Dramatical Murder First Impressions

DRAMAtical Murder is a 2012 Nitro+chiral BL game (same folks who made the delightful Sweet Pool among others…). The game takes place in the not too distant future and follows protagonist, Aoba, a blue haired junk shop worker with beautiful long blue hair. He lives with his grandmother Tae and spends most of his time making deliveries that is until he is dragged into a virtual mind game called Rhyme! So I heard about this game a year ago, ironically enough watching a Let’s Play video for Hatoful Boyfriend…Back then everyone was very vague about the game, so all I knew was that it was a BL game and that the bad endings were pretty gruesome…But now that there’s an anime…I can’t even search reviews for the game without seeing *SPOILER WARNING* ( it has been a pain keeping spoiler free). I will spend the next few days playing DMMd while my bank account recovers some from my last Voltage Binge. But between work and sleep I don’t have high hopes for getting too far, so here are some of my first impressions of Dramatical Murder!

First Impressions of Dramatical Murder


Aoba is a cutie…I can definitely see why all the guys in the game want him so much. He’s adorable, he doesn’t even need his Scrap power to melt the hearts of his semes, especially in the CG when he is listening to music *DIES*

Dramatical Murder Aoba
If only I could be that pillow…

Tae-san reminds me of my Nana

Tae-san reminds me of my own Nana, they are both fiesty old ladies with just as much bite as they have bark! Tae-san’s a kick ass grandmother who doesn’t take lip from anyone, not even gang leaders like Mink! She is forever yelling about something…but when she stops that’s when we really get scared.

Dramatical Murder Main Cast
Everybody gets smacked!

Koujaku is the hottest LI in Dramatical Murder

Koujaku is gorgeous! That red kimono looks amazing on him, it really gets the heart racing just imagining the rippling muscles underneath. He is definitely on fire! Now I’m not a huge fan of smoking as a principle, but when a pixel man, like Koujaku has that thin stick of death between his long thin fingers…Let’s just say the cigarette isn’t the only thing on fire! 😉 Anybody need a light?!

Dramatical Murder Koujaku
Is it hot in here or is it just me? I think I need some water over here!

Ren is just a precious bean

Oh my God, what is this thing he is too precious! He is to pure for this world, a computer and a pet, so how long until this is a reality? I want my own Ren…plushie, please? It has to be a sin give something so cute have such a hot sounding seiyuu!

Look at that precious baby! It’s so fluffy I could die!

The Rhyme Battles in Dramatical Murder are kinda cool

Rhyme looks like it could be fun, but wouldn’t people worry about people just randomly standing around staring into space? I know I would…and what about robberies, wouldn’t they be prime targets for pickpockets?Rhyme.jpg

Why are the side characters in Dramatical Murder hot too?!

So I absolutely love guys in glasses, so when I first laid eyes on Virus, I had to stop myself from squealing! He is too much for my fangirl heart to handle…too much…I really hope I get to see more of him in the game. Maybe a secret route? Or is that wishful thinking?

Dramatical Murder Virus and Trip
Trip’s not that bad looking either!

Where are Aoba’s parents?!

Where are Aoba’s parents? Another case of Vanished Parents syndrome. Aoba mentions that they are free spirits, but if that’s the case, why have a kid at all? Maybe the plot will explain where they are…so for now, I’ll wait.i'll wait castiel

I want an Allmate!

The idea of Allmates is interesting! It’s like if Tamagochi were real, I would love to have one of my own a cute computer critter to follow me around and talk to me…I wonder what my Allmate would be? Probably Beni…definitely Beni…beni

Aoba’s hair is so pretty

So Aoba’s hair is super sensitive…If I had super sensitive hair like that I’d never let anyone within ten miles of my head…Hell, I’d be Rapunzel by now…Rapunzel_long_hair_(1)

The music in this game is fire!

And Finally, I really like the music in this game so far, it reminds me of old 8-bit games. Especially in that opening walking sequence!

Final Thoughts and Game Plan

So those are my first impressions of Dramatical Murder! For my first play through I’m going to free play. That means no guides what so ever (been awhile since I’ve done that), I want to get a feel of the games and the characters before I start trying to collect all the CGs. However I hope I get Koujaku, he just spoke to me (literally), but if I fail that’s okay too. I guess deep down I have a thing for childhood friends…and Japanese style clothing…and that scar reminds me of Iruka from Naruto…

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  1. I’m supposed to be working on my review of Miyabi’s route on Enchanted in the Moonlight but I just keep reading your reviews instead and making a mental checklist of games I should buy lol.

      1. He does! I wont spoil it for you but he is totally cute. The second lead syndrome isn’t as strong as with Kyoga I would say but it’s so hinted at that if I hadn’t already played Chikage’s route I def would now!

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