MARS RED: Edge of the Nightmare Game Review

MARS RED is a multimedia collaboration between Bun-O Fujisawa and mobile game publisher, Favary Inc. and entertainment company D-Techno. First conceived as a Japanese stage reading play in 2015, the Taisho era vampire series was adapted into a manga series in 2020 and an anime series earlier this year. The series follows top secret vampire military team known as Code Zero as they eliminate vampire threats in 1920’s Japan. The mobile game, MARS RED: Edge of the Nightmare features an all new story created by Bun-O Fujisawa and follows a brand new character created for the game—Yatsufusa Yuki, a newly created vampire who crosses paths with the members of Code Zero. 

Game Details

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Blerdy Otome’s Steam Summer Sale 2021 Must Buys!

Hey Blerdy Tribe it’s that wonderful time of year when Steam hits us where it hurts… our wallets! That’s right loves, the Steam Summer Sale is upon us once again and many of us (myself included) will be shifting through Steam’s extensive digital game library for deals! But, let’s be real Steam has a ton of games and while their tagging system is good, some folks mislabel their games juuust  to trick folks into buying a game that they might not have otherwise thrown their money at… And with thousands of games to dig through, finding the right games for you can be quite the undertaking, so I went through and picked out some of my must buy otome and indie otome games that are currently a part of the sale!

So prepare your wallets, these are the games you definitely should pick up during the 2021 Steam Summer Sale before it ends on July 8th! 

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Voices of the Community – Game Devs on LGBTQ+ Representation in Games

Hey Blerdy Tribe! It’s Pride Month and that means every site and major company is decked out in all their rainbow colored branding and for one short month the LGBTQ+ community is on the front page of everyone’s newsfeed. It’s a time of celebration for how far the community has come over the years, but also for how wonderfully multifaceted the LGBTQ+ community is and continues to be.

Throughout the month, queer people and stories have been at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness, with companies using queer individuals to promote their products and brands. But, for many in the community they don’t have the luxury of being able to speak on their own behalf or the safety to be their true authentic selves. Or worse, people from outside of the community will do the talking for them…

While we’re making strides to create safe spaces for folks, there is still a ways to go especially in some nerd spaces and fandoms. The gaming sphere is especially notorious for being unkind to folks who aren’t white cishet men. So I’m glad that more folks are starting to branch out and create their own independent projects.

This Pride Month, I wanted to take a step back and create a space for folks from the LGBTQ+ community to speak their truth–because Blerdy Otome is and always will remain a safe space. So, I did a call for Queer game devs/folks working in the gaming industry to participate in an “interview” where they shared their thoughts and their experiences on being queer in the gaming community. The response was overwhelming and I want to thank everyone who lent their voices to this project–you all are the real MVPs! So, enough of me, let’s turn things over to the amazing folks!

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Games That Give Off Summer Vibes

Hey Hey Blerdy Tribe! Summer is here and it’s time for a bit of fun in the sun, especially now that a lot of places are starting to open things back up! But, as much as we could all do with a bit more sun and fresh air, the summer heat can be a bit much for some folks. So, if you’re looking for something fun to beat the heat, I have just the list for you! 

I’ve compiled a list of games that give off those chill summer vibes. From the city streets of sunny Miami to a fun scout themed summer camp—each of these picks will put you in the mood for summer fun! 

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I’m in LOVE with these Super Cute Otome Enamel Pins!: Review + Giveaway

Hey Hey Blerdy Tribe, I’m bringing you all something a little different from my usual game related content! I’ve teamed up with artist and fellow otome fan, Allison C.M. to review her super cute Otome Gamer Enamel Pin set! But it gets even better, Allison is collaborating with me to GIVEAWAY these adorable pins to one lucky reader! Now, you can accessorize and show off your love of otome games, so definitely read to the end of this post for the details on how to enter!

Otome Enamel Pins

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