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TGIF! Here we are again with another Fangirl Friday! This week I’m shifting gears a little, instead of another anime or manga post, we’re going to cover another webcomic! The comic I’m covering this week is Stereophonic, a period piece, slice-of-life BL webcomic by C.J.P.

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Stereophonic is a queer slice-of-life comic that follows the lives of two young men living in 1960s London. Elliot is a shy, struggling artist adjusting to life alone in the big city. Alex is a charming, modish singer in search of a fresh start. Drawn together by a mutual need for housing, the two become unlikely cohabitants and must learn to navigate the trials of life, love, and self-expression amidst an era of tumultuous social change.

Stereophonic About

When I originally stumbled upon this title I was suffering from a mean bout of withdrawal from another BL series that I was reading…So I did a quick search of “BL webcomics” on google, just so I could find something new to fill the void. I found a website that had compiled a list of the Best 2015 BL Webcomics, after browsing some of the titles I was definitely  finding some good back up titles, but nothing really jumped out at me. That is until I reached the second entry of the “S” titles, the image depicted two blushing men on the cusp of a big damn kiss…I had to know what was going on, so I clicked the link to the webcomic’s website…and the rest was history.

I fell in love with comic almost immediately! I quickly read through the available pages in one 24 hour sitting, and then I went back and read it all over again, because why not! The art was amazing and the premise was unique. The comic takes place in the 1960’s, a time of so many social and political changes and yet, still a time period in which homosexuality was not as openly accepted as it is now. So it was an interesting choice for the author to set a BL comic during such an open yet restrictive time period. It allows for unique character development opportunities. On one end you have Alex, a hard partying musician, who on the surface seems open and easygoing, but beneath that there are times when he seems truly terrified of being alone. Then on the other end you have reserved artist, Elliot, who gives the appearance of the composed, functioning member of society, is every bit as damaged and vulnerable as Alex. It’s a constant tug of war between the pair, as one wants to move forward with the relationship, while the other keeps building a wall. I am curious to see how their story plays out in the long run.

The side characters are unique and add flavor to the overall plot progression. Female characters are not just props, they actually take an active role in the work. The character that comes to mind the most is Elliot’s friend and classmate, Lillian. She offers support to Elliot both socially and professionally and he does the same for her. She adds another layer to Elliot’s character, and offers a connection that exists outside of his interactions with Alex and his crew. While Alex’s interactions offer an interesting insight into his dual personality. With his friends he’s the life of the party, but with Elliot he allows his more damaged vulnerable side to take over. Which definitely builds up the the drama and angst.

The art is lovely and the comic is fully colored. The plot progression is nice with a healthy amount of highs and lows. The series is currently on-going, with updates on Mondays and Wednesdays (though there have been some periods of more frequent posting). If you haven’t already, give this webcomic a read. Stereophonic does not disappoint, I highly recommend this comic for fans of Boys Love, slice-of-life, or period pieces. Definitely worth the read!

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    1. Thank you for reading my post and commenting!

      I absolutely agree, it is truly amazing, one of the best out there!

      What other comics have you read?

      1. Awesome! There are so many out there with so many different release days, it’s hard to keep up with them sometimes…but I love them just the same

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