30 Day Haikyuu Challenge- Day 1: Favorite Characters

Alright, it’s September 1st and that means the start of the 30 Day Haikyuu Challenge!! As if I didn’t already inundate you guys on a daily basis with my love of Haruichi Furudate’s ongoing sports series. 30 days, 30 prompts, and just one crazy Haikyuu fangirl, it should be a blast! Hopefully I can keep this going for the full 30 days, but only time will tell….

haikyuu challenge

So, for Day 1, I’m supposed to write about my favorite character, which with a series like Haikyuu is no easy task, I love all of the characters. So, choosing just one as the best, is super duper hard… no, not really, if you know me or have even glanced at this blog or my twitter, you already know that my favorite character is…..


How could you not love this adorable cinnamon bun?!

Okay, I kid, I couldn’t resist, I just had to troll you guys a bit, I mean, nothing against Yamaguchi, he’s precious… I just happen to have a thing for his sassy bespectacled best friend, Tsukishima Kei!

Yeah, baby, look at the way he’s silently judging you!

I have written at length about my love for Tsukishima, so I won’t beat you over the head with it here. If you really want to see how deep my devotion for this salty middle blocker goes, I highly suggest you read, I Kinda Like That Salty Middle Blocker: 11 Reasons I ❤ Tsukishima Kei!, I think that perfectly sums up my feelings for the guy and then some. But, hey, who am I to deny you all another Tsukki post? They’d probably revoke my Tsukki Fangirl Lifetime Membership…. but, I will promise to keep this post short.

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate: Or How I Fell for Tsukishima Kei…

Sums up my feelings about Tsukki in the beginning

So, I will admit, that while I am a diehard Tsukki fan, I wasn’t always sweet on Karasuno’s number 11, in fact I kind of hated him. I mean come on, he’s an ass, I can admit that… In the beginning, he’s this tall, no name antagonistic first year who seemingly appears out of nowhere, just to throw shade at everyone and everything that gets within hearing distance. He just didn’t let up, his favorite punching bags being the Idiot Volleyball Duo, Hinata and Kageyama, but no one and I mean, no one was safe from his biting criticisms. Tsukishima had turned throwing shade into an art form, it was simply mesmerizing. I never had the urge to punch a fictional character so much in my life, but homeboy was definitely pushing my tolerance threshold in that first season.

And this is tame compared to the shade he was throwing in season one…

And then, BAM, season 2 rolls around and we finally get a whole Tsukishima character arc along with some much needed character revelations! Suddenly he wasn’t just that antisocial, shade throwing jerk that pretty much half-assed his way through everything he did, he had a reason for being an asshole. I know that for some, the reveal doesn’t erase all of his snarkiness in the first season, but for me it was the beginning of the end… From that point onward, I was wholeheartedly on Team Tsukki, he could do no wrong. I mean, he was still a jerk, but a likable jerk… I started noticing little nuances and quirks about the  character that I’d either overlooked or was just too pissed off to notice before. He was just a sad little boy that had his heart broken years before and didn’t have it in himself to open his heart to anyone else. Really Tsukki just needed a hug!


Then here comes season 3 and I was a wreck, there was no going back for me, in season 3 Tsukki ascended to new heights and it was beautiful. I don’t care what anyone says, season 3 wasn’t the Shiratorizawa arc, it was the Tsukishima Kei arc! OH MY GOD, Tsukishima was like a completely different character, sure he was still a jerk, but for the first time in the entire series he was pulling his own weight!

It was like night and day, gone was the apathetic middle blocker and in his place was a majestic phoenix, he’d been reborn from the ashes of his past and the results were beyond my wildest dream. I know that each and every one of the Karasuno members was responsible for their victory over Shiratorizawa, but Tsukishima was on another level! He put it all on the line in that game and honestly, it’s something you’d have to see to believe. Just, wow! After that I was irrevocably in love with Tsukishima Kei!

That’s it, big surprise, my favorite character from Haikyuu is Tsukishima Kei… *cough* So, who is your favorite Haikyuu character? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like what you see, like this post or follow Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!


7 thoughts on “30 Day Haikyuu Challenge- Day 1: Favorite Characters

  1. I’d have to go with Tsukishima as well. Then again, his sarcasm was always greatly appreciated amongst so many very upbeat characters and then he got very cool toward the end.

  2. I must admit I would have be really surprise to see someone else than Tsukkie as your pick, I would have probably took the first fly for DC just to make sure you are okay and your account haven’t been hacked.

  3. This post made me smile!! Tsukki….😍…..Made my own post about him too and now I felt like writing Tsukki-centered again! Yeah, I like you too, Yamaguchi!

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