mail address, but unfortunately didn’t find. Don’t you know it by any chance?

    1. Hi! Did voltage gave you a chance to have the token ids? Because I am experiencing the same issue so I am not sure if emailing them would help. Thanks!

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