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TGIF! Here we are again with another Fangirl Friday! Okay so last week after I saw Doctor Strange, I found myself craving more Benedict Cumberbatch… so, I opened up Netflix and binge watched all three seasons of the BBC series, Sherlock. I’ve seen mixed reviews about the series; people either love it or they hate, so I really didn’t know what to expect from the show…

2016-11-10 (3).png

I didn’t expect to like this series as much as I did, but it only took me one episode and I was hooked! I’d be lying if I didn’t say Cumberbatch was the main reason I started watching the show, but the Martin Freeman’s facial expressions are what really kept me watching… I kid!

Before watching the show, I had never read any of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books or short stories and like most people, I had a very surface level understanding of the character Sherlock Holmes. I went into this series with an open mind and not much else…

In this contemporary version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories, Dr. John Watson is a war vet just home from Afghanistan. He meets the brilliant but eccentric Holmes when the latter, who serves as a consultant to Scotland Yard, advertises for a flatmate. Almost as soon as Watson moves into the Baker Street flat, they are embroiled in mysteries, and Sherlock’s nemesis, Moriarty, appears to have a hand in the crimes.


I really liked the modern take on the classic detective tales and Cumberbatch is delightful as the brilliant detective. He’s arrogant and witty, while still managing to be likable; Sherlock is the guy you hate to love! I spent the first few episodes wanting to punch the guy in the face, but as the story progressed and I got used to his quirky personality, he grew on me.

Though I must admit that Martin Freeman is the real MVP… his portrayal of John Watson had me cracking up! Watson is an intelligent man in his own right, but when you put him next to a “high functioning sociopath” like Holmes, he becomes a standard every man. But, don’t get me wrong it works, dude has the sidekick role down to a science and his presence adds a bit of humanity to Sherlock’s socially awkward, analytical nature.

And for all of you Sherlock/Watson shippers out there, I get it… the bromance was strong with this show. I’ve only seen chemistry this strong between James Wilson and Gregory House,  and I love it! Watson and Holmes are more than flatmates… more than just crime solving partners, they complete each other (and I don’t mean in a romantic way)…

The writing is fun and wildly entertaining, you just get caught up in the fast paced cases and the unpredictability of it all. The cases are interesting and the series’ villain Moriarty is intelligent and cunning with just enough crazy to make him the perfect foil to Sherlock. But, I can’t for the life of me figure out why he keeps licking things…

Despite only being 10 episodes long, Sherlock manages to tell a damn good story and I can’t wait for season 4 to start up!!! 

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62 thoughts on “Fangirl Moment: Sherlock

  1. I like the character of Sherlock Holmes, but I haven’t seen this yet. I’m always told I should though. I could use more Benedict Cumberbatch anyway, haha.

      1. You know we both empty each other’s wallets, but it’s so freeing in a weird way because I know I’m getting my money’s worth. So thank you for keeping me broke rofl. I need to unwind with good stories and books and otoge. ^^

  2. I’m in the same boat haha. But if it has pokeninja90’s endorsement, the series must be worth checking out. There’s just the mater of time…

      1. One of these days! The anime and visual novels are stacking up as we speak!! It’s high up in the queue for sure!
        Haha but of course! c:

      2. May there be a job that lets us play the games and watch the anime. I’d do overtime for that every day!!
        Alas work kind of dominates our week as is…

      3. Yeah, I feel you there! Work is one of those necessary evils… I need the job to fund my gaming, but working seriously cuts into my gaming time… quite the predicament…

  3. “I’m a high functioning socio-path do your research.” I am ADDICTED to this show. I tried watching elementary to get my Sherlock fix after but nothing beats this show! I still rewatch it. Can’t wait for the fourth season.

    1. YES!! I love this show to bits and I am impatiently waiting for season 4!

      A friend introduced me to Elementary and I’m really enjoying it, definitely a good stand in while I wait for the next season!

  4. I’m confused by over-saturation of eastern TV and no interaction with western TV. How long is an episode and how many episodes make a season again? I thought you watched 3 seasons, but you ended with 10 episodes? You just blew my mind, lol.
    Ignorance aside, I’ve only heard bad things about the show, so I’m happy to hear someone like it for once. I haven’t seen it, and I’m not sure if I should. I’ve read the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes, so unfortunately I’ll be going into the series completely biased towards Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’m afraid of what I’ll find there, haha.

    1. Ah yes! I believe I read a post about that very topic last year and it definitely gave me something to think about…

      LOL each episode was anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half long.

      Since I didn’t read any of the stories I was able to jump in with an open mind. But, I imagine someone familiar with the stories might not be as forgiving of the show… I say watch the first episode, it has several good points!

  5. Sherlock is the best! I feel “new” fans are lucky because they don’t need to wait that much until the next season ;w; I started watching the series when Season 2 had just finished, and have had the opening theme as my ringtone since then :_D

    You’ll also re-watch it many more times, and start learning the dialogues, I honestly think we all do xD

    1. LOL you got me there, my wait for season 4 is much shorter than most! XD

      I plan on watching the series again closer to the season 4 release date and I’m sure I’ll catch more during the second viewing than I did during the first!!

  6. Yasss another Benny fan ♥♥♥ *instant follow* My BFF introduced me to the loveliness of the Cumberbatch. I’d seen him before, but couldn’t understand the charm. I thought he looked weird and alien (oh man, little did I realize that that’s utterly my type), but after watching the hour and a half long first episode I was in love. I have a thing for brilliance and earned arrogance. He instantly became attractive to me, plus those green eyes though ♥

    1. YASSSS!! Same! Oh my gosh same! I thought the same thing especially in Star Trek into Darkness! But then I saw Doctor Strange and that was it! I went home and binged Sherlock,now I am a fan!!

