30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 8: My Favorite Anime Couple

It’s day eight and love is in the air, this time I had to choose my favorite anime couple. Think shy blushes and sweet words… and maybe even a kiss or two! From first loves to old flames, I have seen them all, especially since I’m a lover of all things shoujo. Yes, even the high school romances that I complain so much about! What can I say, I’m in love with love…


With so many awesome anime couples out there, you’d think this would be a difficult choice…but nope! This was by far the easiest choice I have made so far for this challenge, when I think of the perfect anime couple this particular pair immediately pops into my head! These guys did romance right, so without further ado, my favorite anime couple is…

love com

The All Hanshin Kyojin comedy duo,  Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani from the shoujo romance/comedy series Lovely Complex! Risa is a giant girl with shoujo romance dreams and Ootani is a pint sized guy with big aspirations, at first glance these guys make an odd couple. But height difference aside, these guys make up the most energetic and fun anime couple ever.

These guys are what I think about when I imagine the perfect romance. Unlike your typical shoujo love at first sight high school romance, these guys were friends long before they became lovers, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine them as a couple. Risa and Ootani (sorry but they hardly ever use his given name, so I have a habit of using his family name), just worked well together, from their similar taste in music to their taste in food, these guys just fit together like two perfect puzzle pieces.

Of course their relationship isn’t easy sailing, on account of their preexisting complexes and biases. Both even pursue traditionally accepted partners: for Risa, a tall charming classmate and for Ootani, a short cute classmate. But when their romantic prospects fall through, they turn to each other for comfort. While licking each other’s wounds they begin spending a great deal of time together, learning and growing together eventually becoming  best friends. Their chemistry is apparent from the beginning and even their mutual friends attempt to pair them up on several occasions during the series. But it isn’t until Risa realizes her budding feelings for Ootani that things change. Let me tell you, Risa takes earning your happy ending to a new level!

This is a cute couple with some big complexes, and I for one thoroughly enjoyed watching them overcome them together. Plus a relationship built on foundation of friendship is one that will last!

Well that’s my pick for my favorite anime couple! What do you think of my choice? Who is your favorite anime couple? Let me know in the comments section and as always THANK YOU for reading!!!

30 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 8: My Favorite Anime Couple

  1. Lovely Complex is so cute! I used to watch more shojo back in the day, but not so much anymore so I don’t see so many couples in anime. I am very fond of the main couple in Naruto though, which might spoil it so I won’t mention it. I like how it turned out though, and I was always rooting for that couple.

      1. I liked The Last, even though it seemed like this completely different art piece movie. But the couple is so darn cute!

      2. I also love the Boruto movie if you’ve ever seen that. Possibly the best thing I’ve seen from the franchise since the Sasuke retrieval arc.

  2. I’ve only read the manga, but I really loved it! Should I try the anime? (´ε`*)
    This is impossible to answer, I have so many couples, and even slash pairings like MiyuSawa, that I just want to say “all the ones” (╯3╰)
    Plus I like some really broken couples/relationships, because what hurts is also good (○´3`)ノ

  3. Love Com really is a fun series. More romances need to star two idiots! (I mean that in a nice way. Because they both are.) Also like how it shows that couples don’t necessarily need to be opposites to be happy. Like you said, they were actually friends first. What a concept!

  4. YEEEESSSS!!!! I rarely ever watch Shoujo anime, but Lovely Complex has to be my favorite. Risa and Otani are such a cute and realistic anime couple! This anime just in general is realistic to high school and young romance.
    Like you said, they were friends first before going into a relationship, which was really cool to see. I had never seen a romance anime where the guy and girl that like each other, stay friends for a while. 🙂 <3

    1. Absolutely, a friend showed me the live action film years ago and then I found out it had a manga and an anime and that was it. I was hooked! Hands down one of my favorite anime couples ever! I just wish there was more!

      1. YES!! Have you read the “sequel” that follows Risa’s little bro? It’s cute and Risa and Otani show up for a bit too!!

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