Scandal in the Spotlight

Official Website: English

Where to Buy: Android | iOS | Nintendo Switch

About this Game (Click to Reveal)

An aspiring screenwriter chases her dreams down an unexpected path when she finds herself scouted as a ghostwriting lyricist for a household name-level pop group.

Once she moves in with them, it’s high stakes and butterflies all the way! Set in the glittering world of the entertainment industry, this is a tale of accomplices keeping a secret… that soon turns to love.

Developer: Voltage Inc

ESRB Rating: Teen (T)

Genre: Modern Romance

Languages: Japanese | English

Publisher: Voltage Inc

Release Date: Feb 28, 2015 (Mobile)

Mar 25, 2021 (Switch)

Price: $3.99 per route (Mobile) | $24.99 (Switch)


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