    /throws down a party
    I started this series because it was popular, and I had a vague understanding of Sherlock, but I was promised lots of bromance, and I was so hooked! I’m not watching S4, cause I feel good how S3 ended, so I don’t feel as interested, but I do feel this is the best current adaptation. Benedict did great, as did Freeman, plus the style of the series is great, and the directing is gorgeous!

      1. I had no idea you hadn’t seen it yet! Like I thought you were already all over it smh!!
        Naaah. Moriarty is d***, and I loved him, plus there’s a time skip for the 4th one, so I dunno. I felt reply happy with the 3 seasons xD

      2. I saw it right after I saw Doctor Strange. I’d never had the urge to see it before that.

        I dunno I feel like there could be some interesting plotlines to address in season 4… But, I get what you mean, season 3 pretty much wrapped everything up in a neat little bow

  8. OK, so thank you for making me crave for more Sherlock -and Benedict-. Happy, now? Of course you are.
    So, yeah, maybe this winter holiday will catch me binge-watching this, but I totally don’t regret it.;) Another great review as well, my dear! Totally loved it! (Sorry for not commenting, I had a nasty cold.)

    1. LOL YES!! I am always happy to tempt you all!! 😛

      Oh no deary! I hope you feel better!! And Sherlock will definitely warm you right up! Benedict is hot stuff LOL 😛

      1. BUT WHY???? Aren’t anime/otome bishies along with the very few celebrity crushes I’ve got enough?! Why are you such an evil, mastermind enchantress…ugh! Why did even click to see this review as well?
        Now I’ve got to add a new crush to my list, but eh, at least he’s good, really good-looking. And he’s in his forties, God! He looks -in my opinion- half his age. Kinda like Nozomu Fuse from TLSL, right?XD)
        Lol, right now my entire country(especially the east and south east) is freezing and you mention “that ” kind of warm up! Heh, at least my heart will be healed by the Sherfabulousness, if not the radiators in a good amount of my country.XD
        Also thx, I recovered from that cold almost a month ago, sorry for not updating!(I still have a sore throat at time tho, but nvm yolo.XD)

      2. LOLOLOL there are so many traps on this blog, I’ve lost track 😛 OMG yes, this will definitely get the blood pumping!!

        Aww I’m glad you are feeling better!!

  9. My friend got me into Sherlock a couple of years ago, and I still haven’t forgiven her for launching me into this obsession! I got my sisters into it afterwards and I don’t think they’ve forgiven me yet, either 🙂 Isn’t it fun to be Sherlocked?!

  10. I have to say I agree with a lot of this; I love the characters, and I got hooked on the first episode as well. I also like what you said about the Holmes and Watson relationship; I don’t like it romantically, but I love it platonically. They’re kinda like family, in my opinion. They do complete each other, in a platonic soul mate kind of way. I’m glad I see someone with the same opinion! Also, have you seen the latest episode? What’d you think? Sorry for being wordy.

    1. OMG NO!! I have not seen the new episode! How is it? Was it good?

      And don’t worry about that I love chatting with people so feel free to be as wordy as you want 😛

      1. It was one of those episodes you have to think about a while. Parts of it were pretty good, but overall, I think it had the same problem as season three; way too much was packed into one episode, so afterwards I like I had been beaten up in a pillow fight. But it did have its gems; there were two parts I especially liked!

      2. Ah…I’m sorry. That was just my opinion. Everyone has differing opinions. I’m just saying that it was a lot of angst in one episode. But…a dog was introduced to the show! Toby! And he’s ADORABLE! And Sherlock has an obvious soft spot for him. 🙂 And there was plenty of humor.

      3. Oh no, I definitely appreciate your opinion! I’m definitely going to watch the new season, but I’m a bit of a binge watcher so I tend to be behind anyway 😛

        There’s a canine companion!! I may need to just go ahead and watch this after all ha ha ha

      4. Ah…binge watching…only done that twice, and it was with shows I’ve already seen. Yes, there’s a dog now! His name is Toby, and he’s ADORABLE. He was only in the first episode, but I hope he comes back in the finale, haha! Any show could use a cute pet, to be honest.

    1. LOL that is probably one of the most perfect description of Sherlock that I have ever heard! I’ll definitely stop by, I love a good discussion!!

  11. Well…as a Sherlock fan (I mean the series), for me, we must know who IS Sherlock Holmes first. While I was watching the series, I suddenly realise that something is missing.
    Well, I also didn’t see the books yet. But we must know who is Holmes & what he really is. We can’t just watch Sherlock just because of Mr Cumberbatch, but at least you already knew who is Holmes…right?
    (p.s: I also one of a Cumberbitcher…😅)

    1. OF COURSE!!! LOL I may not have read the books, but I def knew about Sherlock Holmes before this show, I’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about the brilliant detective! lol

      Casting Cumberbatch in the role was just icing on the cake <3

  12. #SCREAMS ONE YEAR LATER AND I FIND THIS omg senpai I’m in love!!! I want to watch s4 but idk if I should,

    1. Lol better late than never I always say!! I still have to watch season 4 myself, gonna check it out this weekend! Kyaaa I can’t wait!😍 They better not leave me hanging lol

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