Fangirl Moment: KaitoShuno & Seafoam Diary

*Disclaimer: Art and comic belong to Angelperez aka AngelYeah*

Status: Complete (KxS); Ongoing (SD)

Genre: Boys Love (BxB), Romance, Comedy, Drama, Angst

Release Date:2011

I will admit that Boys Love webcomics have become a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to BL content, a collector, at least you’d think so from the state of my backlog. Now I won’t say that I always read for the plot, because that would be lying, but a really good BL comic has to have a decent plot to keep me coming back for more. The smut and art get me in the door, but it’s the plot that keeps me clicking. AngelYeah‘s KaitoShuno was just that comic!

When I initially came upon the sketchy, hand drawn, KaitoShuno, let’s just say I didn’t expect much, I was just looking for something to hold me over until the next Always Raining Here update. I couldn’t have been more surprised by KxS, within a few pages it had me hooked. I just couldn’t put it down!

Kaito is a depressed/homophobe, who just can’t seem to catch a break, down on his luck and sick of it all he tries to drown himself in a public park. Enter Shunoki (Shuno), who happens to be in the park on the very day Kaito decides to end it all. Instead of stopping our troubled protagonist, Shuno gives him a push and when that fails he offers to finish the job. Kaito then does the unthinkable and invites the mysterious Shuno to stay with him! What follows is a drama filled romance between two severely damaged individuals, and let me tell you, it’s FRICKIN AWESOME!

KaitoShuno is much more than just a simple romance; there’s drama and mystery, it even throws action into the mix. The characters are unique with more than their share of flaws, but you learn to love them anyway. I highly recommend this comic, whether you’re a casual BL reader or a self proclaimed connoisseur like myself, there is something for everyone.

Below are links to the sequel/reboot of KxS (Seafoam Diary) and the Patreon page for the comic so you can lend your support.

Seafoam Diary– Sequel to KaitoShuno


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14 thoughts on “Fangirl Moment: KaitoShuno & Seafoam Diary

    1. Glad you like it and thank you for reading!

      Kaito Shuno is really good! Oh also check out Stereophonic, it also a really good one too!

      1. Thank you as well, i got something interesting to read now. Haha. I’m currently reading your post on Stereophonic. I’ll be checking it out too. 😉

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