[Not Funded] Let’s Show Our Support for A Very Important Date!!

Edit (12/6): The Kickstarter for this game failed to achieve the necessary funds by the deadline. Despite not reaching their goal, Naive Sprites will continue to work on the game and there are plans to launch a second Kickstarter campaign later on this year!

For once I’m not late with this Kickstarter campaign, in fact, I’ve been following this game for a little while now! So, this time around I am excited to bring you guys the campaign for Naive Sprite’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland inspired otome, A Very Important Date!!

I absolutely love anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, so when I heard that this game was in the works I immediately kept tabs on the development!! So with out further ado, let’s get this post crackin’!!


A Very Important Date is a modern slice of life fantasy English otome game with a Lewis Carroll twist! Take another trip down the rabbit hole in this creative take on the literary classic that has captivated audiences for generations!

Alison Sunderlund considers herself to be an average girl from a small Ohio town. By day she can be found working as a server in a local café and by night she takes care of her house and family: her dad and younger brother. Though she doesn’t have a lot on her plate, the life she has gives her very little free time. But Alison’s life changes one night when she decides to play a game before falling asleep, and wakes up the next morning sitting under a tree in a strange new world.


As she explores her new surroundings, Alison is accosted by two hoodlums. She runs away from them throughout the unrecognizable town stopping to hide in the garden of a large mansion. As she makes her way to the mansion’s front door for help, she trips its security system, and plunges into a sudden hole, knocking herself unconscious. She is found by the mansion’s kind owner, Gwyn Arkwright, who takes care of her wound and, after hearing her tale, offers her a place to stay and a job at his café, The Looking Glass. She takes him up on his offer, but now she must choose which of the five café employees will train her. Will Alison wait to change herself and remain a server, will she a cut a new path as a cook’s assistant, or will she wipe away her past burdens by being a low-level dishwasher? Will Alison ever figure out what strange world she is in? Is she even on Earth anymore? Will she ever return to her old life? Will she want to?



The guys at the Looking Glass Cafe are loosely based on characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland novels. An exciting new world awaits our displaced heroine, Alison Sunderlund! Choose to work side by side with one of five gorgeous men as she settles into her new life….

L to R: Rory, Harlan, Gwyn, Sven, and Emil
  • Gwyn Arkwright is the owner of the Looking Glass Cafe and the first person Alison meets in Mimsboro. He offers her a job at his cafe at least until she can figure out a way to get back home. Gwyn is a very kind man, but his eccentric behavior tends to rub people the wrong way.
  • Emil Vasil is the heir to a distinguished and wealthy family in Mimsboro. He has been groomed since birth to take over his family’s banking business. But, Emil’s pedigree lifestyle has left him with a stick up his butt.
  • Rory MacClellan is a shameless flirt and a server at the Looking Glass. He’s also a college student and an aspiring stylist. Rory’s flamboyant lifestyle is very different from his rather traditional family’s background.
  • Harlan Leclair is the laid back head chef at the Looking Glass Cafe. Harlan is an easy going guy with an upbeat personality. But, when his father’s expectations become too much, Harlan will reveal a much more serious side.
  • Sven Bergstrom is a quiet and socially awkward guy and the Looking Glass’s busser. Sven is the youngest of the potential love interests with a flair for art and bit of a rocky home life…


  • FIVE potential love interests with an additional 4 planned
    • Over 40 Hours of content
  • Each love interest comes with their own 12 chapter Main Story  
    • Each Main Story has THREE possible endings
    • There will also be an additional 3 chapter Epilogue for each love interest
  • The game will feature original artwork and soundtrack
    • At least SIX CGs per Main Story
      • Choose to toggle between two different CG style; either have Alison’s eyes visible or removed!
    • 14 amazing tracks from composer Geoff Moore
    • Over 60 beautiful backgrounds
  • Expressive character animation for each character

There are a set of Stretch Goals that will expand the scope of the game if met. Some of the expanded features include additional love interests, a special boys love side story, additional character poses and expressions, and much more… Upon it’s release the game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux; but, there are plans to try and have the game greenlit for Steam! Also, Naive Sprites may consider doing a mobile release for the game as well! The tentative release date is set for April 2017! The Campaign Goal is $11,000 and the KS will run until January 4th, 2016!

There are download links for the PC version of the demo, HERE! The demo covers the prologue and the start of Gwyn Arkwright and Emil Vasile’s routes, so if you are still on the fence about the game or just want to see what the game has to offer give it a try.

So PLEASE check out the Kickstarter campaign, HEREand lend your support. There are still 49 days left for the campaign and every little bit helps! I can’t wait for the finished project when it is released. The various price tiers come with some nice goodies so definitely check them out!

You can also contact them on Social Media through the following channels:

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter page on social media and spread the word! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

5 thoughts on “[Not Funded] Let’s Show Our Support for A Very Important Date!!

  1. The name of our protagonist made me cackle like a lunatic.
    This sounds like an interesting game! I’ve never actually gotten around to playing an otome game yet, but I think this could change my mind. I’ll be keeping tabs on this game, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. LOL it definitely made me chuckle a bit too, but it’s extremely clever on the devs part 😛

      Awesome sauce!! If you do get the game definitely let me know what you think about it!!

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