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TGIF! Here we are again with another Fangirl Friday! This week I’m doing something for all of my BL/Yaoi Fangirls out there…Today I’m going to cover the yaoi manga, Blue Morning. This post will be SAFE FOR WORK…There will be absolutely NO NSFW images in this post, so rejoice (or curse my name), this post can be read in public without consequence!

I’ve said this before, but it is extremely rare that I pick up an ongoing series. They are just more trouble than they’re worth, and I end up forgetting about them anyway due to huge gaps between updates. In order for me to even think about picking up an ongoing series, the plot has to be on point, something that I won’t easily forget between releases… But the true test of an ongoing series is whether or not I will also spend money on it! I don’t throw my money around lightly, so I certainly won’t bother buying a manga series until it’s complete…  I have been burned one too many times in the past (looking at you Tokyopop), so I am extremely picky about which manga series I buy. So for me to not just read an ongoing series, but go so far as to purchase it as well, says a great deal about my opinion of the series…. I have made that exception only four times to date, and Blue Morning was one of them!

Blue Morning (Yuuutsu no Asa) by Shoko Hidaka, is a six volume ongoing historical boys love manga. The series follows the relationship between Viscount Akihito Kuzo and his butler Tomoyuki Katsuragi, as Akihito navigates the status driven world of the aristocracy.

At only ten years of age, Akihito Kuze suddenly inherits the Kuze viscount ship after his father’s death. The family’s capable butler, Tomoyuki Katsuragi, takes over the task of raising the boy, serving as his tutor. However, the handsome and intelligent Katsuragi, well respected even among the aristocracy, remains cool towards his charge. Akihito finds himself relentlessly drawn to Katsuragi, frustrated by the distance between them and driven to discover the reasons why.


At first I found the overly political plot to be ridiculously dry and confusing, I had no idea what the heck was going on. The world of the aristocracy is built on a foundation of secret deals and power struggles, titles were being thrown out left and right it just went way over my head. Which at first was a little overwhelming, but the more I read the more I begin to understand what’s going on. I was a complete novice when it came to the ways of the aristocracy, so I found myself learning along side Akihito in those first few chapters. After that I became so engrossed in all the secrets and subterfuge that went on between the different noble houses, it was like watching a good soap opera or a drama.

Even the romance is messy, on one side you have, Akihito is a young lord who cares very little for his title or the aristocracy. He’s new to his birthright and uneducated in the ways of the rich. His title grants him power, but he has no idea what to do with it all.  Then you have Katsuragi, who is a master manipulator, well versed in the ways of business and politics. But, he lacks the titles necessary to claim any real power for himself, instead he amuses himself with manipulating everyone around him for the glory of his liege.  In a time where money and power dictate ones life course, Akihito desperately tries to break away from the old ways, while Katsuragi holds fast to his old alliances. But, when emotions run high, and Akihito desires something his title will never grant him, both men must decide whether their true duty is to the aristocracy or their hearts. It’s a tragic love story between two men, in the midst of a cultural and political revolution. The first five volumes of this series is currently licensed in English by SuBLime, so definitely pick up a copy! I highly recommend this series, it is a tragically wonderful historical Boys Love title, you won’t be disappointed!

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6 thoughts on “Fangirl Moment: Blue Morning

  1. Thanks so much for blogging about this series, I didn’t know it. You’ve left me intrigued and I must check it out (*^▽^*)

  2. ahhhh! i picked up this series a while ago and when the fifth volume came out i didn’t even hesitate to buy it, i just devoured it all !! but it’s been a while so i didn’t even know it was still ongoing orz

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