I Kinda Sorta Started an Etsy Store!!


Hey Hey Heroes and Travelers, you guys may have noticed that it’s been kind of quiet here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero and I promise I had a really good reason for that… *drumroll* I was busy setting things up for my very own Etsy store!!

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Back in June I ran the Super Special Awesome Giveaway and gave away a one of a kind handmade amigurumi doll (see Weekend Otaku’s post for pics of their prize). I had two reasons for hosting the giveaway, the first being to thank you guys for being so super special awesome over the years and the second was to gauge interest in my mad crocheting skills… XD

My mom taught me to crochet years ago, she used to make baby blankets for me and my younger brothers, and one day I got it in my head to ask her to teach me how to do it too. I mostly made blankets and hats, but recently got into amigurumi crafts, so I figured why not try my hand at selling. It took me awhile, but I finally set up my own store, Poke’s Amigurumi Pals (lol I know it’s a funny name, but it was the only one that stuck) where I will be selling some of my amigurumi wares.

What I Sell


Amigurumi dolls– more specifically faceless amigumuri dolls (I tried putting eyes on them, but they always look weird when I add eyes).

  • Character Inspired Dolls: Have a favorite character that you want to see in doll form? I can make that happen! From anime characters to game characters or whatever, I do take special doll commissions (though the price will vary depending on what you ask for).
  • Customizable Generic Doll/ Mini Me’s: I will also make a few generic every man/woman dolls that you can customize:

1) Skin Tone- choose from three distinct skin tones; Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Cream.

2)Hair Color- there’s a bit more variability here, but the standard options are: yellow, orange, dark brown, and black.

Non Doll-Related Plushies– these can range from stuffed animals to Pokeballs to whatever else tickles my fancy.


Okay, so I live in the States and while I would love to open up my shop to international buyers, the cost of shipping and would be a bit too much of a strain on my wallet. Depending on how well my store does in the coming months, I might consider opening it up to international shipping on all dolls. Right now I only ship to the US and CanadaI now ship Internationally!! 

For now, I have a bit of a compromise:  I am open to taking commissions/ private listings for international buyers, however the price of your item will be slightly higher to accommodate the higher shipping rates. I know, it sucks but when some international shipping rates are $20 or more, I have to make up the difference somewhere.

If you live outside of the United States and you want to purchase a doll from my shop or commission a specific doll, contact me directly so that we can discuss pricing and shipping! 

Tips and Suggestions

I am new at this selling thing, so if you guys have any suggestions (other than add eyes to your dolls) or tips, please feel free to hit me up in the comments section or through one of my various social media outlets.

13 thoughts on “I Kinda Sorta Started an Etsy Store!!

  1. I’m really excited to see you got this going! You can be sure to get some repeat business from me (repeat since I already got 1 free one :P)

    1. Lol yeah, it took me forever to get it off the ground, but I am so stoked! Awwwww that would be so totally awesome!!! Just shoot me a message with the request!

  2. I’m very excited about your shop and am excited for you! I’ll probably be ordering one of your creations in the future when I have both an idea of what and the means to do so.

  3. All I can say is that you have some seriously amazing skills. I really wish you all the best with this, and hope your business will grow really fast. But with these skills, I honestly would be surprised if it did not 😊

  4. That’s great and very exciting. Wish international shipping was a bit easier but who knows what will happen in the future.

  5. *glomps* I am so PROUD of you, Pokeninja!!! I would love to make a request some day but since my trip and school lol I have some time before I can. Still, please know that you now are bookmarked and I can’t wait to be able to make an order ^^

  6. That’s so cool!!!
    Wow, I want one…. Sadly international potential fan here, so gotta wait…
    Seriously, they’re so cool!
    All the best for the venture!

    1. Well the wait is over!! I can now take international orders!!

      Thank you! 😀 It really makes me happy that you guys love my dolls so much. I never thought there’d be this much support!

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